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Dinner Fail

Today was pretty uneventful… had leftover oatmeal for breakfast with 1/2 cup each yogurt and fiber one on top.. I ate the oatmeal cold, which I thought sounded gross when I first read about someone eating overnight oats, but I actually really like it! It’s kind of like cold cereal meets oatmeal, hard to describe unless you’ve tasted it, but definitely something worth tasting. It’s nice for me because when I bring it to work I can just eat it right at my desk without having to heat it up or anything. Lunch was leftover Soba Noodles w/tofu and chinese veggies (which were JUST as great for lunch!) and snacks included 1 cup of grapes, 94% FF popcorn, and a small red grapefruit. Not terribly exciting eats today.

After work I came home with the intention of doing a good, long workout and I was just totally out of steam. I did 15 minutes on the bike to warm up, some upper body weights, and then ran for 30 minutes. I was planning on running for 45 minutes but I just couldn’t go anymore, and then I got to thinking and realized it was day four in a row of working out. For me, three days in a row is the charm, and if I go one more day in a row my body begs for a rest day. So, I stopped running after 30 minutes and walked the last 15 minutes at a big incline (from 6.0 up to 12.0), and then stretched, a lot. I’m happy to report that my quads are feeling wayy better today – much less sore than yesterday!

I don’t know why, but I generally HATE stretching. I guess I feel like when I’m done doing cardio and weights, I’m done working out, and I just want to get out of the gym. I know a lot of people embrace stretching because they’re done with their workout and can just relax, but for me, I just want to be done and outta there! Something I definitely have to work on because there are tons of benefits of stretching, including injury prevention.

So then came the worst dinner in history. I barely even want to write about it because the taste has just gotten out of my mouth and I want to forget about it as soon as possible! The funny thing is, I pretty much love all food, so for me to find something I don’t like is very rare… I generally like tempeh, but I usually use the plain kind and put it in wraps or on sandwiches or just grill it, and add a bunch of other flavorful ingredients. I don’t have it that often but I was excited to try this kind that I found at Whole Foods:

Two servings in that package, lots of protein and fiber. I even read some reviews online that said the Zesty Lemon flavor was great and that a lot of tempeh can be bland.. but not this kind. Instructions on the package were to pan fry it in oil but I used non stick spray instead. I sauteed some garlic, red onion, and shelled edamame, and then added some fire roasted tomatoes. I put the veggie mix and tempeh over whole wheat couscous, made the second portion for lunch tomorrow, and then sat down to eat it:

It was AWFUL. Seriously, that Zesty Lemon flavor tempeh was so gross I couldn’t even eat it… can’t remember the last time that happened! I ended up eating some leftover falafel with pita instead, and then went back to try one more piece to make sure I did in fact hate it, and EW! I literally threw out the container that I had gotten ready for lunch tomorrow and then chugged a few glasses of lemon water to try to get the taste out of my mouth… yuck. They do have two other flavors – BBQ and Ginger, that I think might be more palatable than this one, but I’m on a self inflicted hiatus from tempeh for a little while. Better luck next time.


3 Responses

  1. I think most people embrace stretching because it helps prevent injury! You should reconsider. Relaxing is also good, and it’s great to think of that stretching time as a reward so the gym isn’t ALWAYS associated with work, but also a little relaxing.

  2. Tempeh is kind of hit and miss. I bought the bbq flavored Tempehtations and they are okay. Nothing great though. I got a good deal on them at the grocery store so I bought some packages and froze them. Tempeh tends to have a bitter taste to it and this was no exception. It’s kind of like the bitter taste is there but they attempted to cover it up with BBQ sauce. I haven’t tried the lemon kind and I guess I won’t! I am enjoying reading your blog.

  3. I too want to leave the gym as soon as I’m “done” (ie no more cardio or weights). Don’t know what to do about it, and I’m sorry to admit that a lot of times I forgo stretching. It’s best when I have my workout buddy because she never lets me skip.

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