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Warning: Don’t Try This Without Gloves

Seeing as I showed you the contents of my wonderful lunchbox earlier, you can probably venture to guess today’s eats. Breakfast was the Trader Joe’s oatmeal with some fiber one, and lunch was a sweet potato with black beans and pineapple salsa… (close up!)

with a salad on the side with dill and roasted red and yellow peppers:

Snacks included all the fruit you saw… grapes, grapefruit, apple, and clementines. yum!

Two funny-ish things happened. First, after all my gushing about the lunchbox and how wonderful it is, I am an idiot and left it at work. I was cooking dinner and went to go start packing my lunch and realized. Ironic isn’t it because I always put it right in my purse after unloading everything in the fridge, but not today because I felt the need to take pictures.

Second, I am still trying to regain your confidence in my clementine peeling skills, so I thought today was the day. I literally said to myself, “OK you can do this..” and then, this is how far I got before the piece broke off:

ha. Good job, Beth.

All day I had been craving a waffle sandwich. There in a Dunkin Donuts that I pass by on my way to the metro and they have decided its a good idea to change their signs to larger than life pictures of their Waffle Breakfast Sandwich which has eggs, sausage and cheese. I decided to make my own version as a snack before the gym, but thought peanut butter and bananas would be a safer pre-workout option than sausage 😉

I used 1 whole wheat frozen waffle (toasted), 1/2 large banana sliced, and 1 tbsp Better ‘N Peanut Butter. I ate it open faced and it was sooo good.

Definitely something you’ll be seeing again. Yum. Day five in a row of working out.. tomorrow will definitely be a well earned rest day. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical at level 10, but went slower than usual and just enjoyed it. I get really bored on the machines even though I am watching TV and doing a bunch of other things to try to keep myself busy (like calculating the percentage of my workout that I have finished because I am crazy).. So I went for 15 minutes pedaling forward, then 15 minutes backwards, then 15 minutes forward again on the crosstrainer. For some reason it helps the time go faster for me…

And then, onto the main event.. FOOD. I needed to redeem myself to my palate after last night’s horrendous dinner. Over the weekend I found loose beets at the grocery store for $1 a pound, so I got 4 medium sized beets for $1.02! I love me some bargains. They were trimmed without the greens and looked like this before I got to them:

I cut off the ends and then decided to wrap them in foil and roast them at 400 while I went to the gym. I left them in the oven for 1 hour 15 minutes, and then let them cool (but not for the whole 3o minutes I was supposed to because I was getting hungry!). After they cool a bit the skin comes off pretty easily, but beware, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT GLOVES. I honestly never would have thought to wear gloves, but I am so lucky that my boyfriend warned me to wear them (and that hes a chef so we even have them in the house) because they stain EVERYTHING:

I wore them to peel the skin off the beets and am so glad that ended up on the gloves and not on my precious hands. Here’s the peeled beets:

They turned out AWESOME. While those were sitting cooling, I sauteed some polenta with nonstick spray (also from Trader Joe’s) and put that in the bottom of the bowl. I then threw 1/2 cup of shelled edamame in the pan, cut up the beets into chunks, and threw them in with the edamame. I added a little apple cider vinegar (random, I know) and then put the beet-edamame mixture over the polenta, and ta da!

Verdict? Delicious! I think I have redeemed myself to myself (I hope).  The textures and colors of this dish worked well and it tasted great. Also, the beets were totally fun to roast and peel, even though they were messy. I definitely want to do some more experimenting and at that price, I will!

If you can’t tell, I am trying to use up everything in my house because I leave for Puerto Rico in three days! Ahhh!  Now onto catching up on last night’s episode of the Biggest Loser, which I am so glad that Melissa is no longer on. Night!!


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  1. I LOVE BEETS! Clever to wear the gloves!

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