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Back to Reality

I woke up hungry today. I looked in my fridge and the pickings were quite slim since I’d been away for the week and had tried to use up everything perishable. It made for an interesting breakfast. I found some carrots and celery that were still good in the fridge, so I decided to break out my juicer. After the indulges all week, my body was craving some vegetables and nutrients! I used 4 large carrots and 4 small stalks of celery to make this juice:

It was really freshing but I definitely would have put an apple, orange, or grapefruit in there if I had one. While I sipped on that, I looked through my freezer to see what frozen veggies I had… cauliflower and krinkle cut carrots were it. I microwaved some of each, chopped them up, then added in 1/2 a cup of egg beaters to make a scramble. While that was cooking I found some dill that was still good in the fridge, so I chopped some up and threw it in with the eggs and veggies. I love adding fresh herbs to just about everything.  I heated up two frozen morningstar veggie sausage links to go with the scramble:

It was actually pretty good, but not a typical combo of veggies I would use for a breakfast scramble… so I forced myself to get up and go to the grocery store to stock up on some food so there’d be more options for later.

I’ve been reading all about Green Monsters on a lot of blogs lately and have been wanting to try one for some time, but have been a little skeptical. There are lots of different combinations, but they typically have some form of milk, raw spinach, and banana as the basics. You can also add frozen blueberries or cherries, flax, seeds, nuts, powders, etc. The whole idea of raw spinach in a smoothie just kind of weirded me out, but everyone says you can’t even taste it and that it makes your energy levels skyrocket and your skin glow, so who am I to not give it a try..

I picked up some raw spinach, light organic soy milk, and bananas and to give the basic one a try.

I put 1 cup of soy milk, 1 small banana, a few handfuls of spinach, and a few ice cubes into the blender and let it go for a few minutes. It took a little longer than I was expecting for the spinach to break up completely but in the end it looked like it was supposed to:

The verdict? Delicious! Seriously, you cannot taste the spinach. I know that seems counterintuitive but it really just tastes like a regular smoothie (banana and milk) and I am definitely excited to try some new combinations. I have frozen blueberries and might add vanilla extract next time I try it. If you’re interested in trying it, I think it makes the most sense to think about a smoothie you like without spinach, and then just add a few cups and you’ll barely know its there. I hope loads of energy and clear skin is in my near future. Fingers crossed 😛

Even though I went food shopping, I felt too lazy to cook so we decided to order chinese. There’s this great place downstairs in my building called Charlie Chiang’s, and they deliver the food about 15 minutes after you order it because it’s so close.

I got egg drop soup to start, and then we ordered Shrimp Szechuan and Vegetable Moo Shi (Shredded cabbage, mushroom, green onion, scrambled eggs and it comes with pancakes and plum sauce). I was much more excited about the Moo Shi so I only had one shrimp from that dish and had two of these babies:

Then rolled it up:

Yum. Definitely hit the spot and fit perfectly into the Sunday I had envisioned 🙂

Now off to watch World’s Greatest Dad (thank you Netflix) and melt into the couch. I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow!!


6 Responses

  1. Your smoothie is so green!! Mine always end up pretty brown haha.

    • I put a LOT of spinach in it but had to let it go for a looooong time to make it get that green. I can feel a new obsession coming on! 🙂

  2. Love green monsters!!

  3. Freeze the banana first! Makes the smoothie the perfect consistency!

  4. Ok, so am systemically reading your blog from the beginning while I’m at work (haha, down time!) and want to try this.

    But just wanted to know – what type of blender did you use? Just a regular blender or a fancy one or juicer?


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