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One Month And Bizzaro Lunch

It’s March 15th, which mean its been exactly one month since I stopped eating any meat, except fish! It has gone by really quickly and hasn’t really been that hard for me. I’m leaning heavily towards sticking with the fish only diet and maybe eating meat for special occasions only (special dinners or holidays) even after Lent is over.  It’s kind of nice too because even though I’ve indulged (a LOT) over the last month, it feels a little less indulgent because it’s only ever veggies and/or fish (even if they are fried)… oh the tricks your mind can play on you 😉

Breakfast today was plain 0% Chobani yogurt with 1/2 cup fiber one and blueberries. Lunch was really bizarre. After dinner last night, I had about half of my egg drop soup left which I was going to bring in for a snack. There were tons of veggies from the Szechuan Shrimp left but they were doused in sauce. My boyfriend said I could just throw them out but that felt so wasteful, so I decided to rinse off all the sauce and throw them in the soup. It sounds kind of gross but it actually worked out really well and I was glad to not let all those delicious veggies go to waste. As I was packing my lunch, I realized that probably wouldn’t be enough, so I grabbed a small red potato to cook in the microwave but forgot to bring something to put on the potato. After microwaving it, I decided to just cut it in half and put the heated soup over it. Really odd concoction, but it kept me full for a few hours and was actually pretty delicious!

Afternoon snacks included a gala apple, Jolly Time Kettle Corn, and a grande Americano from Starbucks.

Also, I wanted to share one of the most amazing experiences from Puerto Rico with you! We went on a Biobay Tour and it was seriously one of the most incredible things I have ever seen/done. I never even knew about the existence of these things before being told my sister had reserved this trip for us. We went our last night in Puerto Rico and took a long and very bumpy bus ride to the bay where these organisms live. We then got on a pontoon boat for about an hour where they bring you out into the water. It’s hard to explain, but the water basically glows with movement. So the tour guides would jump on the bottom of the boat to startle the fish in the water, and then you would see all these fish in the water glowing as they swam away from the boat. After going deep into the bay, they let us jump off the boat and swim around. It was incredible! When you spin around in the water the whole water around you glows like theres a light in it, but its just these microorganisms. So weird! The coolest part for me was that when you lifted your arms out of the water, there were still some on you so your arms looked like they were covered in stars and then it quickly faded away. I tried taking pictures but it was nearly impossible. I am so glad I got to experience that while in Vieques because though there are more of these bays throughout the world, the one we swam in is supposed to be one of the most specular in the world! I feel lucky to have gotten to see/swim in it!

It’s hard to try to recap a whole week’s worth in one post (slash to try not bore you guys) so I’ll be adding little tidbits all week from my trip as I think of them.


2 Responses

  1. Your trip sounds *amazing!* The biobay tour sounds like it would be really interesting and fun! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. i’m definitely guilty as well, Beth- i have been known to eat really weird combos in an effort to save that expensive and delicate produce. i’ve also been up cooking all night before making several dishes all at once because the produce is going bad, and i put off cooking projects in favor of working late and working out.

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