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Caffeine Question

Hi, My name is Beth and I am a caffeine addict. No, really.

I drink a lot of coffee. I usually have an XL coffee from Dunkin Donuts every morning, which is huge. I just checked the website and that is 24 oz – aka 4 6-oz cups. If i don’t grab that, I go to Starbucks and get a Venti Americano, which has not one, but FOUR shots of espresso. I never really gave it too much thought until this weekend when I was travelling back home from vacation.

Saturday was travel day, and I was on the phone with priceline.com for hours (another story for another day) so I just forgot to have any coffee. That coupled with me being sickish made for the worst headache ever on the plane ride. Being congested and flying are definitely not a good combo, but adding denying a coffee addict their fix on top of that makes it even worse.

On the weekends at home I usually make french press coffee, but on Sunday I was still getting back into the routine of things and had a lot of stuff to do around the house, so it slipped my mind. That afternoon I felt a headache coming on and it got BAD later at night. I had trouble falling asleep because it hurt so bad.

Come Monday, the line at Dunkin Donuts was far too long for me to wait on it, so I just went into work without coffee. Mid-day I felt a headache coming on, so I promptly went to Starbucks and got a grande Americano (only 3 shots of espresso) and the headache faded away before it even came on.

Then, I kinda freaked out. Coffee is supposed to be a pick-me-up and you should drink it because you enjoy it. That was what I told myself as I got an XL coffee day after day from Dunkin Donuts. Don’t get me wrong – I love drinking coffee. But, it seems its gotten to the point where I am drinking it to prevent a headache coming on more so than because I need a pick-me-up. Plus, on the mornings I haven’t had it, I haven’t been dragging or felt a lack of energy – I think working out and a healthy diet (and green monsters maybe!) have been helping in that department.

So, my point is, I think it’s time I start cutting back on coffee. Step one has been that I’ve started to order a large coffee at DD in the morning instead of an XL. I think I’m going to do that for 1-2 weeks and then switch to a medium, and see where it goes. I’m not against drinking coffee by any means, but the headaches kind of freaked me out a bit. I want to go back to the days of enjoying coffee and not worrying that if I miss my cup a terrible headache will set on…

How much coffee/tea do you drink a day? Have you ever noticed headaches when you don’t have your daily fix? How have you eased yourself off of it, if you’ve tried, or do you just accept having to drink it every day? I’m curious!


9 Responses

  1. I only allow myself 1 coffee in the morning. I have to have my coffee pretty sweet in order to drink it and that’s a lot of sugar! I sure do miss the days of the white chocolate mocha with caramel syrup, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. 🙂

  2. I used to have a diet soda every day with lunch until I noticed without one I was SO tired and then I was only drinking it to keep me awake. Then I noticed on days when I had a diet soda, not only did I retain more water, but then I craved a soda the next day and the next day. I never drank enough to get headaches but I did decide then to limit my caffiene. I now only have a diet coke for a treat, with mixed drinks, or when I feel like I really need it (either because I’m tired or need a snack and diet soda seems to fill me up). It’s not easy…the first few days I don’t have a soda I feel like I can’t make it through the day. But I force myself to get through the 1-2pm hour and then I get my second wind when I go exercise. Sometimes I enjoy some tea but that doesn’t seem to affect me as much as diet soda does. Generally I feel healthier without the caffiene, however it does make me feel fuller sometimes. It a tricky little booger!

  3. When I was in school, I didn’t have caffeine this often. Just when I had major assignments or exams. Now, it seems like I can’t get through the work day without it. I used to be a Diet Coke junkie when i first started working. I had one everyday with lunch, sometimes two a day. I’ve been trying to switch over to coffee. I love skinny vanilla lattes!! They are a good substitution for my chai latte dependency that are just too sweet these days. I don’t think there will be a week completely caffeine free in my future, but I’m okay with that for now.

  4. I drink caffeine twice a day, usually a big coffee in the morning and a soda at lunch. Sometimes I’ll have another soda around 3pm or so. I don’t get a headache if I skip the coffee but I can definitely tell the difference between morning when I am caffeinated and mornings when I am not. The weird thing is that my boyfriend drinks coffee literally all day long and into the night, yet it never prevents him from getting to sleep….

  5. I am not a caffeine addict – but I love your blog!!!

  6. I am definitely a coffee addict as well. On the one hand, I don’t like that any single food or drink has such a power over me. But I’m worried about giving it up, and I really do enjoy it. I start with my morning coffee, usually 2 cups (and by cups, I mean 2×10-12 oz.) Most of the time I either have afternoon coffee or/AND evening coffee. The morning coffee doesn’t cut it, especially if it’s only 1 cup. If I don’t have any coffee, or sometimes if I opt for a black tea instead, I have a headache by 1-2pm and it’s usually not curable without some tylenol and caffeine. Some days (why?) I feel I need more coffee around 3 or so. Coffee is just so much of my culture. Instead of having food in my hand, I have a warm cup of joe. I also am one of those cold-natured people and so the coffee warms me up. But it is a little ridiculous that on average I’d say I drink 3-6 (10-12 oz.) cups of coffee a day.

  7. I make my own every morning (roughly the size of a grande cup) & bring it to work with me. I sip it while riding the train & doing the daily crossword. By the time I get to the office & start working, I usually forget about it & it gets cold, so I toss it. Some days though, you just gotta have that second cup in the afternoon! I can forget completely, usually on the weekends, with no consequence. I live in fear of the addiction & headaches because I’ve seen the death grip ut has on my mom 😉

  8. […] Also, side note, I am still everyday coffee-free! Last Monday, I sort of accidentally stopped drinking coffee, and didn’t have it all week. I had a coffee on Saturday because I was feeling pretty tired, but other than that, I haven’t had any coffee in a week and a half. I haven’t even had headaches or anything. This is a big change from the last time I accidentally went without coffee and had a slight freak out. (Read about it here) […]

  9. […] accidentally went without coffee for a few days and started getting some killer headaches (see post here) and then tried to ween myself off of coffee for a while. I’m not opposed to drinking coffee […]

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