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Still Searching for Spirit

I came home in search of some St. Patty’s Day spirit. I looked through everything I own, and this was literally all I could come up with:

See the green in the tye dye? Yes, that is all of the green in my entire wardrobe. sad. Will be purchasing some new green clothes soon! I did get my Green Monster to turn out quite green today though… just the basics, 1 cup soy milk, 2 handfuls of spinach, and 1 small frozen banana. And now the bag of spinach I bought on Sunday is gone! Goes so quick that I understand why Caitlin bought a 2.5 pound bag of it at Costco!

It is amazing outside. Seems sinful to stay in the office all day, but for some reason my company doesn’t let you go early to play in the sun. I did realize though that since I moved to a new apartment in November 2009, I have only run outside two times! Those two times were December 13, 2009 and February 28, 2010. You know how I remember? They were both for races! The Jingle All The Way 10k in December and the Love the Run You’re With 5k just last month. Now I know it’s been winter so running outside isn’t as amazing as it is in spring/fall, but still. So, today was the day!

I almost forgot how wonderful it is to run outside not in a race. I am a super competitive person naturally, so during races I find myself getting a little caught up in the race (read slightly annoyed when people are in the way or when the crowd bottlenecks to go through a narrow place), but when you’re out for a run just on your own, it’s just such a different vibe. I went to WalkJogRun.net to try to map out a run because this is the first time I’ve gone outside from the new apartment, but then I was nervous I was gonna lose the sunlight, so I just decided to wing it. I didn’t have a phone or watch with me, so I didn’t even know how far or how long I was out for, but it worked out perfectly.

I looked at the clock when I went out the door, 6:17pm. I ran what I thought was around 4 miles, got back, and it was 7:01pm, so just under 45 minutes, but I did have to stop at a few lights. I came upstairs and mapped out the run, and it was 3.98 miles. I know I crossed the road a few extra time to avoid waiting at the light so I’m sure it was a little over 4 miles, and around 40 minutes with the stops. It felt so good!

Afterwards, I rehydrated with a Vita CoCo Coconut Water

This stuff is so good! I tried the Pineapple flavor which I like a lot, but I really enjoy the plain as well. It’s super refreshing before or after a workout, and really works to get you rehydrated fast. It has electrolytes like gatorade, and also a lot of potassium to prevent cramping. Good stuff! And, I still have one more left that I snagged from the 5k at the end of February 🙂

I took a quick shower and am heading out for a quick bite for dinner with the boyfriend in a little bit. I might have a snack before we go because I’m already getting hungry.

Hope you’re all enjoying your St. Patty’s Day and are being more festive than me! 🙂


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