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Hi! Man, I have been so tired lately even though I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. I think working on the weekends just throws my whole body off because I really need the time to relax and focus on myself and not my job. Luckily I earned a few hours of comp time, so I can take a few hours off one day soon. I’m supposed to go see my sister in Philly this weekend, but I might just stay put it and take it easy, but TBD. I could really use some down time!

For an afternoon snack, I had a new-to-me kind of yogurt.

Siggi’s sent me some coupons to sample their yogurt, so I picked up a few containers of it at Whole Foods. According to their site, “Skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. The whey, the water naturally found in milk, is then strained away to make for a much thicker, creamier, concentrated yogurt. So to make just one cup of skyr, with all that water going out, you need 3 – 4 times the amount of milk required to make a regular cup of yogurt. As a result of this process skyr comes out with 2-3 times the protein count of standard yogurt.”

So it’s a thick yogurt, similar to a Greek style and still nonfat and creamy. The Whole Foods by me carried it in Plain, Blueberry, Pomegranate & Passion Fruit, and Orange and Ginger. I picked up one each of the last two and will try the other one tomorrow.

When I first dove into the yogurt I was a little disappointed because I was expecting it to be like Greek yogurt where the flavor is at the bottom and you mix it into the yogurt. This was pre-mixed so the whole yogurt was flavored. Once I got over that, it was really good. I mentioned I wanted to have a more substantial afternoon snack, so I mixed in two sliced up kiwis and a crushed Weetabix biscuit.

And that really made the yogurt! The yogurt is smooth since its premixed so the mix-ins really gave it a nice texture. And, it worked! It kept me full for a few hours, so I came home and worked out and felt great during the workout.

I did intervals again today which were killer! I did 20 minutes of jogging for 2 minutes at 5.5mph then sprinting at 7.5mph for 2 minutes. I’ve heard doing intervals can really help with your speed, so I want to find another 5k to run soon and see if I can shave a few seconds off my time. After I did the intervals, I decided to do a little yoga, and I found “Less is More Yoga” on ExerciseTV on Demand. It focused on cardio so the poses kept moving to keep your heart rate up. I really enjoyed the workout and think this is my favorite yoga so far that I’ve found on demand! It was challenging and my heart was definitely beating fast, but I felt like I could keep up which is hard for me since I’m so new to yoga!

After that, I was hungry. I had some grand plans to make a big dinner but just wasn’t feeling it, so my boyfriend offered to make us eggs and grits. He did my eggs sunny side up and served them over ~2/3 of a cup of grits.

He also made some frozen broccoli and we grated some parmesan over everything.

I love when the yolks are runny in eggs and how it oozes all over when you break them with your fork.

It made the grits taste so creamy even though there was no butter in them, just water and salt. Mmmm. Eggs make the best quick meal.

What’s your favorite way to have your eggs? I love to have a poached egg over salads or in soup or on an egg sandwich with cheese!


7 Responses

  1. I love eggs for dinner! I like to cook a fried egg and put it on top of a salad but my favorite way to eat eggs is in egg white omelets, so good!

  2. That looks divine!

    I love sunny side up. With toast to dip it in, yum!

  3. I’ve seen Siggi’s but never tried it. I remember it being expensive too. I love eggs but have never had grits!

  4. I always want to try that yogurt and stick it in my cart but by the time I’m ready to check out I don’t want to pay that much for 1 yogurt! :/ But maybe I’ll just give it a try next time. Mmm I love eggs ANY way but a fave of mine is sunny side up–great for dunking!

  5. i usually have eggs for breakfast on the weekend. This weekend i tried two boiled eggs, sliced, with salted steel-cut oats. I also like to fry an egg in canola-oil spray and put it in a small whole wheat wrap with cheese and salsa.

    poached is my absolute favorite with buttered toast and hashbrowns.

    • poached eggs are my favorite too! I love adding on one top of a salad with frisee and then you don’t even need dressing because the yolk gets all gooey over the salad.

  6. I prefer Siggi’s yogurt to the others I’ve tried. It’s really good! I like all kinds of eggs: fried, scrambled, omelet. Yum!

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