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PB&J Pancakes

Morning!! I am so happy that today is Friday. Last weekend I felt like it went way too quickly, and needed one more day. I was so looking forward to this weekend, and now its almost here! No grand plans for the weekend, just relaxing and hopefully some more Bikram. I found an Intro special at Bikram Yoga Dupont where you get one week unlimited for $20 for first time students. I plan to go with a friend tomorrow, and the studio is pretty convenient to work, so I’m going to try to go to the 6pm class as much as I can next week after work.

I’m not feeling sore at all today, which is surprising. Last night my back and my hips were a bit sore, so I ended up taking some advil. I was expecting to wake up hurting today, but luckily woke up feeling great. I am going to take the day off from working out today, though, since I’ve had three intense days in a row (9 miles biking + the shred and then two nights of Bikram).

This mornings breakfast was special, especially for a workday. I had throw together some overnight oats last night, but added some weird flavors and was feeling really hesistant about eating them. I tasted them this morning and wasn’t into them at all, so I threw them out. I hate to waste but they weren’t very good and I always need to have a satisfying breakfast. I was trying to figure out what to make and I looked in my cabinet and saw this:

I had been sent this a while ago but never got around to trying it, so today seemed like the perfect day for pancakes! One thing that bothers me about pancake and waffle mixes (most of them anyways) is that it doesn’t have the ratios for 1-2 servings a lot of the times. The serving size here is 3 tbsp, and the only recipe is for 1 cup of mix, so to try to figure out the conversions was beyond me. It ended up being a good thing though because I experimented a bit and made some delicious Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes!

Into the mix:

  • 3 tbsp Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • 2 tbsp rolled oats
  • 1/2 scoop protein powder
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 3 tbsp egg whites (or whites from 1 large egg)

I let that sit for a few minutes while the pan heated up and it made 2 nice sized pancakes. I topped them with 1 tbsp Better N Peanut Butter, 1 tbsp Crofters Asia, and 1 tbsp dark chocolate chunks.

These were AMAZING and tasted just as good as they look. I really like this pancake & waffle mix because the texture is really interesting with the milled flax throughout the whole wheat mix. In retrospect, I would have put the chocolate chips into the pancakes themselves so they were melted throughout, but they did melt a bit from the heat of the pancakes. Healthy chocolate chip pancakes?? Yes, please! It’s so great when you make things at home because you can control just what goes into them. Even though this felt like a ton of dark chocolate chunks, it was only 1 tbsp, which is just 70 calories. To read on some of the benefits of dark chocolate, check out this page.

I have mixed feelings about Better N’ Peanut Butter. I haven’t used it in so long, but I found the jar in my fridge and decided to give it a try. It only has 100 calories in 2 tbsp which is nice, but it doesn’t taste like regular peanut butter to me. It’s a lot sweeter, so I think using it as a topping for something like this is ideal. I still love my almond butter a lot more though. 🙂

That was a great way to start off my Friday. Hope yours is good so far, too!

14 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh those pancakes look HEAVENLY! That’s such a good idea!

    Also – I feel the same way about Better n’ Peanut Butter. I’ve finally decided that I just like the real stuff too much to try to substitute it!

  2. beth that is a special breakfast for sure! i felt the same way abotu last weekend-much too short. that is so great that you are not sore from bikram-crazy good 🙂

    • i still can’t believe i’m not sore! i think its because I’ve been drinking tons and tons of water to drain my system out!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks delicious!

  4. I have tried a few different peanut butter substitutes and nothing can touch the real thing! Better N Peanut Butter is one of the better “fake pbs” though!

  5. omg i can totally see hwy theyre amazing!! looks fanatastic! so glad they turned out awesome xoxo ❤

  6. Pancakes are a great way to start any day! I believe I will be doing so at some point this weekend…

  7. I always feel guilty eating pancakes but I think I will have to give these a try. Add some bananas and I think I’d collapse.

  8. I’m glad that you weren’t sore this morning! After my long walk yesterday, my butt was really feeling it. I took a hot shower right after the walk and soaked in the hot tub in the evening, and woke up this morning not sore at all–I was actually pretty amazed.

  9. Those look delicious!!! I hope you can make them when the social committee finally gets around to having a work breakfast!

  10. I had this same breakfast but with waffles! Great minds think alike 😉

  11. Those look good!

    I kind of gave up on PB substitutes. I just have the real stuff now, and after going overboard on it – I seem to be able to have it on things without wanting to sit there with the jar and a spoon.

    PB2 is actually pretty good, though – have you tried it? I like to mix it into things like yogurt or batters for peanut butter flavor when I don’t want the fat calories.

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