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    Hey! I'm Beth - a 27 year old foodie living and working in the Washington, DC area who has lost almost 90 pounds through Weight Watchers. I love good food, wine and getting creative in the kitchen, and then balancing that out with running, The Shred, and yoga. Please feel free to browse around and hopefully you'll find some ideas, recipes and motivation!

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So I just signed up for Twitter but do not know what I am doing at all. I just had a co-worker give me a tutorial of what @ RT # etc means but honestly don’t have a clue. Come find me on there @bethsjourneytt. If you follow me, you can leave a comment on the KIND BAR GIVEAWAY post saying you’re following me for an extra entry! Ends in a few hours, so hurry on up!

Lunch today was super quick and simple, but delicious. I guess I was really ravenous before I started eating so I snapped the pictures super quick and they’re a little blurry. My apologies!

I had a cucumber from the farmer’s market cut up on top of the end of a bag of spinach, with some feta crumbled on top.

The cucumber on here was out of this world! I can’t believe how much more delicious they taste fresh from a farm rather than from the grocery store. What a difference! The main part of my lunch was leftover Sweet Potato Whole Wheat Gnocchi with Almond Butter Sauce. I threw in 1/2 cup of black beans for good measure, too.

Afterwards, I was craving something sweet, so I had these:

They were SO good! Tasted just like candy but a little less guilty? 130 calories, no fat, 1 gram of fiber, so the whole package had 2 points. Totally worth it in my opinion.

In other exciting news, I have Monday off from work!! I got some comp time from working the conference a few weekends ago, and I had to use the time up with 30 days, so Monday is the day! We actually have some fun plans for the day on Monday so I don’t just sit around and waste the day, but where we’re going is only an hour drive from DC so it’s just a day trip. I’m meeting up with some girlfriends after work tonight and its actually super nice outside so I think we might grab some drinks in the sun! Happy Friday!


12 Responses

  1. OMG I am on Twitter too and feel like a dummy! Retweet, tweet…no clue. I just don’t get it!! They need to have a better HELP section lol

  2. I have been delaying signing up for Twitter myself because I have NO CLUE how it’s supposed to work! (Took me long enough to figure out Facebook!)

  3. good luck with twitter.. im clueless when it comes to that! a lot of bloggers have it which is cool- once u know how to work it of course 😛 ❤

  4. I’ve held off on signing up just because I’m still not 100% on how it works! Maybe some day…

  5. Isn’t feta so good on everything?? I just love topping salads, pasta, anything with feta 🙂

    Have fun on your day off! It’s certainly well deserved! 🙂

  6. seriously cravin gnocchi now – you pasta temptress you!

  7. I just thought I would ask were did you get the fruit nuggets? I have been looking for something like that to eat for awhile now! Thanks 🙂

    • You know I found them at some random street cart that sells hotdogs and wraps on the streets of DC! I’ll let you know if I see them in a store – they were gooood!

  8. haha twitter. Yeah you beat me to that one! & thanks for the tip with my quinoa/sweet potato fail, sounds delish!

  9. i am a dummy on twitter too but i like reading your tweets 🙂

  10. I have no idea how to use twitter haha. I love sweet potato and ginocchi and almond flavor so that sounds divine!

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