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No GPS Sunday

Hi! Today has been such a fun, random day. We woke up and realized we were out of farm fresh eggs which have been the highlight of breakfasts recently, so decided to try to find a Farmer’s Market to go pick some up. We found a new-to-us Farmer’s Market in Alexandria, VA and set out to find it. We arrived there and it was awesome! It was a lot bigger than the farmers market I usually go to, and the prices seemed more reasonable. All of the vendors were so friendly and there was a lot of different produce, dairy, bread, plants, and art to look at.

Here’s what we ended up purchasing:

  • A dozen eggs
  • Rainbow chard
  • Green onions
  • Radishes
  • A Mediterranean Squash
  • Free range NY Strip Steak (for Wil)

We decided we should grill out tonight, so wanted to go to the store to get some other things, and also had a few other errands to run. We were hungry, too, and just ended up wandering around Alexandria and stopped at random places along the way, without using GPS or figuring out exactly where we were going. We stumbled across a cute little restaurant called Foxfire Grill and stopped there to get some brunch.

I had a cup of coffee with half and half to start

Then they served us a basket of fresh baked mini muffins, and I had one blueberry and one banana nut.

They were delicious and still warm from the oven. We ended up bringing the rest of the basket home, and as soon as I got outside our door and started digging for my keys, I dropped them all over the floor. 😦 I hate wasting food, and being clumsy!

For my meal, I ordered the Eggs Chesapeake, which is just like eggs benedict, but with crab meat instead of ham.

I ordered it without Hollandaise and with fruit instead of potatoes. The eggs were perfectly poached, but definitely not as good as the farm fresh eggs that we’ll hopefully have for breakfast tomorrow. The fruit was fresh too, but the honeydew melon wasn’t quite ripe. I still managed to eat it all.

We ended up going to Goodwill and finding a nice painting for the wall, Home Depot and got a plant for our balcony, and a cool Indian market and got some different spices, vinegar, and peppercorns for cheap. ‘Twas a fun and productive day! Plans for the rest of the day include hopefully a run and then grilling out tonight! I’ll be back!


7 Responses

  1. Looks like you made quite the haul at the market. Although I’m yet to come around when it comes to radishes… just not a fan… 😦

  2. I have NEVER heard of eggs chesapeake but OMG my fave breakfast is Eggs Benedict and I think it would be amazing with crab!

  3. Sweet Farmer’s Market find! I wish I could find one around where I live. I know they exist, I just haven’t come across ’em yet. Enjoy your run + your grillin’ evening!!


  5. jealous!! i’ve been DYING for farmer’s markets to start up around here, but i still have about another month to wait!

  6. Is this the Farmer’s Market in Kingstowne? I’m dying to find a good farmers market that I don’t have to drive forever to get to. I love Eastern Market but it’s a wee bit far to go every week!

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