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Wrap it Up

I found these Flatout Wraps in the depths of my freezer and have been loving them lately. I have a ton of groceries right now due to all my excursions to farmer’s markets and the asian grocery store, so I’m trying to use up what I have before going to the store again. So today, I got a little creative with my lunch and it worked out great.

To start, I had a flatout wrap with spinach from the farmer’s market and 1/2 serving of soy tempeh. When I was packing my lunch this morning, I wanted something else for the wrap to give it some flavor and fun when I spotted the leftover breakfast corn and potato hash from Monday morning. I grabbed it and decided it would make a good addition to the wrap because it tastes so good!

I had two large carrots on the side, but forgot toothpicks to hold this massive wrap together.

My fingers worked just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also threw together a random little radish salad last night, where I took 6 radishes (also from the Farmer’s Market) added some rice vinegar, a little salt, and a tiny drizzle of evoo. Because it sat overnight, the red from the outside of the radish bled into the insides, so the whole salad was pink.

It was delicious, but next time I’d make it in the morning so it was easier to look at. ย For “dessert” I had some fresh strawberries.

It was a delicious, satisfying, and colorful lunch!

What did/will you have for lunch today? Looking for some inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚


16 Responses

  1. Gosh I was so boring! I had a turkey sandwich with a ton of dijon mustard, mozzarella cheese cubes, and a Greek yogurt with strawberries. Not exciting at all!

  2. I haven’t had spinach all week and I swear I’m starting to get the shakes because of it… lol.

    That’s an awesome wrap! I had one as well- but alas, my fresh foods in my refrigerator are dwindling, so I settled for another tuna wrap. Not bad, though.

  3. Interesting lunch, Beth! Looks yummy though! My lunch wasn’t that exciting either, but was still good! I had 2 slices of Kashi’s frozen roasted veggie pizza and a spinach salad on the side with some light ceasar dressing.

  4. Pretty good for frozen pizzas, the crust is very thin (which is how I like it anyway) and the nutrition stats are pretty good! I especially like the roasted veggie and mexican pizzas-instead of tomato sauce, it’s a black bean sauce!

  5. oops-that was meant as a reply to your comment! haha

  6. I have been making wraps all this week for lunch!! Maybe you can make a veggie quesadilla with the flatouts, or a pizza!! Hope you are having a great Hump-day!

  7. Today I had a “baked” sweet potato (can it still be called baked when I cooked it in the microwave?) and I topped it with a cup of delicious organic adzuki beans. It was such a wonderful combination. So good, in fact, I’m thinking about bringing it again tomorrow.

    Your wrap looks great! I love the addition of the hash. Brilliant!

    • sweet potato + black beans = my favorite combo EVER. try adding some goat cheese, pineapple salsa, or feta!

      I’ve never tried adzuki beans but i looooooove all beans so I’m sure they’d be right up my alley!

  8. My lunch was boring–canned veggie soup. But it tasted good! I need to go to the grocery store, desperately!

  9. That is a huge wrap!! I think your radish salad is quite pretty, actually ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I had leftover homemade pizza for lunch – yum!

  10. Ah what a fabulously colorful post of eats! I just had radishes for the first time (in me house, I always get ’em at Mexican parties with the soups at other awesome people’s homes, so gooood!) today and I really thought I ought to buy ’em more often. LOVE the idea of a mini pink salad. Do they hold their crunch? It’s my favorite part ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. ooo creativity defined adding the corn hash from the other day! you really do have so many fun items from your gstore and farmers mkt travels! the fresh spinach looks amazing too. so big and crisp!

    lunch today (a day late ;)) was a sandwich on ezekiel toasted bread with sliced beets, avacado, spinach and goat cheese. it was delish and i will be a repeat offender in the near future.

    happy thursday!

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