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    Hey! I'm Beth - a 27 year old foodie living and working in the Washington, DC area who has lost almost 90 pounds through Weight Watchers. I love good food, wine and getting creative in the kitchen, and then balancing that out with running, The Shred, and yoga. Please feel free to browse around and hopefully you'll find some ideas, recipes and motivation!

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Hey! It is so gorgeous outside today that it feels sinful to be inside all day. I did go outside for a quick trip to Starbucks and got an Unsweetened Venti Iced Green Tea. I always laugh (usually to myself) about how many words there are when you want to order something from starbucks. I always get them in the wrong order even though I normally get the same things.. better luck next time.

Lunch today was an oldie but a goodie, a “baked” sweet potato with black beans and pineapple salsa.

I just nuked the potato on the “Baked Potato” setting (about 3 minutes) and then added 1/2 cup canned black beans. I normally don’t rinse them when using them over a baked potato so they add some moisture. On top was some pineapple salsa from Trader Joe’s. This combo is awesome. If you’ve not yet tried it, you must. It’s so easy to just throw a sweet potato in your bag for lunch and nuke it at the office if you have a microwave.

On the side, I had a monster salad.

This had:

  • Arugula
  • Fresh Basil
  • Babybell Light Cheese
  • Radishes
  • Turnips

I’d never had raw turnips before Sunday night’s dinner when my boyfriend sliced them on aΒ mandolin. These ones are baby turnips so they are quite tender and really taste great on a salad. I also loved having the fresh basil – fresh herbs make such a difference in your salad. I don’t usually have fresh herbs around that much, but we bought a big container of organic basil for pizza night and I’ve been using it wherever I can ever since then.

I ended the meal with some strawberries

These were from the Farmer’s market yesterday and were so little and sweet! What a difference from the huge strawberries I’ve been buying at the grocery store recently. These almost melted in your mouth and had such a good flavor. Yum.

As I was putting my lunch together today, I had an audience. A few of my coworkers came in to the kitchen to watch me assemble it and were asking lots of questions about the ingredients, how often and where I shop, if I come up with ideas on my own or if I get them from my boyfriend (since he’s a chef!). It was kind of funny but also pretty flattering! I love that I’m now known as the healthy one and people come to me for food/nutrition advice and ideas. Makes me smile because this is such a 180 from my life 1.5 years ago.

Have you made any major changes in your lifestyle? Have others noticed? Do you like it when they say things or prefer they’d leave you alone?


31 Responses

  1. Yes, I have definately made some major changes in my lifestyle. At work people are always interested to see what I bring to lunch. They think I’m so creative…haha. And if I try to eat something that isn’t healthy they ask, “How many points is that for you?” I’ve got them trained pretty well. πŸ™‚

    • That part drives me a little crazy when people ask me how many points something is that isn’t healthy! But it is nice for people to think you’re creative and be inspired to try some of your ideas for sure.

  2. Well now!
    My kind of question!
    I am totally looking forward to the reading the responses here!
    My hubby would LOVE that sweet pot. and black beans!
    And I am so sad we don’t have a Trader Joe’s on Bainbridge Island!

  3. That’s awesome Beth, you are inspiring.

    I have made changes, and mostly my family is the only one who notices. I’m antisocial haha but yes I like it when people notice. It’s nice to know hard work is visible.

    • Thanks! and sometimes its more important when those close to you realize what you’re doing! i’m just pretty vocal about it and people have seen me change a lot over the last year+ so they’re curious. πŸ™‚

  4. When I was losing my weight I got a lot of compliments! At first it was weird, then I loved it. It helped keep me motivated.

  5. I’ve started eating a LOT more fruits and vegetables over the past month or so and one of the women I work with told me I inspired her to eat more veggies at lunch because I’m always snacking on cut up fresh veggies. πŸ™‚

    • I bet you’ll be having even MORE when you’re CSA starts! I love munching in general so its nice to have some veggies around so that’s what I munch on instead of chocolate or chips. πŸ™‚

  6. your boyfriend is a chef?? I’m jealous!

    • Yeah its pretty great, especially now that our styles are meshing more. He’s a southern boy so likes to fry everything and/or cook it in butter and oil, but now he’s working on being healthier and we’re having a lot of fun exploring new ingredients together!

  7. I’ve made so many changes in the last year that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. The early ones are just part of who I am now. I like it when people notice and sometimes if they don’t notice I point it out to them.

  8. People are finally starting to notice and I love hearing about it. It is kinda funny, because they don’t know if they should say “you look like you’ve lost weight”…..as if I didn’t know I was fat before I started. Hehe

    I like an audience, that is why I have a blog and I make an effort to stay on top of it, it keeps me motivated and something to look back on.

    • I know its always a touchy subject with weight loss because once people say something its like they are acknowledging you had weight to lose. It’s kind of funny because we’re the ones who knew we had weight to lose and made the changes to do so – – of course we knew we were fat! Ha.

  9. I’ve definitely been eating more fruits and vegetables, but I haven’t been super vocal about. Comments are made here and there.

    Question. I’ve been eating the sweet potato/black bean combo lately and its delicious. I just have a problem of heating the potato evenly.

    Also, do you eat the skin?

    I love your blog and you motivate me daily!

    • Hi Amy! Thanks so much and glad you’re enjoying my blog! I do eat the skin, and what I do is wash the potato off, poke it with a fork all over, and then cover it in a papertowel. The potato is still wet from washing it off so no need to wet the paper towel. That should heat it evenly though, but if it doesn’t just put it in for longer so that all parts are soft.

  10. I am intrigued to try this combination–sweet potato and black beans, although at first glance it doesn’t sound all that great. But I like the two things individually so I will give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion.

    48 lbs and counting

  11. OMG, that potato looks SO gooooood! YUM


  12. Beth,

    Do you find the sweet potato with black beans combo to be dry? I haven’t tried it yet, although I love sweet potatoes and black beans. Do you think sour cream or greek yogurt might be a good addition?

    By the way, congrats about the people at work asking you for advice!! Although, isn’t that the same thing that’s happening online?:)

    • Hi Katie – Ha. Kind of I guess! But on here I’m presenting myself as a healthy living person trying to maintain a large weight loss, whereas at work I’m trying to be a semi-serious sales professional! πŸ™‚

      I think greek yogurt or sour cream would be awesome on this combo. The salsa plus not rinsing off the beans makes it a lot less dry than if it was rinsed and dried beans over the sweet potato. But experiment away and let me know how it turns out!

  13. People always strike up a conversation with me in the lunchroom if I’m prepping lunch there. I guess with a million containers, I get noticed. Pretty funny.
    I’ve never tried raw turnips – interesting!

    • Ha I know it’s always crazy how many different things I come into work with. I used to use a lunch box but recently I’ve switched to a reusable tote bag because there’s just so much stuff to bring!

  14. sometimes the changes i make in my life i feel are better left unsaid.. especially if they just say something because they know ive been trying to make the change … but it doesnt sound genuine ya know? hmm

    i laughed at the starbucks comment.. lol yes! so true!

    “can i have a grande decaf soy cappuccino extra foam with a double shot of expresso to-go please” lol

  15. Starbucks is like the prissy head cheerleader of the coffee chain industry lol there’s no need for so many words! I hardly ever go there since I don’t drink coffee, but all these teas sound really good! I might have to buy a book to translate into Starbucks terms what I’d like to order though lol

    My friends all make fun of me for being, as they say, “ambitious.” They say I’m the healthiest girl they know! Which I find flattering of course – I love the title (:

  16. I take it as a compliment if people just come for advice, but I hate the comments that just come from jealousy and imply that my lifestyle changes are wrong. I recently gave up diet coke, cold turkey for 9 days now and I am very proud of that πŸ™‚

  17. Made a sweet potato and black bean burrito last night and it was my first attempt to trying out this combo! Loved loved loved it. πŸ™‚

  18. My coworkers just make snarky comments about how they guess I’m eating something healthy again. lol! Sometimes they look at my food and wrinkle their noses up and ask if it tastes good. It’s not like I’m eating anything all that weird, it’s just that anything that isn’t fast food or ramen noodles is weird to these ladies. Plus they always push cakes and cookies on me even though I’ve told them I can’t eat gluten at least 100 times now! πŸ™‚

  19. If you like the combo of sweet taters and black beans, you should make sweet potato and black bean burritos! I normally make mine with grilled citrus flank steak, but I make E’s without and their just as good πŸ™‚

  20. I know this is a very late reply but I just had to tell you that I tried the whole Sweet Potato Black Bean and Salsa last night for the first time and WOW! Never would have thought to combine this stuff. I love your site just for this reason, it has opened my eyes to so many delicious combonations. LOVE the over night oats. Very grudgingly bought and cooked them because I can’t stand oatmeal but have resigned to eating healthy no matter what and with the addition of natural peanut butter and banana it was so delicious. Thanks for the food inspirations.

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