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It’s OK to Cheat (Sometimes)

Hey! Whew this day has flown by even though I got out of work early. I ended up making the 5:30pm Bikram class and it was amazing. I think after taking a few days/over a week off, my body craves it and I have such a good time. At first I thought my body would be angry for taking the time off/in shock from the heat, but as soon as I got in the room I was just happy. I found myself actually looking forward to some of the postures and surprised when the standing series was over. I go back and forth with that – sometimes I can’t believe it’s over, and sometimes I can’t believe it’s not time to lie down yet!

After Bikram, I headed to the grocery store for a much needed trip. I got a bunch of produce and some other random things so I can make it through the week making all my meals. I had gotten out of cooking for a bit leading up to my trip and I have been missing it! When I got home from the store, it was already after 8 and my boyfriend actually beat me home so we just decided to whip up something quick. I bought a pound of deveined shrimp, so we boiled them with some white wine, water, blackening seasoning and some bay leaves.

 Then I whipped up a salad with spinach, shredded carrots, roasted red peppers, and garlic sprouts.

And we pan fried some polenta with a little romano cheese for a starch with the meal.

This meal was delicious and SO easy. It’s OK to cheat sometimes… For one, we used bottled dressing (which we never do).

And the polenta was in a tube so we just had to cut it up and pan fry it. Plus, the shrimp were Easy Peel, so they were already deveined so all we had to do was cook them. We usually do most things from scratch but sometimes its nice to just have to take a few minutes to heat things up rather than take the time to do it all – – especially when you’re famished from Bikram!

I’m off to watch a little TV and get to bed early. Be back in the morning!

What’s your favorite cooking shortcut? I looooove canned beans and use them almost exclusively. It cuts hours of soaking and boiling the dried kind, even though I know those are better for me because they don’t add as much salt/preservatives.


13 Responses

  1. Mmmm, everything looks delicious. Canned beans are a favorite shortcut of mine, too! I love homemade bread, but I haven’t been able to get it quite as good as store or bakery bread. So that’s my biggest shortcut, lol.


  2. Umm, does the microwave count as a serious shortcut haha.
    Glad you liked the class, sounds like a fun workout environment!

  3. cheats are necessary! they keep us sane and happy.
    i usually do hot yoga but recently did bikram style and noticed how much hungrier i am doing bikram than regular hot yoga. def. think bikram gives me a better workout im assuming 🙂

  4. I have you agree with you on the canned beans! They can find their way into almost any recipe!

  5. I need to make some polenta…can you believe I’ve never had it?

  6. My most recent fav. shortcut was thanks to you, a “baked” sweet potato! It came out a little dry from the micro, not as sweet and juicy as baked in oven, but it was quick, easy, and I think if I microwave it in a little water w/poked holes in the potato, maybe it will come out more most? I just know it’ll beat 1 hr in the oven on 400* !! haha, glad you’re back to blogging, I’ve missed all your awesome pics of your huge salads + new recipes. Have a great day!

    • Aww thanks! And maybe you put it in the microwave for a little too long?? I usually poke holes in it with a fork and cover it in a wet paper towel and as long as I don’t cook it too long it doesn’t dry out much. It’s definitely not the same as an oven baked one because the skin doesn’t get as crispy, but its great in a pinch!

      • Sweet pots are obviously soooo much better in the oven, but since we’re talkin’ short cuts… I nuke it for a few minutes, then throw it in the oven on a high temp or broil for an additional 5 minutes or so and it gets that amazing baked goodness – crispy skin, caramelized, melt-in-your-mouth insides. Quick n yummy!

  7. Here I thought you mean “cheating on your diet by eating crappy food” not “cheating by making your meal easier to cook”! Haha! I cheat all the time when it comes to cooking – I’m not much of a food wizard so it’s gotta be easy or I mess it up!

  8. Wow all that looks delish. Did you use the traditional polenta or the already cooked rounds? I never make my own dressing even though I have a William Sonoma dressing maker thingy haha.

    • I used the already cooked rounds. It is so easy because all you have to do is heat it up! We put a little salt and pepper on it and a little grated romano and then pan fried it. It was awesome because the cheese cooked into the rounds and it got really crispy. Yum.

  9. That polenta looks awesome!

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