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Limo Ride

Happy Friday afternoon! Just a few more hours and it’ll be the weekend. Woohoo! I had a banana (1.5pts) for a snack this morning because I got hungry around 11:30am… that’s what I get when I eat lunch at home instead of at work!

Lunch was a remake of Tuesday’s salad, in a wrap form with a few tweaks.

  • 1 flatout wrap (1 pt)
  • 1/2 cup black beans (1 pt)
  • 1/2 cup corn (1 pt)
  • 2 cups mixed greens (0 pts)
  • 1/4 tiny avocado (1 pt)
  • salsa (0)

On the side, I had the same as yesterday…

Tomatoes, Baby Carrots, and RF Cheddar Cheese (1 pt). I seriously love this combo. Β The cheese makes eating the veggies so much better. Who am I kidding? Cheese makes everything better.

So if you follow me on twitter, (@bethsjourneytt) you might have seen that I got a ride to the airport in a limo on Monday when i was coming back from OKC. This limo, to be exact.

Here’s Kelly and I, one of my friends/coworkers.

And Kelly, Kobi, and I.

Even though the hotel name was on the side of the limo, it still felt pretty snazzy to be taken to the airport in it!

Have you ever been in a limo? When/where/what’s the story?


21 Responses

  1. Hey Beth! Snazzy limo! I was curious as to what type of cheese you have that is only 1pt!

    • Hey Michelle! I bought the 75% RF Cheddar Cabot Cheese. The nutritionals are 60 calories, 2.5 grams of fat. It’s pretty good! I normally eat full fat cheese but in my effort to get to my goal weight I’ve switched to RF for the time being.

  2. That is THE best cheese considering it is 75% ff – I had some in my lunch today too!

    I rode in a limo twice during our annual conference in Dallas this year – they acted like a cab and only charged $5/ person. The second one was a stretch Hum V. HEART!

  3. I took a limo to prom…that is about it!

  4. Fancy! I’ve never been inside a limo before. I’d love to someday!

  5. Being taken to the airport in a limo must’ve felt amazing! Did you feel like P.Diddy?

    I’ve been in a limo, for winter formal in high school, and then for one of my best friend’s 21st, and then when another friend’s parents treated us to go see Dave Matthews. Now THAT was awesome πŸ™‚

    Limos are cool for a bit, but I hate how crowded it sometimes gets. Feels like you have no leg room.

  6. I’ve been in limos for weddings, but nothing other than that! I want to rent a party limo and have a greatttt time lol – wanna join!?

  7. so basically ur a celebrity now huh! lol ❀

  8. I’ve actually been in a limo quite a few times, but always going to or from the airport! Sometimes it’s cheaper than other options, which is weird, but true!

  9. That wrap looks delish.

    Swanky ride! I’ve been in a limo several times for weddings + funerals. Haven’t been in one in a long time, though!


  10. Yum, sounds like a delicious wrap…I have been having major corn and avocado cravings recently!

    I have actually been in limos a lot in my life because my father travels so much and we took them to airports and some other occasions growing up. I remember when my dad was taking one into the city when we first moved out of manhattan and he dropped me off at my elementary in one. I felt a lil baller for a 4th grader…ha. Other than traveling, I’ve taken them to dances and concerts mostly. They can be a lil overrated at times when filled to the brim so I prefer them with few people!

  11. we took a limo to a wine tasting event once…..it made it feel so much more special πŸ™‚ hope you have a great weekend! you look so cute in the pics πŸ™‚

  12. Nice limo. I took one to prom with a bunch of friends. πŸ™‚

  13. I have been in limo when I went to prom my Junior year…wow that was a LONG time ago! I would still probably geek out if I was in one today!! hehe!

  14. How fun! I rode in a limo from the airport when i went to NYC a few summers ago. I went with my friend’s daughter and the make a wish foundation to meet Kimora Lee Simmons and we had a few limo rides that trip. Pretty fantastic!

  15. I heartily agree that cheese does make everything better- especially when it’s Cabot cheese! Isn’t the reduced fat cheese delicious?!

  16. Now thta’s the way to ride!!

  17. I’ve never ridden in a limo before, but it looks like fun!

  18. I did a stint as a chauffeur. While I made the decision early on not to drive a stretch limo, I certainly sat and rode in my fair share with co-workers. I have never been in a limo for an “occasion” though. =)

  19. Who are those cool kids in front of the limo? Before last week I hadn’t been in a limo since like 2nd grade though (for my aunt’s wedding).

    Also your blog always reminds me how delicious Flat Out wraps are – I just bought some more last night!

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