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Mexican Lettuce Wraps

This morning I had no idea what I wanted to have for lunch. While I’m showering, getting ready, or working out, I normally think about what I want to pack for lunch to get me through my workout and just because I like to think about food. The Shred leaves little time for day dreaming about lunch and I just could not think of anything that I wanted! I almost threw the towel in and was going to buy lunch, but then I saw some romaine lettuce in my fridge that I had bought last week for my picnic with the kids.

I like romaine because it’s crunchy and its one of my favorite lettuces for doing wraps because its holds ingredients really well. I normally think of lettuce wraps as Asian and use Asian ingredients/flavors when I make them, but I didn’t have anything like that on hand – so I went with my second favorite – Mexican style Lettuce Wraps!

I took the kernels off one one corn on the cob (1 pt) and mixed it with 1/2 cup black beans (1 pt). I spread the mixture evenly between 3 large romaine leaves (0 pts) and split 1 oz RF mozzarella cheese (1 pt) between the three, finishing it off with a few tablespoons of salsa (0 pts). I picked these up and ate them with my hands – my favorite utensil for eating.

These were awesome!! I love the black bean, corn, cheese and salsa combo, but these would have been even better with avocado on top and more salsa (it was the end of the jar!). On the side I had a sliced cucumber and some carrot chips:

Have you ever seen these carrot chips? They are really fun to eat and great to dip with – – and I like them a lot better than baby carrots.

Dessert was a delicious bowl of fresh fruit:

With 3 apricots (1 pt) from my CSA and some sliced strawberries (1 pt). The strawberries were good and all, but the apricots were to die for!! They were so delicious and flavorful and juicy – unlike any fresh apricots I’ve ever tasted. So, so good.

Plus, the whole lunch was only 5 points with the fruit, veggies, and Mexican Lettuce Wraps!

Counting down until 5pm… 🙂 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Wow, that is a VERY HEALTHY and LOW POINT LUNCH. Way to go! My lunch, on the other hand was 8 points and not nearly so healthy. Thank you for the terrific suggestions and I’ll be sure to take you up on them. Kath, from her blog, has that yummy oatmeal and bananas recipe so I may have to try that out. Those carrot chips look yummy…can you buy them like that?

  2. I love lettuce wraps! But usually use collard green leaves because they have more nutrients. I also love them with nut pate fillings–also with a tex-mex feel.

  3. Yum those lettuce wraps are looking bomb girl! And full grown carrots always taste wayyyy better than the baby version. My uncle informed me that that was because the baby ones are picked way too soon. You learn something new all the time! (:

  4. Just something that I’ve been wondering for a while – do you cook the corn first before cutting it off the cob or is it raw corn?

    Torri 🙂

  5. Girl! SO love the lettuce wraps – specially full of all those Mexican goodies 🙂 I need to find me some huge green leaves….!

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