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Take Two

In my birthday celebration recap, I mentioned that I was running around like a crazy woman yesterday so didn’t have a chance to update you all on my Saturday. You might have been wondering what I was running around doing (though probably not), so I thought I’d share.

Wil had the day off too, so we decided to do some exploring in the new car and drove around for a few hours. We were in search of an Asian mart, after I promised him I’d behave more like a normal person than the last time we stumbled upon one and I was running around like a spaz. This time, we had a plan. We wanted to pick up fresh fish since two of our friends were supposed to come over for dinner, so Wil took the reigns and I just walked around the store in awe snapping pictures.

There were rows and rows of fish over ice that you could help yourself to.

Including shark:


Baby Snapper:


And our purchases, whole red snapper:

And head-on shrimp:

The other thing that blew me away was the produce section. It was enormous!

There were some really cool fruit and veggies that I’d never seen before which always gets me excited.

Bitter Melon:

White Eggplant:

Donut peaches:

So cool! I was glad we had a mission and knew that we were heading to the Asian market rather than stumbling upon it since it was so huge and could be overwhelming.

Wil made an an amazing dinner inspired by what we picked up at the Asian Mart. I picked up some fresh roses to dress up the table – fresh flowers always make such a difference!

The appetizers were edamame:

And the head on shrimp cooked with sweet chili dipping sauce (also homemade):

The shrimp were SOOOOO good. Have you ever had head on shrimp? This might sound kind of nasty (and it is, but also delicious) but with head on shrimp you actually suck out the “yolk” from the head, and it is SO good. Ha, even writing that down sounds digusting, but I promise, it’s not!

Then came the main course, which I probably didn’t even need because we were so full from the shrimp and edamame, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Wil cooked the red snapper in a pan with a little bit of olive oil after marinating it in ginger and garlic:

And made an unreal chilled soba noodle salad with a black garlic vinaigrette. Black garlic is fermented garlic that has a very strong, almost vinegary flavor, and it really tasty. The soba noodle salad had red peppers, mushrooms, shelled edamame, scallions, and crushed peanuts, in addition to the dressing and noodles.

Oh.my.god. That was soooooo good. I brought leftovers for lunch yesterday and may bring them in again today. Boring, yes, but amazing? YES!

The last thing we made was sesame crackers, and this one I actually helped with! Wil made the dough which was basically regular bread dough with a little sesame oil and black sesame seeds, and then we rolled them out with the pasta maker to make them thin and cracker like. We actually used a hammer, a meat tenderizer, and a screw driver on the baking stone to give the crackers a curvy shape.

How cute are these!?

All those things together on a plate:

Such an incredible Sunday night dinner with leftovers to run into the week.

Are you good about eating leftovers? I try to be, but I feel like they tend to go bad before I get to them. When I cook, I only make enough for myself and whoever I’m cooking for, and possibly one extra portion for lunch the next day. Wil is a restaurant chef though so he makes huge portions, so any time he cooks there’s always a ton left over and we can’t get through it. I haaaate wasting food, too! Ugh!

10 Responses

  1. I hate wasting food- and am too poor to do so! So I’m all over the leftovers! 🙂 And that salad would definitely be the first thing I’d finish off- it sounds amazing!

  2. a) omg, that looks like an amazing feast! I’m not quite sure about sucking the heads of the shrimp though. I’m not gonna lie, when you said “yolk” I was really grossed out.

    b) it must be amazing to have a boyfriend who is a restaurant chef! that would be so much fun.

    • It is pretty great that he’s a chef, but also provides a little trouble trying to lose/maintain a weight loss! I have to frequently suggest cutting down on the oil/butter in his cooking but hes gotten a lot better about it over time.

  3. Hey can you pass on the soba noodle recipe?? It sounds great!!

  4. Wow I am so impressed with all these dishes. That red snapper looks incredible!

  5. These look amazing! I love the look of those crackers!

  6. Wow – I’m so impressed with his cooking skills!

  7. If you’re excited about HMART – you should come to Vancouver – we have everything like that here due to our huge Asian population. We have another huge supermarket chain similar (we have HMART too of course) called T&T.

    Do you guys have/drink Bubble Tea where you live?


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