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Eggy Day

I had both breakfast and lunch at the hotel today, but did a bit better with a healthy lunch today than yesterday. I think yesterday I was rushed because I was dining with others, had never seen the menu before, and we were chatting when we first sat down. So, when the waitress came over, there wasn’t much time to figure out what to get and I ended up with that heavy, greasy wrap. Today, I actually looked over the menu before sitting down to see if there was even something I could get that wouldn’t sit like a bullet in my stomach because the only other option was heading over to the Mall of America and time is tight to do that over my lunch break.

But breakfast first… I got one of my go-to brunches out at a restaurant, eggs benedict without the hollandaise. They actually didn’t have eggs florentine (with spinach) or any other variation of the traditional benedict, so I just got it without the ham all together.

It came with hashbrowns on the side, but they (luckily) weren’t even good, so I only had a few bites and left the rest.

The eggs were actually quite good – perfectly poached with a runny yolk, just how I like ’em. I also ordered a fruit cup on the side:

This was a pretty solid breakfast, but the english muffin was a little less crispy than I like it. I like it when they toast them so it provides a nice little crunch against the egg, but this wasn’t very toasted so kind of fell apart under the egg. The fruit was good though, and the breakfast kept me full for a few hours.

Lunch was a huge Cobb Salad.

On the menu, the salad had grilled chicken and bacon, so I just ordered the salad without those two things to vegetarianize it. They loaded it up with blue cheese and hard boiled eggs, so there was still a good amount of protein even though I got it without the chicken/bacon.

It wasn’t until after I ate the salad that I realized I may have ODed on eggs today. I’ve probably had the equivalent of 4 today between breakfast and lunch… but, eggs are the only non meat protein option on the breakfast or lunch menu, so I didn’t have much choice unless I wanted another lettuce, corn, cheese and ranch wrap (like yesterday). Ick.

I cannot WAIT for dinner tonight with Jen and Lisa!

What are some of your go-to breakfast and/or lunch foods at restaurants? Anything exciting going on this weekend?

7 Responses

  1. I love eggs. Omelets are my go to meal at restaurants. Seeing ‘breakfast served all day’ is one of my favorite things to see on a menu LOL!

  2. If I can’t find any different and fun lunch options, I usually just stick with a grilled chicken or salmon sandwich… it’s hard to mess that one up… 🙂

  3. Rockin salad girl! And this weekend I plan on baking up a storm! Yeah oh yeahhh (:

  4. Those eggs look lovely…I love running yolks!!!

  5. Mmmmm I love breakfast! Normally my in and out place for a quick meal is wholefoods! LOL, I need to be able to read my ingredients 😉

    I love the looks of this salad beats!! WOW!


  6. That cobb salad looks hugely delicious! My fav. bfast at restaurants are definitely a veggie egg dish w/o cheese, with a side of fruit or a mini salad. I find it simple to make any breakfast pretty decent if you omit the cheese + any meat, and then switch the potatoes with fruit or veggies, or whole wheat toast without the butter. I went out to breakfast yesterday and got oatmeal, though 🙂 haha.

    And lunch: huge salads, veggie sammies on WW bread, so refreshing + balanced!

    I’m kind of sad the weekend is almost over, but I have a huge to do list that I am hoping to tackle so I don’t have to think about any of it during the week. It feels so good to have a to do list that is all checked off! Love it!

    Have a great rest of your weekend, take care girl!

  7. THAT SALAD IS FANTASTIC!!!! dont u just love a huge salad!??!!!

    i know what u mean about “bullet in the tummy” urgh i hate when certain foods give u that feeling!


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