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Inside the Box

Whew this day is flying by! Busy days are always good in that respect. You know when you’re at the grocery store and you see packaged stuff and wonder what it looks like inside? I guess that’s the beauty of eating whole foods because you can see what you’re buying, but I was really curious what the box of Tofu that I bought from Costco was going to look like. I opened the box and there were three packages that looked like this:

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and there were four squares of tofu inside rather than one huge chunk like most packages have!

Each of these squares is 2 Weight Watchers points, so a great portion to cook for one (which is almost always the case when I’m making Tofu). I’ve had the tofu twice since opening the box, once on Saturday night after my race and once today for lunch.

Saturday night my boyfriend grilled me a piece of tofu while he and the girls had steaks. He served it with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans. Check out these grill marks!

That smear is of the ginger dressing (also from Costco) that I marinated the tofu in. I’d never had grilled tofu before, and this was awesome. Grilling it gave it a really nice texture, plus it was pretty to look at.

Lunch today took just a few minutes to prepare. I diced up the block of tofu (2 pts) into 9-1″ squares and rolled the tofu in Italian Herb Garlic Gold (0 pts), and then pan seared it for a few minutes to sear the flavor into the tofu. I served it over the leftover Fajita veggies (1 pt) from yesterday.

I also had a Ceasar salad with this bowl, which had romaine, 1 tbsp of shredded parmesan (1 pt), 1 serving of organic wheat croutons (1 pt), and 1 tbsp of light ceasar dressing (1 pt).

Total of 6 points. The salad and tofu were both in pretty close competition for being the star of the lunch. I got this dressing for the salad:

Which is really delicious. It’s 80 calories and 7grams of fat for a 2 tbsp serving, which is much lighter than most Ceasar dressings. It’s still very creamy and decadent tasting, so perfect when you’re craving Ceasar.

I also had an apple for a snack before lunch, so today’s total is 4 (breakfast) + 1 (snack) + 6 (lunch). I’m trying to be really good about being back to counting points but I feel like a broken record. I am good for a few days then totally off track and just so back and forth. So instead of preaching and saying what I’m going to do, I’m just going to show you. I plan to go back to WW on Thursday since I haven’t weighed in in a few weeks and I really need to lose the last 6.4 pounds +/-!


14 Responses

  1. You’re lunch looks delish! Its making me hungry!

  2. I know the feeling! I also feel like a broken record when I keep saying I’m going to exercise and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I’m good for a few days and then it all goes downhill.

    I somewhat stopped counting points this weekend and I need to get back with that. It’s just that counting points is so tedius and sometimes it feels like it would make more sense just to eat healthy and reasonable portions.

    • I maintain pretty well when I don’t count points but I really need to get back on the losing train to take care of these last few pounds so I can stop paying for WW and be lifetime!!

  3. Hang in there…those last pounds are going to melt off!!!

  4. Those are the most perfect grill marks I’ve ever seen. It’s like your a food stylist or something

  5. I bought the same package from Costco. OK glad you pointed out the WW points. In 1 normal box of tofu with 1 big block, how many points is that block?

    • A normal thing of tofu usually has 5 servings per box. Depending on whether its light or regular, its usually around 2 pts per serving, so around 10 for the whole block.

  6. I love the Ken’s dressing. It’s soooo good! I stopped eating it because the calories were so high. But I always loved it.

  7. I love that dressing! It really tastes like a rich dressing. And grilled tofu looks awesome. I would never think to grill my tofu.

  8. That grilled tofu looks perfect!

  9. and its got omega 3’s in there too!!! i love a good dressing find!! bet the tofu was happy haha ❤

  10. Wow that tofu looks so perfect, it could be fake. You aren’t tricking me are you!?

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