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Wedding Weekend Recap

This weekend was AMAZING. It was so fun to be with one of my best friends all weekend to get ready for the biggest day of her life and get to be surrounded by friends and family galore. I was happy to get to take Friday off for a day of getting our nails done, a bridesmaid luncheon, the rehearsal, and then the rehearsal dinner. My friends Jess, Lianne, and Leah met me at 8:30am on Friday to head up to Ellicott City to start the festivities. Here we are with the bride-to-be getting ready to go get our nails done.

And afterwards, the whole gang who was at the nail salon.

The bridesmaid luncheon was held at Turf Valley, which is a resort where the wedding and reception were also held. It’s also where we stayed both Friday and Saturday night, so super convenient.

There were beautiful flowers all weekend, starting with the centerpieces at the luncheon.

Later on we got all ready for the rehearsal which was held indoors even though the wedding was going to be outside and then we headed to this really cute Italian restaurant in Old Ellicott City. I’d only been to Old Ellicott City once a few years ago for Rachel’s birthday, and it is SUCH a cute little quaint area with shops and restaurants all down the main strip. They had a set menu for the evening since there was probably about 40 or so people at the dinner.

I started with the Ceasar salad and asked for dressing on the side, and then had the salmon with broccoli. Dessert was THE BEST tiramisu I’d ever had in my entire life, and I ate the entire plate. It was soooo delicious. It was also open bar, so the alcohol was free flowing and it was just a really fun night. Here’s Rachel and Andrew on their last night as an engaged couple.

And this is me and Lianne outside the restaurant after dinner.

We headed up to the Hospitality Suite where Rachel stayed with some family on Saturday morning to start getting ready. Here’s Rachel about to get her hair and makeup done.

And afterwards:

She looked STUNNING. I have never seen her look more beautiful in all the years we’ve been friends and I definitely teared up a bit when I saw her all done up. She was glowing and the happiest I’ve ever seen her. We took a few pictures in the room before the ceremony and pictures started.

That is me, Leah, Jess, and Lianne.

And me and Lindsay. The 5 of us plus Rachel were all best friends from college, so it was so fun to all be together since most of us live in DC, but Leah is in NYC and Lindsay is in Boston.

Rachel and her now husband are both Jewish, and I’d never been to a Jewish wedding before. It was so cool to witness their traditions. One of the major differences for me was that Andrew and Rachel got to see each other before the ceremony and we did all the professional group photos before the wedding. They have this amazing tradition where the groom stands facing away while the bride walks up to her before he sees her for the first time.

The were both so ecstatic and it was such an amazing moment when he got to turn around and see his bride for the first time.

Ahhh this picture captures the emotions that were going on throughout the day. Such an incredible day.

After the ceremony, the party started with a cocktail hour, and then the reception itself which was held indoors in a gorgeous ballroom. Here’s me with Wil:

It was so fun to be dressed up together since its such a rare occasion to be in black tie! I stole Rachel’s bouquet for a quick picture before she threw it.

And check out the cake:

Major amounts of dancing were going on before dinner even started and throughout the whole evening. I’ve never seen so many people having such a good time!

And now Rachel and Andrew are on their way to Hawaii for TWO WEEKS! I am so, so happy for them, and know that they will have such an amazing life together. Congrats!!!!

19 Responses

  1. looks like a super fun weekend and a beautiful wedding!

  2. Looks like such a fun wedding! You look fabulous in that dress!!

  3. It looks like you had a great time and you look amazing! (This is sydney, btw)

  4. It looks like everyone was having a great time! The bride really was beautiful. You are lookin’ good in that dress!

  5. The dress looks great! What a fun weekend!

  6. Beth,

    The wedding looks beautiful, and you looked amazing in all your dresses 🙂

    You should do a comparison photograph of yourself in the two bridesmade dresses–you’ve changed so much!

  7. What a beautiful wedding! And you looked gorgeous in your dress!

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  8. Sounds like a good weekend! I get excited for weddings- especially when it’s someone I’m really close with. 🙂

    Have a good Monday! (back to the grind… ugh)

  9. Stunning wedding photos! Love the dresses and the cake. You look so beautiful. 🙂 Looks like a great time!


  10. So pretty!! Looks like a fun time 🙂

  11. Sounds like an excellent weekend – cute dresses!

  12. I have sure heard about a lot of wedding this weekend….and the one you went to looked fun!

    The dress style you had too, has been the same style I’ve now seen at 3 wedding. It must be a popular bridesmaid dress!

    You looked beautiful!

  13. wow- this site is GREAT- you and I have exactly the same taste in food because everything I looked at, I thought “OOOOOO I should make that!” Can’t wait to try that Nicoise salad idea! And I also have a farm share and am a runner.

    I will be bookmarking this site for SURE!

  14. You look so pretty! I love short bridesmaids dresses. Glad you had a great time!

  15. WOW – everyone looks so stunning! That colour looks relaly wonderful on you too!

  16. What a wonderful weekend! You looked great in your dress!

  17. What a beautiful wedding! I love the flowers and cake!

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  19. […] me, Linds (who lives in Boston) and Leah (the NYCer). I hadn’t seen Lindsay since our friend Rachel’s wedding last August (!!) and it had been months since I’d seen Leah, so it was a […]

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