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The Prize Arrived and Grocery Store Loot

Hello and happy Tuesday! I’m feeling really good today physically – I am shocked I am not more sore from Sunday’s half marathon!

Last night I got home from work and had a big package waiting for me…


I opened it up…


My prize from winning the Thomas’ Bagel Thins Cream Cheese Contest!!!


Sorry for the crappy picture, but inside the box was:

  • $250 Crate & Barrel Gift Certificate
  • 8G Ipod Nano (the new touchscreen one!!)
  • Black & Decker 4-slice toaster
  • Crate and Barrel Coffee Mug
  • Crate and Barrel Breakfast Plate
  • 1 pound of ground coffee
  • Lots of $1 off Bagel Thins Coupons

Woohoo! I’m so excited it arrived. I still have to load up the ipod (hopefully tonight!) and figure out what I want to buy at Crate & Barrel. Yay! 🙂

I ended up walking to the grocery store last night which has been a fun way for me to incorporate exercise without actually working out. Harris Teeter is about 1.25 miles from me, so its 2.5 miles roundtrip, or about 40-45 minutes total. The walk home I’m also lugging groceries so it’s extra exercise carrying all the weight. I always bring a reusable grocery bag with me and last time I pushed a cart and was pretty shocked at the weight of everything on the walk home, so I told myself next time I’d just use the bag in the store so I could keep track of how much it weighed. But the carts looked so tempting last night so I did it to myself again and had to get an extra bag to distribute the weight since the groceries were so heavy. I did really well at the store though! Check it out:


All this for $27!

  • Arnold Rye Bread (on sale for $2.50, had a $1 off coupon which they doubled, so 50 cents total!)
  • Thomas’ Bagel Thins (same story with the $1 coupon, so 1.19 total)
  • Veggie Stock
  • Organic Honey
  • Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Cheese (on sale for $2.50)
  • 1 pound shrimp (on sale for $3.99 a pound!)
  • 2 Oikos Greek Yogurts (on sale for 1.89, had a 55 cent coupon which they doubled so 1.34 each)
  • Cucumber (50 cents)
  • Bananas
  • Butternut Squash (.99 a pound sale)
  • Acorn Squash (.99 a pound sale)
  • Green Pepper (.99 on sale)
  • 4 figs ($2 on sale)
  • 3 Pears (.99 a pound on sale)
  • Green Grapes (.99 a pound on sale)

I was pretty proud of all that loot for under $30! Can you believe before last night, I had never had a fresh fig?? They are AMAZING. So sweet and I just love the texture. When I woke up this morning, I was craving fruit, so I went with it.


  • 1 banana (1.5 points)
  • Baby apple (.5 pts)
  • 2 figs (1 pt)
  • Cup of Green Grapes (1 pt)

Yum. I don’t usually just do fruit for any meal but I had to listen to my body this time.

Side note, the babies are doing well! It’s day 8 now, so they’ve made it past the week mark and are holding strong. Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming – I really believe it’s working!

Today’s question: Are you a bargain shoppers? Do you set a specific budget for grocery shopping or just go wing it? Do you plan your meals or go on a whim?

PS – If you’re in the DC area, today’s Groupon deal is AWESOME. $25 for a $50 gift certificate to Potomac River Running Store which is an awesome running store with 4 locations in DC. I’ve been there tons of times and got really excited when I saw today’s deal! Click here if you want to buy it – i did! 🙂


18 Responses

  1. I am a total bargain shopper: coupons, double coupon days, I check online for sales, I get sales fliers in my email, etc.

    I am so jealous of your prize pack! Congrats!

  2. Loving that Bagel Thin prize! I could do serious damage with $250 at Crate & Barrel, oh yes I could.

    Regarding budgeting while shopping, I am SO a planner. I never head to the grocery store without knowing what both The Boy and I will be eating for breakfasts, lunches, and at least 5 dinners during the week, plus potential snacks. I always check the circular for the week to see what’s on sale, and usually build our meals around what deals I can find. And I always always go with a list. I may have the occasional impulse buy, but it’s so much more easily managed when I have a list to shop off of. I highly recommend it! 🙂

  3. wow thats an amazing price! very nice.

    I dont like to plan to the grocery store, but I have to!

  4. That is the greatest prize ever! Congrats you lucky lady!

  5. What a sweet prize! Totally envious 🙂

    I’m not a a die-hard bargain shopper when it comes to grocery shopping. I do collect coupons and pay attention to what is on sale, but I learned that I know what I like to eat, what I am willing to eat to be healthy (and not give into the junk that always calls my name – chip aisle!) and so I buy what I want. Sometimes that means my produce bills are terrible – but it is what it is! 🙂

    TOTALLY bought that Groupon earlier!

  6. I love bargain shopping but I’m not very good at it! I use a lot of online coupon sites to look for good buys but I go through phases where I totally forget about them. I tend to buy mostly vegetables and grains anyway, so that definitely helps cut down on the cost of groceries!

    Your prize is so awesome!

  7. Randomly, I’m still signed up for the DC Groupon because of our vacation there a few months ago. I saw that one go through and said “hmm… I wonder if the two Beths from DC I know saw that?”

    That prize is fantastic. I’m insanely jealous. I’m so boring with my cream cheese creations… haha

  8. I’m trying to be more of a bargain shopper. Our grocery bill has been way out of hand for the past few months. I haven’t set a specific budget, but I am trying to be more mindful of what I’m sticking in the cart. I am actually soaking a pot of chickpeas as we speak! Thanks for the tip, we eat tons of canned chickpeas so I thought I would try it out and you can’t beat the cost! I think it was a little over $1 or a whole pound!

  9. Awesome Prizes! It looks like a good loot pack and $250 to crate and barrel – is wonderful, Shopping time!

  10. That is awesome you won!!!!!! I ❤ Groupon

  11. HOLY COW! Congrats on winning! : )

  12. I’m green with envy! I’ve been noticing that a lot of people are winning awesome giveaways. How do you find out about these? I never seen any notices. Hmm…I guess I better start paying attention.

    Congrats on the marathon! I hope to be able to do that someday. 🙂

    I try to be a bargin shopper but most of the time I just wing it. This week though I made out a weekly menu and went shopping according to that. I still spent around $100 but I had to pick up a lot of stuff I didn’t have like spices and so on. Someday I hope to be able to be a bargin shopping. It sure would save me some money.

  13. That’s an amazing prize!! I also buy Cabot cheese. Do you prefer the 50 percent or 75 percent reduced fat? It’s 1 vs. 2 points, I just usually stand around in the store for 5 minutes or so debating and take turns buying each one every time LOL!

    • Ha. I can definitely relate to that! I go with the 75% because its just 1 point and I really think its pretty good for reduced fat cheese. I’ve never tried the 50% but I know they are coming out with some new flavors so I would definitely try it if it was something interesting!

      • Haha – glad I’m not the only one! I do the 75% reduced fat cheddar but the 50% pepper jack is great (loved it in my quesadilla last night!!) I’m just not a fan of Laughing Cow and everyone else seems to love it (they also just came out with some new flavors)

  14. Wow that is a SERIOUS awesome grand prize!!

    I go with a list usually, but I always feel like I never buy anything for some reason. If I try to plan meals for the whole week, I end up spending way more than I want to. Some weeks I have to skip entirely because I can’t afford it. So the next week I have a hard time keeping the bill low since I have to do a lot of replacing of items I ran out of. It is still a work in progress for me, I guess.

  15. Nice! Presents in the mail are cool. I am definitely a bargain shopper. I am the Queen of finding a good deal. 😉

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