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CSA Day and Fried Rice

Thursdays are always a good day because I get a huge box of fruits and veggies fresh from the farm. I love the CSA because I get an email Tuesday saying the produce for the week, and I always look forward to the email Monday evening. Once I find out what I’m getting, I can’t wait until I get to pick it up on Thursday, and then the veggies last me through at least Monday, when I start looking forward to the new email from the farm.

Some CSAs do delivery, some do pick up at the farm, and some are bulk pick-ups, which is what I have. The shares get dropped off sometime between 8 and 9, so I usually drive over even though its very close to my house. It takes way longer to walk there and then by the time I’m back at my apartment with two heavy bags of produce, I’m sweating and don’t feel ready to face the work day.

This morning I took some pictures so you could come along for the ride. The door is very discretely marked so I had such a hard time finding it the first time. I guess thats a good thing though so there’s not people going in there to take veggies who haven’t paid for their share.

This is the door inside the original door leading to the room with the boxes.

BJTT 066

First you find your name and sign off on having picked up your share…

BJTT 069

And then you get your pick of boxes..

BJTT 067

A half share is one box, and a full share is two. Since I share a full share, I always get to get 2 boxes.

BJTT 071

I bring reusable grocery bags with me so I can transfer all the veggies into those rather than having to carry the boxes, but you can take the boxes and bring them back the following week if you so desire.

This week’s share was looking pretty good!

BJTT 072

6 Empire Apples

BJTT 076

A bag of potatoes still covered in dirt!

BJTT 077

Cherry Tomatoes and two (slightly) larger tomatoes

BJTT 078

Swiss Chard

BJTT 079

Plus two green bell peppers, a zucchini, a pattypan squash, and 6 small earns of corn.

BJTT 081

Good week!

For lunch today, I wanted to use the leftover shrimp from last night’s dinner. I love to try to figure out ways to rework the leftovers when I can so I’m eating something different rather than the same thing again, so I decided to make fried rice.

I started out by sautéing some veggies that I had on hand with a clove of garlicred onion, frozen carrots, frozen corn, and frozen edamame (but you can use whatever you have!).

BJTT 050

Once those were heated through, I added 1 cup of cooked brown rice, chopped shrimp, and one beaten egg.

BJTT 054

Then two packets of soy sauce, mixed all together, and voila! Lunch was ready.

BJTT 059

If you know how to make fried rice look pretty in a picture, please let me know.

BJTT 060

But I promise, it was delicious. I ate it cold at my desk and practically licked the bowl clean.

I’ve never had an empire apple before… have you? What’s your favorite kind? I loooove honeycrisps in the fall, but fujis the rest of the year.


18 Responses

  1. I love Empire apples! They are sweet and crunchy, perfect for eating. I’m also partial to them since the seed was cloned by someone at Cornell University, hence the name Empire after NYS. Hahah (TMI?)

  2. I LOVE seeing what you get in your CSA! I think it would be so fun and challenging to get different produce every week. We have a few here in Dallas, but Chris (future hubs) is concerned that we would end up wasting food/money. I think for a half share it is around $30 every two weeks. Any advice on how to talk him into it??

    • You know to be HONEST I’m not going to do the CSA next year. It is fun getting it every week and not knowing what’s going to come, but nothing I get has been that “out there” and is all stuff I would pick up myself. This works out to be $26/week and I think I could do better at the farmer’s market with the $26 in hand. I’ll write a review to he whole CSA once its over (3 more weeks!) but I think its good if you do not have convenient market places (which I have a ton of) or if you are hesitant to try new things because it kind of forces you to. Check out localharvest.org for reviews of the specific CSA you are looking into to get honest reviews as to whether its worth it or not. I know that probably doesn’t help AT ALL. ha. Sorry!

  3. All your CSA haul looks fabulous.

    And I’m a Gala gal year round.

  4. Pink Ladies or Fuji apples are my fave!

  5. I positively LOVE our CSA!! Our pick- up is Saturday morning at the farm and it really is more of an event.

    There are a lot of PYO each week, which my husband & I really enjoy…

    I will be sad when we have to take the break for the winter ;(

    Apples? Macaoun… although I’ve yet to try a honeycrisp..

  6. Empires are my FAVORITE apples!

  7. I really want to find a place in my budget to join a CSA. Your posts always have me drooling! And it encourages you to really get creative cause you know you have to use all that up since you have another shipment headed your way!

    I love your CSA posts 🙂

  8. I love your posts on your CSA pick-ups! I had never heard of CSA before and your blog led me to a CSA in my neck of the woods. My husband and I love it and it has really helped us get our grocery budget under control!

  9. my oh my that looks good!
    And is that corn I see? You will certainly have some fun with that!

  10. Honeycrips and pink ladies are my favorites!

  11. I would love to join a CSA but I have yet to really look into it.

    I love the picture of the apples, the one on the end is about to jump off the table!

  12. You live in DC right? Have you tried Washington’s Green Grocer? I used to use them and LOVE them! They don’t deliver out as far as I live now.

    You can pick foods you don’t want to receive and you aren’t bound to get a box every week if you don’t need it.

    I’m trying to figure out how I can get their stuff again. It helped me SO much!

  13. I would love to do a CSA next year. I always say I’m going to but then just end up buying at the farmers market. Your haul looks good!

  14. Do you ever make anything that doesn’t look good? haha. I’m going to do a csa next year for sure. Have you ever broke down the cost and figure out how much you spend or save by doing it?

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