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2 Minute Meal

Between all the cleaning and prepping last night, I realized my night was slipping away and I needed to eat! I looked into my pantry and found an amazing ingredient:

Can of Beans

Fat Free Refried Beans from Trader Joe’s. Check out the stats:


Ingredients: Cooked Beans, Water, Salt. Amazing.

I put three corn tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds, then heated half of the can of beans (~ 2 servings) for 1 minute. Added a sprinkle of cheese and back in the microwave for 30 seconds for 2 minutes total.


Lunch today was a replica…

Lunch Tacos

Plus a salad for a little veggie kick on the side.

Lunch Salad

Mixed greens, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds, and 1 mini box of raisins. Spritzed with some balsamic and lunch was done in less than 5 minutes! Amazing.

I am just sad that I only bought one can of these beans at the store! Next time I go to Trader Joe’s I’m loading up on these. They are delicious, filling, and perfect in a pinch.

What is your go-to meal if you only have a few minutes?


12 Responses

  1. Beth, that looks so yummy! I love refried beans.

    Hey, did you ever try that arctic zero ice cream? I’m thinking about buying some for my splurge on Friday…

    • You know I did try that ice cream and I actually liked it. It doesn’t have that much flavor though – its kind of hard to describe but I would buy it again if I saw it on sale. It might not cure your ice cream sandwich craving though – go for skinny cow if that’s what you want!

  2. When I really only have a few minutes, I typically eat a “yogurt mess” (fruit, cereal, and yogurt).

  3. this is one of them!! I have not used refried beans for a while, but black beans, a corn tortilla and some chopped tomato and YUM ! lunch!

    many times if I need a quick meal it comes in the form of a wrap… and whatever I can find in the fridge… 😀

  4. Love refried beans!! Can’t wait to try the TJ brand the next time I’m in DC!

  5. Sorry to harp on the topic…is it more like sherbert, then? Is the texture thick and creamy or watery and sorbet-ish like?

    • That’s OK! It’s kind of hard to explain – – its thick and creamy but sort of light in flavor. I don’t know if that helps! I would say its worth trying for sure.

  6. I love love love fat free refried beans! They make a good easy nacho, too. I just individually spread beans and cheese on each chip, and then bake at 250 for 15 minutes. Easy peasy.

  7. Anything sweet potato related is my favorite easy meal! I’m bummed I’m missing you in DC, but I know I’ll be back down there soon

  8. I love beans! They make a lot of meals quick. Tonight, I’m having a taco salad but with pinto beans/or black beans instead of meat. Yum! Quick, healthy, and easy!

  9. I think my go to lunch is soup. I always try to have a can or have some in the freezer that I can just heat up and eat.

  10. LOVE the addition of raisins to your salad! My super speedy meal would have to be soup, or pasta – or even a toasted sandwich!

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