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Monday already!? Time flies when you have a lot going on, and this weekend was certainly no exception. Saturday, Wil and I drove up to Philadelphia for my mom’s birthday party. She knew we were having dinner but thought it was just going to be immediate family. My dad had asked me to invite some additional friends and family, so 4 of her best friends from high school came and she had no idea! It was so fun to be a part of the surprise and see the look on her face when she spotted her friends from so many years ago.

Sunday we went to my sister’s church and then to Dim Sum for lunch since my sister’s actual birthday was yesterday. It was really fun to be with family and get to see my niece and nephew. That brunch was immediate family only (plus one of my moms friends) so it was fun to eat and goof around before we got back on the road.

Neither of us really felt like cooking last night, so we went out in search of cheap eats. We could not agree at all on where to go – I wanted Chipotle, he wanted fried chicken. So he asked if I minded exploring a bit (which I didn’t) but we seriously could not come to an agreement whatsoever on where to go. Finally, he suggested a buffet that we passed, and my stomach was literally grumbling since we had eaten over 6 hours before with dim sum, so I (hesitantly) agreed. What a mistake.

There was so little food there that I could actually eat, and everything was nasty. I started with a salad..

BJTT 469

Mixed greens, broccoli, tomatoes, croutons, beets, fat free ranch, pickles, and some cottage cheese on the side. It was edible but nothing I would request again. Plate #2 consisted of the few things in the hot part of the buffet that I could eat.

BJTT 471

(Disgusting and mushy) Broccoli, (awful) mac and cheese, (decent) fried shrimp and onion rings. It was so hard to eat but I was still really hungry and wanted to get something more in my stomach. How can you go wrong with mac and cheese? They found a way.

The only good part of the experience was that they had a self-serve softserve machine and I got to rely on my former experience as a waitress at Friendly’s.

BJTT 472

The perfect cone.

I left feeling awful. My stomach started hurting almost immediately as we drove away and it didn’t improve much into the evening.

I stepped on the scale when I got home and was pretty taken aback by the number. Granted, I had just had a ton of food over the last 48 hours, but the number is one I haven’t seen in a long time. I try not to let the scale define me or determine my mood or self-worth, but the number was a little alarming. This morning it was 3 pounds less, (and in a lower decade) but I’m still slipping in the wrong direction with my weight. I know that holidays are tough with so much going on, but I also know myself and how unhappy I’ll be if I don’t take care of this issue before it gets out of hand.

I’ve heard really good things about the new Weight Watchers plan – Pro Points, and how it emphasizes eating real, unprocessed foods and lots of fruits and veggies. To be honest, I’m a little resistant to go back to Weight Watchers with all my preachiness about it before, but I am really interested in the new program. My biggest problem with WW previously was exactly the thing they changed – the emphasis on low-fat/fat-free/low calorie everything rather than on whole foods.

So my question to you – – is anyone currently doing Weight Watchers on the new plan? What do you think of it? If you’re a regular reader of my blog, do you think its more in line with my lifestyle?

61 Responses

  1. Beth, I was actually just thinking about this. I think the new WW plan is definitely more in line with your lifestyle–since all fruits and the majority of vegetables are now 0 points.

    And to make matters even better, WW set a new minimum number of points that is way higher than what it used to be. I’m pretty sure you’ll get 29 points (the new minimum). And you get more WPs. Now, the main trade-off is that processed food and carbs are more points. But you hardly eat any of that, so essentially the plan would give you more food.

    I’d say go for it, if you have the money. I’m loving it so far, as you can tell =)

    • No complaints about having MORE points to eat!! I do think the $40 is worth it if it will help me get back/stay on track and lose the last few pounds.

  2. My mom is on the new WW and she likes it a lot better than the old one! It’s not so concentrated on eating the lowest calorie/fat foods possible, but sometimes those are the foods that have a lot of sweeteners and unnatural things added. Looks like the buffet was definitely an interesting experience!!!

  3. It’s so funny you wrote this. I actually just re-signed up for the new WW plan. I had canceled about 3-4 months ago because I felt stalled and like it was to easy to “cheat” the system after a year and a half. I also didn’t like the emphasis on processed food. The new plan does seem to steer you towards less processed foods and has a bigger emphasis on nutrition. I’m hoping it will shake up my diet and help me shed the last 10-15 pounds! 🙂 (For a great more detailed post you should check out Bitchcakes NYC. She’s explained A LOT about the new plan and it was actually the final straw that made me re-join!)

  4. Hey Beth! We re-joined WW’s last Monday (only b/c our company is paying for it). I was slipping too… and had the same outlook as you on my prior preachiness. As of this morning, one full week on the new plan, I’m down 6.5 lbs!

  5. Hey Beth!

    I’ve been doing the new plan for about a week. It is way more align with your lifestyle! I don’t eat much processed foods (sometimes I’ll eat chips or a frozen meal in a pinch but not often), and it has been fitting really well with how I eat. You will get more daily points and more weeklies. Carbs are more points, but it really isn’t a ton more!

    And fruit is free!! Whoo.

  6. I think that you would find the new program is much more aligned with the healthy living ideals that you try to live. I’m loving it so far. I needed a good kick in the butt because I was slipping too on the old plan and this has been great so far! I’d definitely check it out 🙂

  7. I left WW before because I was selecting processed food over real food (like fruit.) I wasn’t losing any weight and generally felt miserable, especially when I started training for a half marathon. I’ve lost a few pounds on my own, but have mostly maintained for the last few months.

    I re-joined last week and I’ve already lost weight and feel much better about my food choices. A lot of people complained about the new program because points for some things (like sandwich thins) are much higher. However, things that were once “high” in points like Greek yogurt are much easier to eat on the new plan and I love that I’m no longer punished for having a banana. I’ve felt more than fueled for all of my runs (training for another half) and have actually been following the plan.

    I agree with all the reasons why you left WW from the prior post (ff gravy on veggies?! *shudder*) but this plan really does seem to be much more in line with your lifestyle now and they really do emphasize real, whole foods now.

    • Sounds like we have similar stories! Its going to be a challenge for me to get out of the points values that are so ingrained in my head – like sandwich thins being just 1 point, but perhaps this will help me have a better/less crazy view of food overall. Though I don’t currently follow WW, I do find myself selecting foods based on their points value sometimes still.

      • I just re-joined (weird) and I am struggling with having the old points values in my head. A sandwich thin is now 3-4 points! Oops 🙂 but overall I like it a lot better

  8. The PointsPlus plan seems like it would fit more in line with your current healthy eating lifestyle, so I would say that it’s worth at least checking out. I’m personally so overwhelmed. After such a long time of calories being drilled into my head and knowing my daily points and how many points everything is worth, to have everything go up in points and NOT count calories has been a major adjustment.

    I love that so many fruits and veggies are now zero points, but since everything is so fixated on numbers in WW, it might take a little bit to adjust to seeing all of my trusted live-my-days-by numbers a little higher.

    • You know that is the one thing I am a little nervous about. I can calculate points in my head for a new product with the nutrition info and basically know the points value of every food. Having to start from scratch is definitely a little scary! But I do agree- having fruits and veggie both as zero points now is definitely an exciting and welcome change!

  9. Hi Beth! I’m following WW and will get weighed in today at lunch time following the new plan. I did indulge a little this past week with eating out but I hardly had any alcohol this weekend and that is usually my downfall for the weigh in on Monday.

    I have read all the new material and it seems to have totally been revamped. The points are calculated by fat, carbs, fiber and protein. Almost all fruits and veggies are free.

    • Good luck with your weigh in!! I hope it goes well! Its going to be so weird to start a program where I don’t know much about it. Every time in recent years I’ve done WW I’ve known it inside and out and what the points values for everything are. This is going to be quite a change!

      • I went in for my WI and lost almost 1.5 pounds and that was really only following the plan to the T for 4 days. The weekends are always my challenge.

  10. Hey Beth! I’m an avid reader of your blog and have made lots of (wonderful) lifestyle changes thanks to your inspiration!

    I am a lifetime Weight Watcher, and it seemed to me that the old Momentum Plan did have “healthy lifestyle” issues (i.e. a banana and a low-fat HoHo were the same amount of points, HoHo please!). It also had a lot of ways to count 100 calorie foods as just one point by upping the fiber. I found myself making decisions on points instead of what was really good for me.

    I think that the new plan is MUCH improved and looks at the entire composite of the foods. Plus, free fruit and veggies always encourage me to stock up on these options. Although I know you wanted to get away from the WW mentality, I would strongly suggest you at least consider the new Plan. 🙂

    • aww thanks Ryann!! I’m glad I’ve helped you to make some healthier choices – now I just need to get back on track myself! I’m loving everything i’m hearing about the new plan!

  11. The new plan is definitely a better fit for you. Like Katie said, basically all fruits and vegetables are 0 points with the exception of potatoes, corn, and avocados. Proteins seem to have gone down in points… 3 oz. lean ground beef is now only 3 points instead of 6. It seems like things high in carbs or sugar have gone up in point value- bread and aspartame-sweetened yogurt for example.

    Daily points are re-adjusted (min. 29) and you receive 49 additional flex. It seems like your diet is mostly made up of fruits, vegetables, and proteins so I think if you implemented the new plan you’d be able to eat as much if not more food a day than you are right now. They’re shying away from the fat-free talk, and really focusing on nutrition- my leader actually suggested Greek yogurt (5 pts) to us last week, justifying that with more daily points we can allow ourselves to make healthier choices.

    The only real downside that I see is that you have to re-learn the entire system. You’ll have to get new books, a new points calculator (points are no longer derived from calories, fat, and fiber)… I actually think you’d have to have the new calculator to be successful at first, but they’re on sale for $4.99. My leader was really adamant that you have to be on one plan or the other- they will not work in conjunction to one another. Most leaders have been on the new plan for awhile now, and it’s the one that Jennifer Hudson used.

    Anyway, check it out!

    • Re-learning the whole program is the thing I’m most scared about, but in a way its exciting. I feel like everyone is most successful when they first start the plan since its all “new” and I haven’t really had the feeling of weight watchers being new in so many years since I’ve been on and off the plan for so long!

  12. I started back too the new program. Definately a jprocess of reworking how they use to have you eat. My only must do to you is if you join either do the etools online or buy the calculator or both. There is no slidder and abosolutley no way to figure the point in your head.

    • If I do join (which I am highly considering) I’ll do the monthly pass, and that includes e-tools so I should be all set on that. It’s going to be weird not to be able to calculate points in my head though!

  13. Beth,

    I’m going to be interested to hear your thoughts if you decide to re-join. I stopped going about 4 months ago and am recently starting to count points on my own now to ease back into getting healthier.

    • I will of course keep you posted with what I decide to do. After reading all the comments, i’m heavily leaning towards rejoining with the new plan!

  14. I guess if you wanted to go back to the WW system, it’d be something to try. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the new points system…

    Either way, I think we’re all adjusting to the change of seasons. I think I’m just one to get lethargic in the winter months- it’s been hard to push through!

  15. I re-joined WW this weekend not knowing there was a new plan…it was just time for me to get back on any plan. I believe the new PointPlus plan does focus more on whole, natural foods and I love that.

  16. Not sure on the weight watchers but I decided to count carbs today to see how many grams I was eating and I’ve already had 180+grams and it’s only lunch time!

    150+grams can be considered in the “weight gain” zone depending on some peoples exercise levels. With dinner i could be blowing over 250+.

    Time to crack down on my carb intake!

  17. I quit WW a few months ago because it just wasn’t working for me. I felt like I was just cheating to eat what I wanted and wasn’t making the best choices because it was more about low calorie/fat choices than healthy choices. Just getting in fruits and dairy were taking up such a huge chunk of points.

    I decided to rejoin with this new plan, and it’s only been a week, but I like it so far. I’m eating more fruit, fitting in the good health goals, and I feel like i’m actually eating healthy as opposed to low point. I don’t feel like I’m “wasting” points on healthy things vs things I want to eat.

    Based on how you eat, I’m sure it would work for you without too much trouble or adjustment. Good Luck!

    • I think that was the main problem with me and the old plan – I felt like I was gravitating towards making less healthy choices just because things were worth less points. I love everything I’m hearing so far about the new plan!

  18. Hi! I am a WW member, and have done the old plan for a long time and now am on the new plan. I really love the new plan. You clearly love fruit, and now you can have all the fruit you want without having to weigh or measure, the program is aimed more towards whole foods rather then processed foods. Lean proteins, veggies, and whole grains are key! I think you will love it. Now about your worries about preachiness, I say don’t worry at all. You tried to do it on your own, and maybe you will be able to one day, maybe after the holidays. I have tried to do it on my own, and I couldn’t, I had to come back and I am OK with that. I am a LT member now and I still go to meetings weekly. It keeps me focused and keeps me motivated, there is no shame in getting a little help to read your weight and health goals.

    • Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 I think if you’re someone who’s struggled with your weight its easy to understand needing the support that WW gives. I did try it on my own, and I wouldn’t say I failed, but I do think WW can be a very useful tool in keeping me on track.

  19. Hi Beth, Long time, no comment (or blog for me…), right? I’ve thought about going to a ww meeting just to learn the new plan. Fruits and veggies are 0 (except for potatoes and avocados I think) — points are calculated differently (they take protein, etc into consideration).

    Sorry if I missed it, but did you do a POM party post?

  20. Sounds like WW got rid of all the issues I disliked about them…I hated all the fake food they promoted to lower points and I got so few few points I wasn’t even getting 1200 calories a day! I was so miserable and hungry. I did eat a lot of veggies though due to the zero points. lol

  21. Hi Beth!
    I’m a long time reader, but never comment. I love your blog 🙂 You’re so very inspiring, and I love seeing what you have in store each day.

    Anyway, it’s funny because after losing 80 lbs on WW and then totally agreeing with your “preachy” blog about it, I recently hopped up on my scale and freaked out at what I saw. As of last Monday, I’ve been on the new WW plan, counting points, eTools, 20’s board and everything.

    I.Love.It. Seriously, all the stuff I didn’t like about the old plan has been changed. It’s been really eye opening to go back to tracking what I eat. I’ve already seen and felt a difference.

    I’m sure you’ve read all about the new plan, but if you have any questions or need any specifics, shoot me an email 🙂 I debated starting before the holidays, but realized it’s actually the PERFECT time b/c the new plan is very livable/doable. I’ll have a head start on the resolutions 😉

    PS, I can’t beleive the mac was bad!! What a bummer! You’d think that would be the one thing you couldn’t mess up…geez!

    • Hi Erin! Thanks so much for your comment! It really sounds like they’ve made some awesome changes to the plan and I’m getting kind of excited about it. I know this is the complete wrong attitude – but my boyfriend and I are going to New Orleans for his birthday Thursday to Sunday and I really just want to have fun and enjoy myself without stressing out over points/calories, so I think I’m going to join the new plan next week – Tuesday night is the goal. I really appreciate your input!

      • haha, I totally understand, and you should DEF enjoy NOLA…exciting!!!

        I can’t wait to read what you think about it 🙂

  22. I feel your pain about the weight gain. I’ve gained a TON of weight in the past couple of weeks and thought about rejoining WW (for the first time in 3 years). I feel like I need a refresher and I will definitely re-establish my healthy habits if I’m paying $40/month. I don’t know which meetings you plan on going to but maybe we can have a mini blogger meetup!

    • I think I’m going to do the 6:15 meeting on Tuesday night at 1411 K St. I’d definitely be down for a meet up with anyone in the area who’s interested in attending that meeting! I’m also flexible to do another night or a lunch meeting because its very close to my office, but I kind of like the idea of a night meeting since the last time I did it I did lunch meetings. Embracing the change!!

      • I just went to my first meeting and I’ve been following the plan for about a week now. And I’m actually struggling with the fact that fruit and veggies are zero points. I feel that I eat so many of them that I don’t eat enough points. I think I’m still getting used to the balance. But I do enjoy having the structure. I went to a meeting in Falls Church on Wed. with one of my friends but I’ve completely decided what time I want to stick with.

        • Liz is meeting me at the K Street location tomorrow night. I’m not sure if downtown is convenient for you, but if it you should join us!! 🙂

  23. I say go back now before it’s just a few pounds. Weight Watchers has always emphasized getting in all your GHGs, but it’s in our DNA to go for the lowest points items, not the healthiest ones. With the new program, they give you even more of an incentive to choose healthy over processed. No matter what, there will be those who try to cheat the system.

  24. Oh Beth – I dont know anything about WW – but stepping on a scale after a meal can’t be good for the sanity 😦
    ^^^ Sounds like there are lots of helpful comments re WW though 🙂

  25. I feel the same way about the new plan. My biggest issues with it seem to be exactly the ones they made improvements on. I’d love to be able to go back since I know the program works for me, but it really triggered some disordered ideas about my body and food and I don’t think I’ve given myself enough time to repair that damage at this point. If I went back now I’d probably fall right back into old negative habits.

    P.S. So glad to hear you nephew is doing so well!!!

  26. I just use livestrong’s myplate – it’s free, and I can use it to track what I want, rather than “points” which aren’t necessarily guiding me to the right things. I can track macros (protein, fat, carbohydrate), sodium, #fruits, #veggies, etc.

  27. I’m not doing WW but a friend is and loves the new plan!

  28. I’ve been debating going back as well. My concern is that “after Weigh In” mode I have always gotten in when I go to WW meetings. I am looking forward to hear about your experience and may be joining again as well.

  29. Beth,
    I am new to your site as of about 3 weeks and I have been doing WW since July and had lost 18 pounds. I have actually been doing a lot of the recipes you have posted on your site with the new plan this past week and I lost another 2 pounds! I definately nudges everyone toward eating real, healthy food. Lots of ladies in the group not too happy about the change but most addmitted that they were totally abusing the points in the past like using the “100 calorie Packs” of junk food! I would recommend using the E-tools they are awesome. I use the Recipe builder to put in your recipies to get my totals. Loving the new plan. Thumbs up from this girl

  30. I feel your frustration! I have been bouncing around by five pounds since September and am so annoyed at this stall in weight loss. I did use to hate the low fat/calorie free WW structure and need to look into the new plan.

    I am interested to learn about what you decide to do.

  31. […] I weighed in and was shocked by the number. It’s even higher than the number I saw that night after the buffet, and I know that it is partially inflated due to the massive amount of fried food and sugary […]

  32. Thanks for finding it for me Beth!
    I haven’t gone back to WW yet- but I am gearing myself towards eating vegetarian with fish just because I tried it for Lent this year and I had good results. Now my only issue right now is getting my husband who quit smoking to stop compensating with food and we can get back on a good routine!

    • That’s EXACTLY how I gave up meat! I started with Lent 2010 and really liked the way my diet was and how I felt, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I realllllllly like the new WW program, much better than the old!

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