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10 Minute Meals: Spiced Lentil Mushroom Tacos

I cannot BELIEVE tomorrow is the day I go to New Orleans! When I booked the trip so many months ago, it seemed so far away and now, it’s here! So excited! By the way, a bunch of people have left comments about how much fun they had in New Orleans or other random things about the city so I imagine many of you have visited yourself. Do you have any specific recommendations on places to go or things to see/do? We only have one plan so far – a cooking demo of authentic New Orleans cuisine on Saturday – so any ideas are much appreciated!

Last night I had a healthy date with my friend Amber, so she came over and we went up to the gym to workout and then had dinner, wine, and talked for hours. It was such a fun night – and the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle but still be social! Since I had a pretty intense workout Monday evening, I just wanted to run a bit last night and ended up doing 30 minutes on the treadmill then 5 minutes walking. I started with 15 minutes at 6.0 mph, and then moved it up by .1 every minute until I got to 7.0, and then started moving it back down by .1 every minute. To be honest I thought I had it set to 45 minutes, but apparently I had put in 30, so when it went into cool down mode I didn’t object and just walked for the 5 minute cooldown.

I also did 30 crunches after the run and its amazing to me how hard it was. I used that machine where you hold the handles behind your head and it crunches with you, and only managed 2 sets of 15 before my abs were burning. I need to start doing ab work more regularly…

After the gym, we had an awesome and super easy dinner – spiced mushroom and lentil tacos. The original recipe is here but I made some modifications. I started with my ingredients for the “meat”

BJTT 493

  • can of lentils
  • taco seasoning
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • rough chopped mushrooms (last minute addition)

BJTT 498

Start by chopping the clove of garlic and the entire onion.

BJTT 496

Heat 2 tsp olive oil in a pan, and then add in your garlic and onion. Once that goes for about 2-3 minutes and starts getting soft, add in your mushrooms.

BJTT 501

After that cooks together for another 1-2 minutes, add in the drained can of lentils, plus the packet of taco seasoning.

BJTT 504

Keep it over medium heat until the mixture is heated through, and then start mashing the mixture together with a wooden spoon or spatula.

BJTT 509

That’s it!

This was the perfect taco filling. Super flavorful, delicious, AND healthy!

BJTT 512

We each started with two tacos.

BJTT 516

Spring mix, lentil mushroom taco mix, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and light sour cream.

BJTT 518

I love tacos because you can make so many changes to them based on what you’re craving (and what’s in your kitchen).

BJTT 520

We each ended up going back for one more because they were so delicious. I think this is an awesome alternative to regular ground beef for tacos, and though it doesn’t taste like meat, its just as satisfying and could please a meat lover as well as a vegetarian. I can’t wait to make these for Wil because I really think he’ll love them even though he bleeds beef.


Amber and I with a post workout glow? 🙂

What is your favorite kind of taco? I love fish tacos with fried fish and napa cabbage slaw – but these ones are a close second!


21 Responses

  1. Beth, I love your concept of healthy dates! Lately, it’s been a bit of a struggle for me to be social because all social activities seem to revolve around food and alcohol. However, I am planning on running a 5K on Saturday with my friend Kerrianne, so that should be fun!

  2. I love the healthy date! Now that some of my friends have found out about my blog, they have been wanting to do healthy activities and eats with me…lovin’ it.
    Also, whenever something like that happens to me at the gym (treadmill ending early, a power outage once for instance) I take it as a sign to cut my workout short 😉
    I can’t believe you are traveling again! Is this pure vacation or visiting people or work-related?

  3. I love quick and easy tacos, these look great!

  4. Cafe DuMonde! You must go there.

    We did a ghost tour while we were there, and it was a lot of fun. It was a walking tour of the French Quarter but ghost themed. We did on that was more history based. I can’t remember the company though!

    Also, we went to the aquarium, insectarium, and the zoo, but my boyfriend worked in a zoo for four years! They were all really cool.

    We also took the trolley to the garden district. We had a walking tour in a guidebook that we took and just walked around. It was fun!

  5. My fiancee and I went to NO last fall and had a wonderful time! We hit up all the regular touristy things (Cafe Du Monde, Arnauds, haunted ghost tour, horse and carriage ride, Gumbo Shoppe, Pat O’Briens, Acme Oyster House).

    But our FAVORITE place was Johnny’s Po-Boy which was recommended by a local. It’s a 60 year old hole in the wall with the best po-boys and mufalettas in the City. If you are up for some traditional NO sandwiches for lunch, this is a must-do! Here is their link:


    Enjoy your trip!!!

    • Awesome!! Hopefully we will get a chance to check out Johnny’s Po-Boy. The other place I heard that was awesome for po-boys is Mother’s, but I know thats very touristy.

  6. I went to New Orleans years ago but it was a blast! We did a Swamp Tour, which was lots of fun and included beer on the tour (the entire trip was all about drinking – it was during Mardi Gras). We also went to Cafe Du Monde, which is great if you like pastry. The Cat’s Meow was a fun karaoke bar. The entire city is great. You’ll have a blast!

  7. A couple of things I’d suggest. Food-wise, go to Mother’s for po-boys. And just get some gumbo while you are there. I also recommend the Holocaust Memorial along the river; it’s a very different concept.

  8. fish tacos are hands down my fav. But grilled for me. yum

  9. I love tacos!
    I’m going to have to make some of your taco “meat” looks great!!!


  10. My favorite tacos are crunchy with just meat and cheese.

    Not the healthiest!!!

  11. I need to find a way to turn my love for fitness into a more social and fun thing. I think it might make it easier for me to find friends in my somewhat new home.

    Spicy beef tacos are definitely my favorite. Tacos in general are just amazing. I second your enthusiasm for them. 🙂

  12. I am delighted to find your blog – it is as if I am going back in time as I was 23 when I lost my weight – 31 years ago!

    The concept of a “healthy date” is great – it is SO possible to combine healthy living and a good time.

    Although the term did bring to mind a T-shirt years (and years) ago I wore that said “Weights Before Dates” 🙂

  13. […] and really do a good job imparting that heartiness into traditionally meat based dishes, like my spiced lentil mushroom tacos and now this incredible lentil loaf. It’s also extremely Weight Watchers friendly, which is […]

  14. […] cooks in 15-20 minutes. Lentils make an awesome substitute for ground meat (see my Lentil Loaf and Spiced Lentil Mushroom Tacos) because the texture and satisfaction is there and you can barely tell the difference from the […]

  15. […] cooks in 15-20 minutes. Lentils make an awesome substitute for ground meat (see my Lentil Loaf and Spiced Lentil Mushroom Tacos) because the texture and satisfaction is there and you can barely tell the difference from the […]

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