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Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from back in DC! Whew! What a fun and food filled few days it has been, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to be parked on my couch and back home. πŸ™‚

Yesterday morning started EARLY. We woke up at 7am to hit the road to my parents house, and arrived before 11am. It was really nice because we got to spend a lot of time with my parents, sister and her hubby, and my niece and nephew – Claire and Ben!

True love in picture form of me and Claire. Me in Church attire – her in Christmas PJs!

Claire and her dad, Dan, goofing around with the carrots for Santa’s reindeer…

We spent the day decorating gingerbread houses, eating way too many Christmas cookies, and then watching the kids open gifts.

And obviously taking self portraits. πŸ™‚

My job with dinner was making the meringues for dessert!

They turned out way better than expected despite a few technical difficulties during the preparation process. I need a mixer badly so I can make these at home. So good.

My mom set the table up really nice.

And we had potroast (salmon for me!), asparagus, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. My sis is doing Weight Watchers too, so it was awesome to have someone else on board with healthy eating – even during the holidays. After dinner, Wil and I hit the road with my parents to head to Philly, while Heather, her hubby, and their two kids headed home to NYC to await Santa’s arrival.

We went to my sister’s church for a candlelight service, which was so nice. Afterwards, we headed to her house for dinner #2 – fondue!

My job was bringing a salad, so I searched around for a few recipes and actually went with a Weight Watchers recipe for health salad. It’s basically a slaw like salad, but very colorful and Christmas-y looking because I went with red cabbage.

The salad was sooo good. Only 1 pt+ on Weight Watchers, too, and was really satisfying and had a lot going on for a salad. It was also super simple to throw together, and is something you can make in advance because it just gets better as it sits. Because it was dinner #2, it was pretty easy not to go too overboard with the fondue, which I was happy about. I enjoyed it and definitely had enough, but didn’t leave feeling sick or over-cheesed (is there such a thing?) like I was expecting. I only had one glass of wine with dinner so I was the self-appointed DD, and drove the four of us back to NJ to spend the night at my parents.

We slept in late since we got home late, and I woke up and decided to start Christmas Day off right with a run outside!

It was my first run outdoors in AGES and I forgot how good it feels! I didn’t take my garmin or polar outside, just ran listening to music and enjoying the serenity and alone time. I ran for 40 minutes and am guessing it was around 4 miles, though I’m not sure. I felt fast since it was chilly out, but I really have no idea how far it was. I do know that I miss running outside so much and hope that I suck it up and try to run outside more despite the cold, but no promises. πŸ™‚

After a breakfast of eggs and toast, Wil and I got on the road home and got back to DC around 5. We headed to Chinese for dinner, and I went with egg drop soup, green tea, and Mongolian BBQ. I’d never had that type of BBQ before, but basically they have a buffet with all different veggies, meat, and sauces, and you add everything you want to a bowl, give it to the chef, and then they cook it for you right there. It was great because they didn’t use any oil, but it was still so flavorful and delicious. I used every veggie they had, plus shrimp and scallops, and some teriyaki sauce. No pics, but I can assure you it was delicious.

Immediately after dinner, we headed to our final destination – the couch.

We exchanged gifts and are now watching TV and laying low – my perfect night! I got Wil a new case for his ipod, a travel mug, some Calvin Klein sweaters, Good Eats 2 (AMAZING book – I got him the first one last year), a tripod light for photography, and some chocolate covered cashews. Our limit was $200, and he totally threw our agreement to the side with my gifts. Argh.

He got me the Kinect for Xbox 360. It is sooooooo cool, and is kind of similar to the Wii, but you don’t need a controller. It basically hooks up to your Xbox 360, and you stand in front of it and do a few tricks so it can detect your body and movements, and then you are the controller when you play. You have to jump, duck, move around, etc, and there are tons of levels and different activities in the game that comes with it. In addition, he got me The Biggest Loser game for it, which I tried for 10 minutes and already started breaking a sweat with. I also got a robe, some clothes, and a new digital camera. Still trying to figure out how that all adds up to less than $200…

How was your holiday, if you celebrate? What’s the best gift you gave or received? Best meal shared with friends and/or family?


11 Responses

  1. haha, so goofy that your man totally went over the $200 limit! I feel like that often seems to be a problem with couples ’round the holidays/birthdays. And I love it! Sometimes we just lose control and go with it πŸ™‚

    Glad you had an awesome Christmas, and I swear it feels like you, my hubby and I were the only ones running on Christmas day! I LOVE it!

  2. Sounds like you did awesome over Xmas!! I got Biggest Loser and Dance Central for the kinect, I can’t wait to use them!!

  3. I really want to try the Kinect, it looks so fun!

  4. You look cute going for your run! I did the same thing–no watch and it was SO nice to enjoy the crisp air and get some exercise. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I’m glad you’ve had a great holiday, girl!
    Hope you’re having a great December 26th, too πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds like a great Christmas!!!


  7. Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

    My favorite gift was actually to myself…a new camera too! My boyfriend also went over on Christmas (we weren’t supposed to buy any gifts because we’re going on a trip instead, but he bought me a couple of small things anyway).

  8. CUTE! Love the stripey jammies. πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas!

  9. What a lovely Christmas! Glad you had such a nice time!

    I need to find a way to partner with fellow WW folks at holiday events to help keep each other on track. I feel like I have abandoned all my healthy habits from back home. Being away from routine is so hard! But being with family is so wonderful! Catch 22.

  10. Sounds like the Kinect is really fun. I wish we had kept our xbox and bought that. We bought the Wii for our daughter but we don’t have a lot of games since we just got it. I’m hoping to get the Wii fit eventually. It is so expensive to buy everything you need for the Wii. I just hope the investment is worth it.
    Oh and I also tried that bbq place the other week. It was amazing! My husband laughed at my plates because they were so big but they were filled with protein/veggies and some noodles. I loved it!

  11. I think you’re the third person I’ve read about getting the Kinect plus my aunt bought her grandkids one. I’m SO jealous. I we already had an XBOX it would be manageable, but the $300-$400 investment is just too much. 😦

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