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Weight Loss Rewards

Back to reality came a little too quick for my liking. It’s so strange to be back at work already since Christmas was just the day before yesterday. The only redeeming thing is that a ton of people are out of the office this week, so it should be pretty slow and low-key, the perfect formula for easing back into normal life.

One of the best gifts I got for Christmas (besides the Kinect – which is seriously the coolest thing ever), was pants from my sisters from Lululemon. These pants, to be exact.


Too bad my stomach doesn’t look that like. Also too bad I’m not rich and can’t buy all of my workout clothes from there because I am seriously in love. This is the first thing I’ve ever owned from the store, and when I slipped them on they felt so good and soft against my skin. The store will hem pants  for free if they are too long, so yesterday I brought them in to get them shortened a bit, and when I stepped in the store I was sort of overwhelmed with the amount of awesome and adorable active gear they have.

I realized that setting myself up with rewards for these last few pounds I have to lose could be the perfect motivation to get myself to my goal. I have been pretty wishy-washy with rewards in the past – setting goals, reaching them, and not giving myself the promised award. This time, I am trying to set some concrete weight-related goals because I know these last 16 pounds will be the hardest.

Here is what I’m thinking:

  • 5% – (9 lbs) – 172.6 – Tata Tamer (amazing sports bra that I have heard rave reviews about. It’s expensive, but the dark purple is on sale for $49, and I hear its very worth it)
  • 160s (even 169.8 – again…) – manicure/pedicure
  • 165 – (will be my lowest weight ever) – New Jeans (need them. my boyfriend tried to help with this one and bought me juniors jeans from Marshalls. ha. I got the hint.)
  • 10% – (18 lbs) – 163.6 – New game for my Kinect.
  • Goal Weight – (21.6 total) – 160 – 1 hour long massage
  • Lifetime (6 weeks of maintaining my goal weight) – $200 shopping spree of new clothes.

Just writing these down makes me so excited because all those rewards are things I really, really want.

Do you reward yourself for achieving your goals, weight loss related or other? Why or why not? Do you find it helps you stay on track?


35 Responses

  1. I have found that promising myself rewards does not work or motivate me. So my friend and I have decided that when one of us reaches a “goal” the other one sends that person a surprise gift in the mail. We live 1600 miles apart, so its fun and more motivating than trying to reward ourselves. Plus I have a motivational partner too.

    • I love that idea! It’s always awesome to have someone else to help hold you accountable. When I first starting doing WW in 2009, my sister was doing it to and we would go back and forth and check in with each other. Having her ask me about my weekly weigh ins helped me a lot!

  2. What a wonderful idea to reward yourself every time you reach a new goal! That’s a great way to stay motivated and focus on your target weight. You’ve been working hard and deserve all these rewards!

  3. Those are some awesome rewards.

    My mom has some stuff from lululemon, its all cute!

    I’m gonna have to think of some rewards too.. thanks for the ideas!

    I’m thinking season one of glee, mani &pedi, maybe getting my hair done (cut and highlighted or something), ad of course a shopping spree!! Not sure of what order, but I know the shopping spree will be when I am a lifetim member!

    We can do this!

  4. I LOVE lululemon…but it is really expensive but the clothes are worth it. I own a couple things from there and the pants are my favorite! They also have really nice sweat shirts.

    I am starting weight watchers on Jan. 6 (that is my first meeting) and want you to know that you inspire me! Thanks for all the wonderful blogs!

    Have a great day

    I am also going to do the rewards system like you did…great idea!

  5. I’m also terrible about that :(. I keep trying to think of big goals down the road, like when I get under 200 lbs, or when I hit 100 lbs lost, but I’ve realized that what I want changes each day… At this point, I just pick a new goal (I’m currently working on each 10 lbs lost), and pick whatever I’m wanting at the time. I think I might add one of their sports bras to my rewards list :). I can’t fit into one yet, but soon!

    • I was really bad at it when I first started off on my WLJ, but have really been struggling for the past year+ to take off the last few pounds. I hope the reward system helps to motivate me and continue on the path to lose the last few!

  6. LULEMON! Love it. I live in Singapore and pay an additional premium, but its so worth it. I have an ample bosom and can do Yoga with just the support of the built in bra. I’m going to go for another piece every 3lb – I’m making progress but very slowly. The small steps are very worth celebrating!

    • Ohh really! I haven’t tried anything of theirs besides these pants – I’m almost nervous to try the things on because I know I’ll love them. Glad to know that the built in is enough support for you!

  7. I like your idea of mini-goals along the way!

    Right now I only have a “milestone” goal and “final” goal.

    My “milestone” goal is to weigh in a 200lbs (which is ~20lbs away) I am rewarding myself with something from Lululemon.

    My “final” goal is to hit (and maintain) 180-185lbs, but I don’t even have a reward in mind for that one yet! (Probably some sort of shopping spree – for real/work clothes rather than workout gear.

    I’ve been wavering between 215 and 220 for several weeks now & my “200” goal seems SO far away! I think I need to develop a listing of small goals and rewards for myself too!

    Great idea Beth!

    • Weight Watchers is awesome for that reason – they are the ones who focus on 5% and 5 lb at a time rewards. It helps so much to have small milestones to shoot for rather than looking at the big picture because that can feel so far away!

  8. I’m not going to lie…going to that site made me depressed. The clothes are SUPER cute, but also only as big as a size 12. Which, I am not. And, I probably will never be. 😦 And, I am poor, so that is another issue all together.
    I just posted my rewards/motivations, and I’d really like to hold myself to to them. I love some of the other suggestions/posts listed here–LOVE the mailing the reward to a friend from across the country!!
    Love this blog!!!!

    • Yeah I was actually surprised to see the clothes only went up to a size 12 too. My sisters got me the size 10 in the pants and they fit, but a lot of the pants are only made up to that size!! I don’t like that either.

  9. That’s what I did when I was trying to lose my 100 pounds. I wanted to have rewards for myself reaching goals–but not food rewards!

  10. Rewards can be very motivating! I don’t know if I have ever set specific rewards for particular goals, but when I accomplish something I don’t feel bad for doing something special for myself because of it. I like that idea! And I badly want to own something Lululemon.

    • I really recommend it! I am so excited to get my hemmed pants back so I can start wearing them. They are supposed to be ready on Wednesday!

  11. i think having rewards that really motivate you are wonderful! for some reason this hasn’t ever worked for me with weight, but has in other areas

  12. These are great rewards! And I really like the idea of setting clear rewards for each milestone. Don’t be too surprised if you see me copying this approach soon. 😉

    You are such a great source of motivation!

  13. I love how you set goals for yourself. In my opinion, goal setting is the most effective way to get where you want to be!


  14. Rewards definitely work! This is hard work – you deserve it!

  15. I do reward myself on my weight loss journey when losing weight. I believe that one needs to thank you body in what he/she is doing.
    I think the rewards you set yourself out herein, is great rewards. Especially that sports bra

  16. I still have yet to own anything from Lululemon, but I go in there all the time and covet 😦

    I don’t reward myself for goals achieved because usually the satisfaction of the goal achieved is enough for me. Plus I don’t believe in waiting to buy what I want, I just go out and get it! I’m greedy, what can I say 😉

  17. Hi Beth!

    Just came across your site and I am so glad that I did! I LOVE Lululemon too- their workout gear is amazing. My favorites are the Wunder Under. Not great for running, but awesome for yoga and every day wear!

    I think your reward list is great- I have always benefited from looking forward and “imagining” the future. I just recently made the commitment to lose the rest of my weight and get to goal, and made a Goal/Reward list very similar to yours. Losing weight and staying on track can be a challenge, so I think treating yourself when you hit a milestone is a great idea. I like to pick rewards that are in line with my new lifestlye- ie new sneakers, workout gear, heart rate monitor, etc.

    Good luck and thanks so much for writing! I will be checking in often.

  18. Hi Beth! Love the goals! I am not aiming to lose weight but maybe I’ll try something similar for hitting running milestones (ex. a certain number of miles, maintaining a certain pace) since I just signed up for a few longer races and put together new training plans.
    I don’t own anything from Lululemon but I’m a little obsessed. They sometimes have sales on their website (in the We Made Too Much) section, but I haven’t found anything there in my size – though I know a lot of people who have had good luck 🙂 Also, I saw them on Rue La La once but missed the sale. It was depressing – their pants were like $49, which is a steal for LuLu.

  19. when i lost the first 40 lbs (ummm….35 now, i guess…) i used rewards a lot! And apparently it worked – but i havent implemented that at all as of late. I am dedicated to getting to my goal weight in 2011, and I think I may need to reintroduce a reward system again! Thanks for reminding me!

  20. I love that idea! Unfortunately on my first time on WW I had an impossible number in mind for my final weight but this time I think I will copy the shopping spree idea!

  21. I was just looking at my rewards chart today. I’m still waiting on one of my first rewards (finding the perfect sports bra) and someone gave me my second reward for Christmas. I can’t wait until the reward that says “massage”!

    I love your Lifetime reward! What a great idea!

  22. […] ago yesterday – December 14th. This means I reached my first weight loss goal – 5%! Based on my weight loss rewards list, this meant a new sports bra. It was supposed to be the Ta Ta Tamer, but I went to the store to try […]

  23. […] and lost 1 more pound – bringing me to 169.4!!! So, I’m in the 160s and it’s time for my next Weight Loss Reward – a mani/pedi. I’m going to do that this weekend – yay! I’m now down 12.2 pounds since I […]

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