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The Kinect – Biggest Loser

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a good Tuesday so far, and if you’re back at work this week like me, easing back into the routine as seamlessly as possible. 🙂

I’ve completed two days of the Intermediate Training plan by Hal Higdon for my half marathon, but yesterday was just stretch and strengthen. I ended up doing Level One of The Shred and wore my HRM for the first time doing that. I was so curious to see how many calories I would burn during the first level, and it actually was the first time I’ve ever followed along completely (ie not wimped out during the second 30 second set of pushups).

A 083

Not so bad! I kept it going during the warmup and cool down phases, and its good to know that I can burn 200+ calories doing Level 1 because not only do you burn calories while you’re doing it, but since there’s a good amount of strength training, you burn more calories throughout the day when you’re done.

Afterwards, I played around with my Kinect for a while using the Biggest Loser game. It’s kind of creepy how accurate it is! Whenever you are doing a workout, they show you in the lower right hand corner so its easy to see your form. With each move, there’s certain things the Kinect looks for (ie arm height, leg height, lunge depth, etc) and it tells you to correct your form if you’re not going deep enough or if you’re going too deep. Last night I did the fitness test which was 30 minutes, and it lead you through a warmup, then Light, Moderate, Challenging, and Hard. At the end of each section it asks you if you want to continue, and if you need to stop for water break. After Hard, there is Intense, but I opted out of doing that level because I was already feeling it from doing the Shred and then up through the hard phase. It was really good for me because it had me do a lot of different exercises than I normally do, and I can tell I’m going to love exploring the different levels the game has.

A 103

Not too shabby!

I also love that there is a lot of different kinds of workouts – Yoga, Circuit Training, Cardio, etc. I’ve only explored the circuit training briefly and the yoga, and I must say, both are pretty awesome. You get to choose how long you do it for and what level of difficulty you want to do, and it adjusts the workouts accordingly. I love that they work in water breaks, check in on you, and show your body so you can see your own form on the screen. It’s almost creepy when Bob’s voice comes on and says, “How are you holding up?” and there are three options – one I can’t remember that means its too much, “I’m feeling it”, or “Is this all you got?” You say whichever one you’re feeling at the moment and it adjusts the workout accordingly.

The one thing I’m not crazy about is the Body Analyzer. When you go into that portion of the game, It scans your body and gives you your height, weight, and neck, waist, and hip circumference. It was not very accurate at all – I did it 3x, and the first height it gave me was 5’3, and then 5’4 (I’m 5’8). It also said in the first one that my neck is 139” (is that even possible?) and then in the last one it said my neck is 11” (which I’m certain is too small). After it analyzes you, it makes recommendations on what types of exercises you should do. Because it’s not very accurate, I found that to be a bit disturbing. If it overestimates your size and tells you to lose weight but you’re really at a healthy weight, that could be concerning.

All in all, I am really loving the Kinect. If you already have an Xbox, I really think its worth the investment ($150 for the unit plus one game that’s really fun). If you don’t have an Xbox, I feel like its too big of an investment ($300+) if you’re just looking to it for fitness. I will say, the Adventures game that comes with it really makes you work up a sweat on some of the levels, even though its not a “workout” game per se. Because your body is the controller, you have to duck, jump, move around, and get really involved in the game. I think it’s a much better system than just sitting on the couch holding a controller because you have no choice but to be active if you want to play!

Are you into video games? What is the first unit you ever owned/played with? I remember having an original Nintendo and I LOVED playing Duckhunt. I’d have to blow on the games to clear out the dust if they weren’t working correctly. It’s crazy how far technology has come!


40 Responses

  1. I want this so bad! After reading this I emailed my husband and told him we are sending in the xbox to get fixed this weekend 🙂

  2. I don’t play video games now, but when I was young — like 10 – 15 — I loved playing the Smurfs game and Jeopardy on ColecoVision. We’re talking 1988 here.

  3. weird that it is SO inaccurate with the body analysis… but awesome that it is good with correcting form! I love that! I am interested in trying this –

    funny about the Shred… that it was the first time you went through the WHOLE thing – perhaps wearing the HRM made you stick with it?? good motivator, that.


    • Yes the HRM definitely made me stick with it. The first strength circuit is HARD. They have you do 30 seconds pushups, and then 1 minute squat with a lateral raise. By the second 30 seonds doing the pushups my shoulders are always on FIRE.

  4. I actually still have my original Nintendo. With tons of games. My favoirte games are Mario Brothers 3 & Pictionary.

  5. Oh, man, we don’t have any video games and now I wish we did. I REALLY want the Kinect, but just can’t make the investment right now.

  6. I’d love to use one of those. I was never into video games growing up (read: my parents wouldn’t buy one) but I love that they can be so interactive now, even if they might be slightly creepy. Also good to know that the Shred burns that many calories…I’ve been wondering about it.

    • Yeah I was curious myself about it and almost started without my HRM but then paused it and ran and got it. It was definitely a little creepy by oh so cool.

  7. All the kinnect workout games sound fun and the BL one sounds like I would really enjoy it. Too bad I don’t have a Xbox. Maybe I can find something similar on the ps3? It has a new system similar to the wii.

  8. Hi Beth and Happy New Year!

    With two boys in the house, we have every system. Both of the boys have an x-box in their rooms. We have a Playstation 3 which we use as a Blu Ray player and Wii in the living room.

    When I was a kid we had Atari and ColecoVision and I remember the original Nintendo which I think my oldest son still has.

    I just bought the 30 Day Shred but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been going to Zumba a few nights a week at a local rec center. That’s fun!

    I gained 4.4 pounds since December 6 and I am recommitting to WW. I am bound and determined to drop 30 pounds!

    • Wow your boys are LUCKY!! I want an xbox in my room! 🙂

      You will LOVE the shred. It is really hard, but its an awesome workout and just 20 minutes long.

      4.4 isn’t so bad – – considering all the holiday temptations it could definitely be worse!

  9. Kinect is so much fun! We don’t have one yet, but have played with it at friends and at the stores. I’m just not that into video games AT ALL – but i like that this is a completely interactive video game.

  10. I’m excited to hear the shred burns about that much (approximately of course- I assume it varies quite a bit depending on the person/weights/effort). I was always curious about it and it seemed no one really knew…

    • I know I had been wondering for so long. I can’t wait to wear the strap during Bikram! Assuming it doesn’t slip off from the copious amount of sweat…

  11. Haha, I spent a huge chunk of my NYE playing the dance game on our friends’ Kinect. It was a blast.

    • Ohhh I want to get the dance one! I only have Adventures and Biggest Loser. One of my WL rewards is a new game – – that might be it!

  12. remember in duck hunt how the dog would laugh at you when you didn’t hit all the ducks? I hated that dog.

  13. I would LOVE a Kinect but we don’t have enough room in our apartment. They seem so cool.

    My brothers had an Atari but I remember winning a Nintendo in 2nd grade and that was so cool! One of the things I love about the Wii is that you can still download and play those old Nintendo games. Zelda is still one of my favorites.

    • Yah they definitely require quite a bit of moving around room. I actually have to turn my TV away from where it normally faces to play because theres more room in that direction. It’s worth it, though. 🙂

  14. I got a little bit of a chuckle about the body analyzer.

    I’ve never owned a video game system, but my cousin used to have an N64. I loved the James Bond game that he had! I always loved visiting Maryland for that reason. 😉

  15. I love being able to see how many calories I burn on a dvd workout. It helps keep me motivated 🙂

  16. Hi Beth!
    I have a quick question for you, how do you go about tracking your activity points when it comes to weight watechers? I have a polar f6 and ideally I would convert the calories I burned to activity points but I’m not sure you can do that. How do you handle activity points?

    • Hi Sarah! I think the conversion (from what I’ve heard) is 80 calories = 1 AP. It used to be 100 calories = 1 AP because 1 point = approximately 50 calories. Now they are saying 1 pt+ = approximately 40 calories, so that’s where the math comes.

      For me, I just plug the activity into the calculator on e-tools because I don’t eat them, and I like to see a high number of APs. If you want to air on the side of caution, you can do the 80 calories = 1 AP, but its up to you. Hope that helps!!

  17. hehe I am SO NOT into video games – although MR BBB likes PC games

  18. I’m a Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation kinda girl. It’s the one and only game I’ve pretty much ever played and I owned like 4 version of the game when it came out with sequels.

  19. I used to love mario karts!!! I actually played a few months ago and it def wasn’t as fun as when I was a kid!!!-love the blog!

  20. Thanks for the review, it was really interesting to read. I was wondering about that Kinect. I don’t have an Xbox. I have pretty much EVERY OTHER game console though.

  21. Nintendo 64 was my jam! I’m still missing like 12 stars on Mario…

  22. I had the original Nintendo. My favorite game was Paperboy. Before the Nintendo I had computer games for the Commodore 64 (which I saw in the Smithsonian!!! 😦 ) and the Apple IIe. I somehow didn’t even know Atari existed until I was in my late teens and my cousin found one at a yardsale. I loved it though!

  23. This sounds so interesting! I hate DVD workouts, but wonder if I would be more likely to utilize the Kinect. My husband got one for Christmas and is considering exchanging it for the PlayStation version. I really want to try that NFL combine game. 🙂

    I am not much of a video game person, but I think I might be with the right kind of games.

  24. Hi Beth! I’m a lurker, but need to ask a question about Quinoa Burgers – should I cook them before I freeze them, or as is? I have the first ones in the pan as we speak – will let you know 😉

  25. Love that you showed the calories burned for the DVDs. I do the Shred and some of the other biggest loser dvds and always was curious how many calories burned during it…I know it is different for everyone but that is great to see an estimate.

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