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Random Thought Wednesday: Part Two

Morning! I am feeling pretty proud of myself this morning because I woke up before work both today AND yesterday to get my workouts in! It’s always such a struggle for me to wake up, but when I do, I’m always so happy and energized throughout the day. Yesterday’s workout was just an easy 3 mile run, so I did exactly that – 3 miles at 6.0 on the treadmill in 30 minutes. I did a 5 minute walk to cool down, and then I stretched! Go me. 🙂

Today was the hardest run of the week – speed work. I know that speed work is essential if I want to improve my speed, but man – its rough. Today was 400 repeats, which if you’re like me and have no idea what that is, it means running 400 yards (about .25 miles) at a fast pace, followed by a rest, and then repeating. Today called for 5, but towards the end of the training plan I’ll have to do 10! I don’t even want to think about that.

I did the 400 repeats on the treadmill, here is what I did:

  • 10 minutes warmup at 6.0 mph
  • .25 miles at 7.0 mph (8:34 pace)
  • .25 miles at 5.8 mph recovery (10:20 pace)
  • Repeat 4x
  • Cool down for 5 minutes at 5.5 mph

In the end, I covered 3.63 miles in 35 minutes and burned 506 calories according to my Polar FT7 HRM. It was pretty tough, especially during the last repeat, but I did it.  And, I stretched afterwards AGAIN. I am really bad about stretching, but since it’s one of my January Goals plus something I should just get in the habit of anyway, I’ve been making a conscious effort to do it.  And you know what? It’s not so bad.

In the spirit of random thought Wednesday, I had one of my quinoa burgers for dinner last night and it was amazing. I had frozen 2 of them when I made that first batch, and let me tell you, they are just as good defrosted as they are fresh. If you haven’t tried these yet, do it.


These are probably my favorite recipe of 2010. Easily.

Final thought from me for today – I am so on top of some things, and so behind on others – specifically taking care of my car. In Virginia, you have to get a safety inspection every year, and an emissions test every two. My safety inspection on my car expired in October 2009 (yes I typed that correctly) and the emissions check expired in October of 2010, a few months ago. Last night I had to run over to the Toyota by my house and somehow ended up getting in for an inspection and also somehow passed both. The guys there couldn’t believe how expired my inspection was – they said they’d never seen such a thing. Oops!

Are you good about stretching? Is there anything in your life that you are a little negligent about?


60 Responses

  1. Beth,

    Those burgers look so delicious! I’ll have to try them out–maybe this weekend. And yes, I’m also super negligent about some things, especially my car. My registration is expired and I just found out that my right brake light is out. I have to deal with that soon too. Great job for taking care of your inspections! That must feel great =)

    • My registration is expired too – – it expired in October 2010. I renewed that last night after my inspection and they are mailing it to me. Within 15 days I’ll be legit. Finally. 🙂

  2. I am horrible about stretching… I’m notorious for walking out of classes at the gym during the stretching part (I know it’s so bad!). But after an intense workout last night followed by walking out of the stretching portion, I am feeling sore today. I definitely need to heed your advice and not skip stretch time!

    • I normally just want to be done with the workout when the intense part is over – its just my nature. But, I’m trying to embrace stretching and actually enjoy the cool down portion.

  3. Oh, I just noticed, you changed your header. I like it! Especially the photo and the purple font. Is it sad that I can’t tell what kind of fruit/ vegetable you photographed 😉

  4. Haha I just got my car inspected last week…sticker expired in April of 2010, whoops! I can’t believe I passed either.

    I am really good about stretching, but not good about warming up. I hate warming up. I know you’re supposed to and it’s good for you but it feels like wasted time to me.

    • I know. I say “warm up” by going 6.0 mph but for me, thats comfortable, not easy like a warmup should be. I’m trying to embrace slowing down a bit more but its hard!

  5. I’m terrible about stretching too. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did it! This past weekend, we started a big taking down wallpaper/painting project and I am crazy sore all throughout my core muscles. I had no idea it was going to be such a good workout. 🙂

    • Those are the best types of workouts – ones where you’re not actually trying it just happens! I think it would be hysterical if you stretched after taking down the wallpaper though.

  6. I REALLY need to work on getting workouts done in the morning.

    Got any tips for waking up early?!

  7. I am terrible about stretching beforehand but better about stretching afterwards. I like cooling down afterwards with stretches.

    I am negligent about getting my hair done, the dentist, and my car for sure. I’m so glad we don’t do emissions testing here…it’s super annoying! When I lived in VA, I knew a girl who could get fake stickers on the emissions black market hahaha.

    This post makes me want cucumbers!

    • Oh yeah my hair and the dentist are on my list. Don’t even ask the last time I’ve been to either of those. Eek.

      Emissions black market! hahahahaha

  8. Glad you passed inspection! One year my car kept failing because something with the wheel alignment was off, nothing serious but it made it fail one of the tests. So annoying.
    I am terrible at stretching. Maybe I’ll steal your goal for next week.

    • Steal away! 🙂 I just want to establish the habit early because I’ve never really done speed work consistently before, and I know I can hurt myself if I’m negligent about stretching.

  9. I feel your pain on the speed work… tonight my training group is doing hill repeats…6x 400 meter vertical repeats.
    It is the most horrifically UN-fun thing I have ever voluntarily done. But you feel good when it’s over.

  10. October 2009! Hahah! I can’t belive you never got a ticket, LOL.

  11. OMG Beth! You’re so lucky that you didn’t get pulled over!

    Thanks for breaking down the speed workout – makes it sound easier! Well not easier to do but to understand!

    • Of course! It was funny because I told my friend Emily exactly what I did and she thought it was TMI. I love my blog because I can write whatever I want. 🙂

  12. I’m also very bad about car maintenance. I think it comes from relying so heavily on Metro. I don’t actually drive very often so inspections and oil changes fall of my radar until they’re super late!

    • That’s exactly it. I take the metro to/from work every day and really only drive to the grocery store/when going away on weekends. I’ll be so happy when my registration comes in the mail because then i’ll be totally legit! 🙂

  13. I wanted to use my food processor sometime this week, and I actually have all of those ingredients (minus panko/scallions but I can change those out)!

    I am horrible about stretching. Pretty much the only time it happens is when I’m doing a workout DVD and they stretch!

  14. Yea for someone accomplishing speed work! Lord knows it won’t be me… lol

    And I’m sort of bad about stretching, too. I should spend more time on it than I actually do… for sure.

  15. The quinoa burgers look great!

    Be careful on the inspection thing; I once got ticketed in Fairfax County solely for an expired inspection. :*( I couldn’t believe it.

    I got a warning ticket the other day for no city decal. City decal? Say what? VA is so confusing.

    • Yeah I am so lucky I didn’t get a ticket!! And yeah – the decal comes when you pay your personal property tax. that’s the one thing i have thats not out of date. lol!

  16. Beth I have to try these!! I keep forgetting but I am going to do it this weekend!

  17. I’ve printed out the recipe for your quinoa burgers. These will be a very very good substitute for the Morningstar Farm sausage patties and black bean burgers I eat too often.

    I’m so glad I saw this recipe today. Thank you.

  18. Those quinoa burgers look amazing!! I used to be pretty lazy about stretching. After my injury my PT has added a ton of strength and stretching exercises so now I spend about 20 minutes post-run doing those. I can definitely tell the difference in my muscle tone and overall performance in running.

    I’ve actually never done any type of speed work, but I hope to start once I get the all-clear from my PT.

    • I’m trying to start now BEFORE i get an injury! But I only stretch for 5 minutes max. That’s a lot more than I used to do though!

  19. I am also SO glad to have found your quinoa burger recipe..which I also printed.

    I suck at stretching. I only due it during my weekly yoga class. Bad me.

  20. Great job on the speedwork! I am so bad at stretching too. I always seem to forget.

  21. Those burgers look so mouth-watering girl!! And loved reading about your speed work, congrats on getting to AM workouts in, doesn’t it make the day happier?? Then you get to rest all day 🙂

    Me? Stretch? Well, the mini-stretch always happens post-workout, but I wish I would truly dedicate a day to yoga, it’s so stinking beneficial!

    • It really does make the day happier. Especially if I get myself out of bed to do it when i DON’T Have things to do after work – – what will I do with myself!?!?

  22. I finally got my inspections done right before Christmas too.

    Those burgers really do look great. I’ve been looking for a way to use up quinoa. This is a great idea, thanks!

    I remember to do my post-run stretch at the gym, but when I’m running outside, I always forget. One of my resolutions for this year is to really give yoga a real effort.

  23. Take care of your car! Or else it won’t last!

  24. Still have to try those burgers!!

    I am horrible about car maintenance! It’s a miracle my van has survived as long as it has!


  25. I was pretty lazy about stretching until I got injured. I know, not smart. But now I am a stretching fiend!

  26. I am negligent about laundry…which doesn’t sound like a big deal, until there are 5 effing piles waiting to be done in your bedroom, and you have to resort to wearing an evening gown to work because it’s the only thing that’s clean.

  27. I always always stretch…but I don’t necessarily do it for very long, like maybe 5 seconds for each stretch.

  28. Ok, now I’m definitely making those burgers this weekend. Speed work sounds so tedious. I wish I were one of those people who finds intricate running plans really fun and interesting, but unfortunately I’m more the zone-out-at-the-same-speed-for-40-minutes kind of runner. I think I need a running trainer!

  29. Mmmm dinner looks great!

    I suck at stretching! :/

  30. High five on working out in the morning both yesterday and today! I was in the gym yesterday, but today just didn’t get to it this morning and made a ton of excuses about not doing it and now have to do it tonight – boo!

    I think I am most negligent about calling friends and family, which is a really awful thing to not take care of. The time difference makes it hard and I feel so busy all the time.

    Happy Wednesday!

  31. I used to be so bad at stretching, but I do it now.

    Great job on the runs – and speed work really is killer, isn’t it?

  32. I’ve been known to wait like 6 thousand miles before an oil change…I just hate getting that done b/c I feel like I am a target for mechanics to try and sell me another air filter or something else that I need a new one of!! I just want an oil change:)).

  33. My biggest challenge is making sure I drink enough water. The tactic – or “Trick of the Trade” so to speak – that I put in my plan to meet the seemingly staggering goal of 8 glasses of H20 a day is to put 8 rubber bands on one wrist and transfer them over to the other with each glass.

    Works well – who knows? I could start a fashion trend 🙂

  34. I’m so impressed that you were able to get up before work to get your work out in! Good job!!!!

  35. I absolutley agree about the morning workouts! I always feel so much better when I work out in the AM. Hopefully I can get myself to do it tomorrow!

  36. I’m crazy about lentils. I am definitely going to try to make a lentil loaf. Looks sooooo good.

  37. Because I work out in the AM, before work, I am always running late – so taking time to stretch is the first thing I skip (unless it is a running day, I learned that lesson the hard way…). I am taking yoga which will hopefully compensate for my impatience regarding stretching!

  38. Quinao burger sounds soooo good! Sorry I’m like parading your blog with comments! Lol

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