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Hello from California!

I LOVE San Diego!!!

But first, let’s rewind a bit…

My flight yesterday was… long. I left DC on a 7am flight, so got to the airport at 6am EST. I had a layover in Phoenix, and then got into San Diego at 11:30am (2:30pm EST). I was a little less prepared than I wanted to be so I ended up having to get all my meals out during travel. If I could do it again, I definitely would have packed a pb & banana sandwich, but I was out of fruit! Breakfast ended up being a black bean, rice, and egg burrito, but I only ate a little bit of the tortilla and ate the rest with a fork (8 pts+). At the layover in Phoenix, I picked up Perfect Oatmeal from Starbucks. That’s only 3pts+, and the brown sugar packet is only 1 pt+, so 4 for the whole bowl. Not too shabby.

After I got into San Diego, I checked into my hotel, unpacked a few things, and then immediately headed to the grocery store, which is about half a mile from my hotel. It was a lot chillier out than I was expecting – in the low 60s and cloudy! Sad story for my first day in CA.

I picked up lunch at the grocery store and was able to eat it outside, which was so nice to be able to do in January.

SD 006

A tuna roll (6pts+), 2 summer rolls (4pts+), and seaweed salad (1 pt+).

As soon as I got back to my room, I unloaded the goods.

SD 011

All that plus the sushi lunch was $43, so that will definitely save me a lot for breakfast and snacks over the week that I’m here.

SD 013

Broccoli florets, carrot chips, fuji apples, bananas, blueberries (99 cents each!), roasted garlic hummus.

SD 012

Skim Milk, nonfat greek yogurt, Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Sesame bread (my FAV), reduced fat chunky peanut butter, gum, WW string cheese, and oats.

It all fit perfectly into the mini fridge they put in my room…

SD 021

And here are the “tools” I brought from home for the trip.

SD 015

Peanut flour, a plastic bowl, butter knife, 2 spoons, a 1 tbsp measuring spoon, and a 1/4 cup.

After the grocery store, I passed out for 2 hours straight. I didn’t even mean to, I just laid down on the bed and next thing I knew it was 5:15p. Even though I didn’t feel like it, I forced myself to go check out the hotel gym, and I’m glad I did because it’s the nicest one I’ve seen yet!

The gym has two rooms – one huge weight room and a cardio room.

SD 027

Free weights, plus some machines.

SD 029

Plus some stability balls, a mat, and towels.

I only got a quick photo of the cardio room because there were other people using it…

SD 031

But there were 4 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, a stairmaster, and a bike.

My plan was actually to run outside yesterday, but it was pretty chilly and I only brought short sleeved workout clothes with me, so I ended up doing 3.5 miles on the treadmill following by walking to cool down, and stretching. The run was HARD. I had to go slower than normal and really had to push myself to finish. I think the time change/long day was just getting to me, but I’m really glad I did the whole 3.5 miles on my training schedule.

SD 033

After a quick shower and a glass of milk, I ended up venturing out of the hotel for a quick dinner since I know I’ll be eating at the hotel a lot during the next week. Just under two blocks from the hotel, I found this cute little gem of a restaurant, Currant.

SD 037

It’s restaurant week here, so they do 3 courses for $20, $30 or $40 depending on the restaurant. Currant was $30, but I really wasn’t in the mood for 3 courses so I just went with an entrée. It was grilled salmon over fiery brussels sprouts with crispy sweet potato for a garnish.

SD 044

It was supposed to come with a bacon relish, but I asked for that to be left off the plate. The dish was delicious. The salmon was cooked to perfection, and the brussels were cooked with some olive oil and sriacha sauce in a pan. I only ate a little bit of the fried sweet potato garnish, but that was awesome as well. It’s funny dining out by yourself, but I brought a book with me and was in and out in under an hour.

After dinner I ended up just going back to my room and watching Teen Mom 2 for way too long. I don’t know what it is about that show but I cannot stop watching. Ha.

This morning started bright and early, and I ended up making breakfast in the room to bring down to the course with me so I could eat it when I was ready.

SD 047

That;s a flatout wrap (from home – last one) with some pb flour mixed with water and a sliced banana.

Rolled up tortilla style…

SD 048

And transported in the flatout bag made for the perfect transportable 4 pt+ breakfast. I also have an apple with me to munch on when hunger calls.

Also, my favorite part of the hotel so far…

SD 026

A fruit infused water bar! This was towards the end of the night last night, so most of them are pretty empty, but there’s grapefruit, pineapple, orange, and honeydew infused water. It’s making it VERY easy to stay hydrated! Yesterday I had a cup of each flavor and decided the orange was my favorite.

The plan for today is that the course goes until 4:30pm and then I’m free for the night. I want to do a 3 mile run today so I might venture outside depending how warm it is when the course lets out, and then in search of some good eats!

Have you ever had fruit infused water? Any trashy TV shows you can’t help yourself from enjoying?


24 Responses

  1. That water bar is so cool!

  2. Looks like you are having a great trip so far! There is nothing better than finding out you have a great hotel gym. And I’m really impressed with how well you are preparing food-wise.

  3. That water bar looks cool!!! Only in California I guess. 😉

  4. Oh! I want to infuse some water with fruit when I get home! I’ve had cucumber water lots of time and used to make that but never fruit other than lemon. I love anything grapefruit, so I’m gonna do that first.

    I will watch Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant for hours. It’s awful, awful TV but I can’t stop watching. Sure, there are a few that made me cry like a baby but most times I want to kill the girls, boyfriends AND the grandparents…

  5. Wow the water bar looks great! I make what we call Sassy Water! 1 gallon of water, 1 lemon that you squeeze the life out of then put the shell in the water, some grated ginger; about a good tablespoon, and fresh mint “bruised” at least 2 good sized sprigs. I sqeeze the lemon into the water, then I put the lemon shells, mint and ginger into a piece of cheese cloth tied up to make a large bag and set that into the water to float. If the gallon lasts more than 1 day I take out the bag out because the water seems to get bitter from the lemons. I have used oranges too but never thought of grapefruit. mmmmm

    • Oops forgot about the cucumber slices. Add one sliced cuc to the mixture for the Sassy Water. Sorry.

  6. Dude. You are so freakin good! Not only at the grocery story but working out that night too. I am such a lazy junk food eater when I travel. Now I have to be better 😛

  7. I want that infused water!!! I love grapefruit. I think maybe I’ll try making a grapefruit one. Plus the above comment about the sassy water sounds good. I love ginger…

    Good job going to the gym after an exhausting day of travel! 🙂

  8. Beth, it looks like you packed really well for your trip! Enjoy San Diego =)

  9. I’ve had mint infused water before and it was amazing!!! Looks like your trip to San Diego is going well thus far. Smart thinking heading to the grocery store to stock up on food!!!

  10. Love cucumber infused water in the Summer with lemon sometimes too.

  11. Hi Beth. My mom bought me this from QVC:

    It’s awesome! I love cucumber water. Also, kiwi and strawberry is good too.

    I too am addicted to Teen Mom 2. It’s a secret obsession.

  12. Looks like you are SUPER prepared for a week out of home. Very nicely done with bringing measuring tools from home and stocking up on healthy goodies at the grocery store. Very impressive!

  13. Beth- I’m a new reader but I wanted to comment about being “cold” in San Diego. I’m actually up in Los Angeles and I always feel bad when we have out of town guest because it does get chilly at night. So everyone always comes with shorts & flip flops in the middle of March thinking its going to be hot! You might want to pick up a light jacket for your runs outdoors.

    Have fun!! C-

    • Hi Colleen! Yesterday it was a bit chilly and overcast but today I was totally blown away with the weather. I went outside for a 45 minute walk at lunch and do NOT want to leave… ever!!

  14. Thanks Beth, now I’m craving sushi! 🙂 Cheers, Rick

  15. Fruit infused water. I can’t say that I ever had any, but maybe lemon. It looks soo good though. It made me thirsty jsut looking at it! I basically have a trashy reality show that I watch/recoord a night. The Real Housewives, Teen Mom 2, My Strange Addiction. I think I have a little bit of an obsession!

  16. Oh my gosh! Those fruity water options are fantastic! Why don’t more hotels think of these things?

    Congrats on your great run, and your food prep. Looks like meals are going to be easy for you + I love how you got the points down on your meals. You’re amazing girl!

    Take care + enjoy socal 😀

  17. good for you for getting up and working out after your nap. i can only imagine how hard that was! enjoy your stay in San Diego!

  18. My favorite water is actually cucumber infused. It’s so refreshing! They had it at a similar water bar at a hotel we stayed at in Anaheim.

  19. so good of you to get up and work out after your nap! that must have been so hard. enjoy san diego!

  20. Is that cucumber water?! I tried that at a hotel a few years ago and fell in love. It never lasts long in our fridge! Great blog by the way, can’t wait to keep reading!

  21. Very nice work staying on track while staying on vacation. It is so cool to see your travel kit and to be reminded that their are always ways to plan ahead and uphold your goals!

    I do love fruit infused water, but also love cucumber water with strawberries.

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