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Apartment Gym Tour

Woohoo it’s finally Friday! Three big reasons I’m happy today:

  1. I have no major plans this weekend besides an 8 mile run and some much needed relaxation.
  2. I got an email yesterday and it looks like things are going to work out with me working for Weight Watchers!! I still need to figure out a schedule and make sure there’s a meeting I can “own” and commit to every week, but assuming my availability works out with the open meetings, I got the job!! Exciting stuff.
  3. I ordered Beth’s Journey business cards! My friend Sydney designed them for me, and you can see them here. It makes me feel legit!

Good stuff!

Last night, I was having a lot trouble getting motivated to go to the gym. It was one of those nights where I just wasn’t feeling it. Since I skipped Wednesday night’s workout, I really needed to get a 4 mile run in so I’d be in good shape for running 8 this weekend. My main strategy in getting myself ready to workout even if I don’t feel like it is to change into my gym clothes immediately when I get home so I have less of an excuse.


Then I remembered I’ve been wanting to give you guys a tour of my apartment gym since I work out in there almost every time I work out lately, and that was the final push to get me out the door.

I’m lucky that my apartment gym is pretty nice. There are three separate areas – one side with the cardio and weight machines, one side with free weights and a weight station, and a separate room with some spinning bikes and a good amount of room to stretch in and do ab work.

For cardio, there are 3 treadmills which have been recently been replaced so they’re in really good shape (and they sync with my Polar HRM so I can see my heart rate the whole time!)


There are also 2 ellipticals and 4 bikes, so 9 cardio machines in total.


On the opposite side of the same room, there are six weighed machines. Lat pulldown, row, shoulder press, chest press, one for your calves (can’t recall the name!) and one for your quads.



On the other side of this room, there’s an area with more weights.


I like this part a lot because there’s a mirror I can stand in front of when I’m doing free weights, plus its pretty open so you don’t feel as crowded as you do in the area with weight machines.

The last part of the gym I got a really crappy picture of because people were in there and I didn’t want to skeeve them out.


This is a separate room with these 3 spin bikes, a few ab machines, and the other side of the room that you can’t see is just open space with some mats and stability balls for stretching/floor work.

The best part about the gym besides the fact that it has a lot of equipment to choose from, is that its on the penthouse level of my building, overlooking the airport. The treadmills face directly out the window towards the airport, so when I’m running I can watch planes take off and land. I love that.

I left the gym feeling a lot better than I felt before I went…


Creepy, yes, but also happy I got in a good workout. Smile

I pounded out 4 miles in 38:36, and felt really good once I got past the first 2 miles. I ended up running the last 2 miles at a 9:22 pace (6.4mph) and it felt surprisingly good. I really think the speed work is starting to pay off!


I finished the active part of my night with an awesome bowl of rice and beans.


With black beans that will change your life, cilantro rice, some oven roasted tomatoes that Wil brought home, 1/4 of an avocado, plus some chopped cilantro. So fresh and so delicious.

What’s something making you happy today? Where do you do most of your workouts? How far do you have to travel from your house to get there? I’m really lucky that I only have to go up a few floors in an elevator, or else just outside if the weather is nicer and I’m going out for a run or bike ride.


75 Responses

  1. Hi Beth!
    I’ve never left a message before but I read your blog daily! You are such an inspiration and have come so far in your journey – your before/after pics are amazing, YOU are amazing!!

    Congratulations on your new adventure as a WW employee!! You are that much closer to being a leader. 🙂 I live in Alexandria, VA and plan to rejoin WW, in a few months after my current weighloss plan, and would love to try and come to your location. Keep us posted, or send me a personal email, of the location where you plan to work!!. 🙂

    Way to go on your 4 mile run/pace last night!!!!! 🙂

    TGIF and have a great weekend!!! BTW- Your new buisness cards are great!!

    Katy 🙂

    • Hi Katy – Thank you for your comment!! So glad you found and read my blog.. that makes me happy. 🙂 I’ll definitely keep you posted on the meeting once I find out when it is! That would be awesome if you came. My normal meeting is in DC so if you want to come and actually go to a meeting with me you’re more than welcome!

  2. Great news on WW – you must be thrilled! And that apartment gym is pretty nice.

  3. Your apartment gym is bad ass. I was lucky if the treadmill (yes the one that they had) would turn on in the apartment I used to live in.

    Congrats on becoming a WW employee!

  4. I love taking zumba classes at a studio that’s like 5 minutes from my house. My gym is also 1 mile away, so it makes working out easy and not too inconvenient!

  5. Beth,

    I love your frown face! That’s exactly how I look when I don’t want to go to the gym. But look how much happier you looked after the workout! Great job on the awesome run/ pace. You are going to kick ass in your half marathon =)

    I’m so jealous of your stress-free weekend. Mine is going to be really intense and all I really want to do is hunker down with a good book =) Oh well, maybe next weekend…

  6. Wow! That’s a really nice apartment gym! Lucky you! P.S. Congrats on your WW position! I thought you had to be a Lifetime Member at goal weight to work for them. Maybe that’s just the leaders? I would love to be a leader some day so that’s motivation for me to get this last 12 lbs. or so off! 🙂

    • Thanks Carolyn! And yes, you have to be Lifetime in order to be a Leader, but to be a receptionist you need to be within 10 lbs of a healthy weight for your height. Right now, I’m 5.4 pounds from that, so I’m eligible!

  7. Oh my gosh you have the nicest apartment gym I’ve ever seen! I am so jealous right now – we have 6 pieces of cardio equipment total and one universal gym that’s frequently missing parts. I love your business cards, too!

  8. You have an awesome gym set up. Looks really nice and the best part of it- you’ve got a great view. I do my thread mill walks in my garage. Hey it works for me. Enjoy your week end. Congrats on getting the weight watchers job!

  9. That’s quite the apartment gym! I’ve only lived in one complex with a gym & boy was it terrible…everything was at least 10 years old and just gross.

    What’s making me happy today? Fitting in pants that didn’t fit 6 months ago. Granted, I’ve been fitting in them for about 2 months now, but it still makes me happy every time I slip them on!

    I work out all over the place – spinning is at a YMCA branch 45 min from home, but it’s only 5 min from my office & I go right after work. Yoga and swimming are at another YMCA branch that is 3 miles from home – so I occasionally ride my bike there! Otherwise it’s running & cycling right from my front door!

    • I love when there are clothes that make you feel good to put on, regardless of when you were first able to wear them again. I have these pants that I am dying to fit into… soon!

  10. that is a super nice gym!! Ours is so, so, but WAY nicer than anything I ever got in Kansas City. The only thing I wish is that the treadmills faced a tv…sigh life is so tough

    • hahaa. I hate when I go int he morning there is always a guy on one of the treadmills watching fox news. I want to put it on the Today show so bad but he always beats me to it!

  11. Congrats on working for WW as a receptionist! I love the pics and recipes – your food always looks great and gets me excited to make new dishes. Keep up the good work – you’re getting to your goal!

  12. That is totally awesome for an apartment gym! I’m super jealous!

    My gym is only a mile up the road but it’s so hard to park out (especially now with all the snow) so it demotivates me to go sometimes, which is a problem.

    Congratulations on the new job!

    • Thanks! Even just one mile – – the whole process of getting dressed in a jacket, into your car, finding a spot.. takes so long! I guess you could run or walk there to “warm” up? That stinks that its hard to park!

  13. Congrats on the WW receptionist position! You look great, BTW. The new P+ plans seems to suit you. 🙂

  14. That is a pretty awesome apartment gym. My building has a good assortment of machines but they’re crammed into a pretty small area and it makes me a little claustrophobic. I usually go to a gym that’s about 2 miles from my house. I’m hoping in the spring I can run there/do some weights/run home. It would be a perfect work out.
    The business cards look great! 🙂

  15. Love the business cards! My office gym is slightly smaller than your gym, but similar in types of machines. I do my weekday workouts there or on my bike trainer, and weekend runs outside.
    Side note – I can’t believe how much you have traveled the last few months so I’m really happy that you are getting a weekend to relax!

  16. Awesome business cards! Sometimes its better to just hand those out and let people see for themselves what your website is about than trying to explain it. 🙂 Congrats again on WW!

  17. Your gym is amazing! holy cow!

  18. That’s a VERY nice apartment gym!

  19. Congratulations on WW! Your apartment gym is so nice. If I move, I hope there’s a gym in the complex!

  20. Hi Beth!

    I love reading your blog. It is so inspiring and keeps me motivated, too- and I definitely LOL at some of the southbury/beth-isms. hee hee. Hope you’re doing great.



    • Hi Marisol! Thanks for your comment. So glad you’ve been keeping up with the blog and are inspired! It definitely helps me stay motivated, too. 🙂

  21. Oh your apartment gym is so much nicer than mine! I think I would be a little more motivated to go… honestly…

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend, Beth!

  22. Love your business cards! I’m in the process of designing mine, I’m pretty excited 🙂 Your gym is gorgeous! When we used to live in an apartment complex, there was a couple cardio machines, weights and that was it.
    Right now, my gym is in the basement 🙂

  23. Your apartment gym looks really nice! Congrats again on the WW gig!

  24. That is one sweet set up at your apartment – you’re lucky to have that!

    I work out mostly on the streets outside our house or at the local YMCA – which is about 3 miles away. I really only go their for X-Biking classes or to run on their indoor track if running outside’s not an option.

    I’m seriously still jealous of your gym space. We own our own home – but we don’t have sweet equipment like that! Just a tread….dreadmill. 🙂

    • The classes at the gym are the thing I miss the most about belonging to one! That’s the biggest drawback of having a gym in my apartment building.

  25. I’m snowed in in Oklahoma and had no idea how I was going to get a good workout in and this post totally reminded me that I have a small gym at my apartment complex! Now I only have to walk to the other side of the complex to get there! But that’s a workout in it’s own!

  26. That’s a nice looking gym! Lucky! I’ve never had a gym in an apartment I lived in but the office I work in now has a gym. There’s 2 treadmills, 2 bikes, 1 elliptical, weights and 2 stairmasters. It’s a nice option.

    • That’s great that you have one in your office! I would love that option to be able to mid-day workouts if my schedule is crazy before and after work.

  27. Lately I’ve been using my Stand Up paddle board for most of my daily workouts. I paddle about 2 miles near Kaanapali Beach. It’s the best sort of work out because I see tons of sea turtles, bright fish, whales and beautiful coral. Luckily the beach I launch from is only about 2 miles from my house so it’s a sort commute 🙂 Aloha!

  28. Holy smokes, your apartment gym is NICE! I think it may even be nicer than places I’ve payed to belong to…

  29. I also do the trick of putting on my gym clothes so I lose my excuse to go out- it totally works.

    Also, your apartment gym is so freaking nice!

  30. Congratulations on the job! Your appartment gym looks REALLY nice! Must be convient having it in the same building!

  31. That’s awesome about your job!! That’s a really nice gym apartment!! It makes it so easy to workout when you just have to go upstairs!!

  32. Your apartment gym is amazing! Your so lucky. Mine has nice equipment, but there is only one of each thing, so it’s really small and always occupied.

    Congrats on the WW job 🙂 You are such an inspiration. I’m jealous of the people that get to go to your location!

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE your business cards!!! I tell people all over Oki to check you out 🙂 You should send some to me and I can spread them all over Japan and then Germany 😉 I totally do the same thing with the workout clothes. I actually change into them before I leave work!! Was so proud today because I could not do the trail run due to rain, BUT I still went to the gym and did 2 miles for the first time. I jumped from 1.22 miles on Wed to 2 miles today :):) Love your apt. gym…nice touch with the fireplaces, so pretty!!! 🙂 Congrats on the job, you will be awesome! Wish I could come to a meeting!!!!

  34. Yay for you!! So excited that you will be working for WW (: And your business cards are TOO CUTE!

    That is one nice apartment gym, by the way! I have a pretty sweet gym at school that I loveee to go to, one day I hope to have a little mini home gym in my house (whenever I actually get a house that is lol)

    Happy Saturday love ❤

  35. wow what a great gym! that would motivate me for sure. and how great that you get to have your own WW meeting. enjoy your weekend and your 8 mile run!

  36. Wow, your apartment gym is super nice! Mine is just a few busted mahcines in a small area. That must be awesome during bad weather (like this entire past month!)

  37. Once again girl, you have inspired me!!

    I really don’t want to work out, my lip is on the floor, but as soon as I post, I am hitting my recumbent bike in my front room. No excuses! It is new and quiet and gives me a great workout since I just had a total knee replacement on Nov. 1, 2010.

    The gym I have my membership at is about 8 miles down the road and in Okie land we have lots of snow and slush, so their hours have been modified and when I get home I don’t want to go and my kids don’t want me to go because they want me to cook!

    The dinner looks FAB! I think I may have that dish on Monday, just need to get some cilantro and tomatoes. Congrats on your WW job and the new business cards! That is the beauty of living in the DC area they are much more pedestrain friendly than Oklahoma. We don’t have many sidewalks, bike paths or running tracks. Thanks for the inspiration, here I come bike!

  38. Oh my goodness – congrats on WW! You are seriously amazing Beth! Keep up your excellent work, not only are you taking control of life for yourself – but you are providing inspiration to so many people! 🙂

  39. Wow all that in your apartment. That would be awesome!! Way to get there, and get the job done!

  40. That’s a really nice apartment gym! I’m new to yoru blog, but I also had 8 miles planned for this weekend. Unfortunately, I missed a few of my training runs leading up to it, and it was rough. Great job on the 4 miles!

  41. Oh my gosh congrats on WW!!!

    You are 100 million % inspiration to so many ppl. And your new buz cards just make it even more legit. 🙂

    Great tour of the gym! Wish my apt had a place like that!

  42. Oh gosh girl, that Mexican-like bowl looks absolutely delicious! I love the looks of your gym, too. It’s huge and there’s so much variety. Hope your I miles went well, I have yet to hit that number but I’m so excited to tackle it soon!! Have a happy start to your week girl!

  43. Hi Beth,
    after I read your all the article, I decided to buy polar HRM. However I am wondering it that works well?
    Of course I am dying to trying!!

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