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Time for a Chobani Giveaway

Finally Friday – woohoo! It’s funny because I woke up yesterday barely believing it was already Thursday, but then the week stopped in its tracks and I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for today… and here it is. And it’s going to be a nice one, too.

Somehow, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Beth’s Journey! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, but at the same time I love the blog so much that I can’t really picture things without it in my life at this point. All the amazing people I have met, emailed with, opportunities that have come from it… it just blows my mind. It’s scary looking back to my blog one year ago and how far I’ve come with it in terms of my writing, photos, and posting style – I honestly can’t believe anyone used to read it back then!

So in honor of the one year anniversary, I thought it would be the perfect time to host the first giveaway I’ve done in a long time, and this one’s a good one! You guys must know how much I love Greek yogurt by now. I only discovered it in the last two years or so, and I’ll never go back to regular kind. The thick, creamy texture just can’t compare to regular yogurt, and the protein that it packs keeps me full for hours. I love using plain Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream or cream cheese in lots of recipes, and have Greek yogurt for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or in a sauce almost every single day. It’s one of the things I always have on hand and has been truly instrumental in my healthy lifestyle.

When Chobani reached out about sampling their new flavors, of course I jumped at the chance, especially when they told me what the flavors were.


0% Black Cherry, 2% Mango, and 0% Lemon. Each of these flavors has 4 pts+ per container and packs between 13-15 grams of protein. Chobani is my favorite kind of flavored Greek yogurt, and these new flavors are amazing. My favorite of the three is the Lemon, which actually surprised me. There’s little bits of lemon zest in the yogurt and its literally like heaven in a cup. The Black Cherry and Mango are also so delicious, both with chunks of real fruit, and tie for second place. Smile

One lucky reader will win the same sampler pack that I received, pictured above.  There are three ways to enter:

  1. Like the Chobani Facebook page and leave a comment telling me you did.
  2. Visit the Chobani website and leave a comment telling me the flavor you’d most like to try.
  3. Leave a comment asking me anything you’d like to know about me, anything you’d like me you address on the blog, or something you’d like to see on Beth’s Journey in the future that I don’t do now.

Each person can enter up to three times. Giveaway runs through midnight EST on Tuesday, February 22nd, and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning. Good luck!


396 Responses

  1. I Like Chobani on facebook. deana matera calvanese

  2. The flavor I would most like to try is the “Peach”.

  3. I don’t remember when I started reading this blog (summer. maybe?) but I honestly can’t believe it’s ONLY a year old!?!?!? You are great at what you do, and it”s always a pleasure to read! Happy Birthday, Beth’s Journey!

  4. I Liked Chobani on facebook!

  5. I really want to try pineapple. I know it’s not a new flavor but everyone raves about it!

  6. I think the Black cherry one sounds awesome!

    I’d love to hear you talk more about how you stay motivated, with running, eating healthy, etc. You seem to have such determination, with working out on a regular schedule, when you are away, etc. It’s very inspiring!

  7. I am in this process of getting “back on track” but am so overwhelmed planning my meals and shopping for them. I get so many ideas but dont want to overbuy and waste things. Do you have a set plan every week for what you eat? And then how do you decide what it is you are going to buy?

  8. I want to try the blueberry flavor!

  9. Annnnnnd my question is:
    Do you see yourself running any marathons in the near future?

  10. I want to try the black cherry one. That sounds fantastic!

  11. Oh, the lemon sounds so good! I have not tried Chobani yet (would love to though!)

    I had no idea your blog was only a year old. Happy Blogiversary!

  12. I would love to try black cherry chobani. Pineapple is my current favorite.

  13. I ‘like’ chobani on facebook. Yay!

  14. I like Chobani on Facebook.

  15. And, I’d love to try the mango flavor.

    Amy Lauren

  16. I “liked” Chiobani on FB.

  17. I love anything lemon flavored so I’d like to try that one!

  18. I really want to try the honey! I mix my Fage with honey whenever I have it for breakfast. I don’t care for the Oikos with honey already mixed in- it is too runny- so I am looking for a good, already mixed one.

  19. I already like Chobani on Facebook.

  20. I liked Chobani on FB! Not sure why I didn’t do it earlier. I stock up on the big tubs of plain Chobani whenever I’m at BJs Wholesale Club.

  21. I really want to try the Black Cherry, although I like the blueberry a lot.

  22. I would love to try the lemon flavor. I eat chobani on a regular basis so I’ve tried all their current flavors.

  23. Happy Anniversary Beth!!! It is amazing how many new people/ new opportunities you can make as a result of your blog.

  24. like on facebook

  25. One big thing I struggle with is daily meal plans, I would like to see a sample of what you eat in a week every once in a while. Keep up the great work!

  26. Happy Blog Birthday! I would love to try the lemon flavor.

  27. The lemon sounds delicious!! Would def love to try that flavor!

  28. Hi Beth! Happy Birthday for the Blog! You’re doing a great job and I enjoy reading it 🙂

    The lemon sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to try it. I’m going to like Chobani on Facebook as soon as I’m done with this post.

    My question is, and I hope it’s not too personal: How did you meet Will? He’s adorable and so are his girls! You guys make a great couple 🙂

  29. I liked chobani on fb and my current fave it pineapple but the new flavors sound so tasty! Can’t wait to try them!

  30. Ok, the one question I have for you is- how do you control the crazy eating binge when you have your menstrual cycle? I can’t seem to control myself and end up eating like I don’t want to name which animal…..I am 46 years of age , 4′ 11″, 114 lbs at the moment. I started reading your blog in November 2010 and you have inspired me to exercise and eat healthier. I have lost 8lbs since then and it’s because of you. I didn’t like how my body was transforming into, so I read your blog every morning and I think your an amazing person and I want to thank you so much for motivating me to do something about myself. Enjoy your weekend.

  31. Happy 1-year anniversary!! How do u mentally tackle running on the treadmill? Do u have an awesome playlist or do u just get into the zone? I find that it’s very difficult for me to run on a treadmill. Thanks!

  32. I liked the FB page 🙂

  33. I would love to try the lemon 🙂 that sounds amazing 🙂

  34. I would love to win the sampler. I made the switch to Chobani months ago and LOVE it (especially blueberry) but would love to try the other flavors! The lemon flavor would be GREAT!

  35. I really want to try the Black Cherry Chobani, I have not seen that flavor at any store:)

  36. I am a fan of Chobani on facebook!

  37. I typically eat the plain Chobani, but I would love to try mango! I was so excited when mangoes were on sale a couple weeks ago. One of my favorite fruits for sure.

  38. Wow, the mango sounds amazing! I’ve never had mango yogurt!

  39. Being a south Florida girl love to try the mango! Chobani us my favorite Greek yogurt as well.

  40. I like Chobani on Facebook. (Donna Zeigler Roucoulet)


  41. I would love to try either the Raspberry or the Lemon flavors.


  42. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary!! I haven’t been reading that long, but I am so glad I found your blog. It’s been great, so I’m sure it will continue to be so!

  43. i would love to try the mango!

  44. i also follow chobani on FB

  45. I would most want to try the mango. In fact, I just picked one up at Target yesterday!

  46. I like Chobani on facebook. 🙂

  47. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shirley Martintutolo, Shirley Martintutolo and Chobani, Beth Klein. Beth Klein said: Time for a Chobani Giveaway: http://t.co/kG2KNKd #fitblog @chobani […]

  48. I liked chobani on facebook, and visited their website. I really want to try the lemon flavor! I love lemon zest and it sounds amazing.
    I’d love to see a post on advice based on your blog – tips for other bloggers on increasing readership, giveaways, etc.
    Happy anniversary! 🙂

  49. I “liked” Chobani 🙂

    Congrats on 1 year!!!!

  50. I just “liked” Chobani on Facebook!

  51. I would love to try the 0% lemon flavor, as they boast of the perfect sweet tartness. 🙂

  52. I would love to try the lemon flavor, it sounds really different from your typical yogurt/fruit combination!

    My question – are you looking to get back into cycling? Would you ever consider a cycling event or a triathlon?

    And congrats on the one year anniversary!

  53. I wanna try the lemon flavor!

  54. I just started following your blog this year so I have two questions for you (1) do you own a Vitamix? I’m on the verge of buying one (I want to see the presentation at Whole Foods in 2 weeks first). and (2) have you tried Kombucha yet? I had my first bottle yesterday (blog post to come in a few minutes). I thought it was delicious, but was wondering if I am supposed to drink all the living strings at the bottom of the bottle. LOL.

    On a journey to healthy living,

  55. I ‘like’ chobani on facebook

  56. the lemon flavor sounds good! I would like to try that one!

  57. Happy 1 year blogging anniversary BK! Big things in your future, for sure. 🙂

    I like chobani on FB! I’d add some crunchy granola and almonds to the lemon flavor. I bet it’d be like a heatlhy version of a lemon square. Yum.

  58. How did you pick your goal weight? Do you think that when you reach it you will be happy or reevaluate?

  59. Happy 1 year! I too am addicted to greek yogurt!

  60. I’d love to try the mango flavor! My favorite so far is pineapple…and the mango just sounds like it would be light and refreshing like the pineapple! (Plus, mango is just yummy!)

    I can’t believe your blog is only 1 year old – amazing how much you’ve accomplished/grown it in just 12 months!

  61. I liked them on facebook, and the Lemon looks amazzing!

  62. I would love to see you do a desserts blog entry, weight watchers friendly desserts are good to have.

  63. I liked the Chobani facebook page!

  64. The flavor that I most certainly want to try is MANGO!!

  65. I have been on WW for 10 months now and have lost about 6 pounds. I really don’t know how to stay motivated and get back to losing and not just maintaining. I would really love to know how you got motivated and stayed motivated to lose and maintain your huge loss.

  66. I really want to try the champions Honey-nana and the lemon!

  67. I have to say the thing I would like to see is what you do when you feel discouraged with running or exercising! You have helped me on every front (running, putting one day at a time). How do you keep yourself motivated to pursue a healthy lifestyle?

  68. Congrats for your One year! I have always wanted to know how you stay so motivated with your workout?

  69. I would LOVE to try the lemon!! I just got hooked this week. I’ve tried vanilla and blueberry so far and have peach in the fridge.
    Thanks for doing this Beth!!!

  70. I am already a fan of Chobani on FB!

  71. I’ve already tried the lemon (amazing!) and I always eat 0% plain so now I want to try the black cherry and strawberry banana (I know it’s been out for awhile, but I never pick it up!)

    Happy blog anniversary!!! 😀

  72. Like on facebook 🙂

  73. And I would love to try bloack cherry! I cant find it in my grocery stores!! Congrats on one year 🙂

  74. 1. I liked them on facebook 🙂
    2. I would love to try the lemon. It didn’t sound yummy until you described it.
    3.my question: Have you tried making the breakfast cookie with the peanut flour instead of the protein powder yet?

  75. I LOVE Chobani yogurt and the black cherry sounds WAY delicious. I did like it on Facebook today as well!!

  76. I would love to hear about any resistance from others that you have encountered. I know we all struggle with our own demons, but what about say, for example, if you go to a friend or family members house and they’ve ordered pizza and there is no side salad or another healthier option. How do you politely express that you’re eating healthier, etc.? Unfortunately this situation happens to me a lot….

  77. Happy Blog Birthday 🙂 I like chobani on facebook

  78. I would love to try the black cherry

  79. I already like Chobani on FB! (SMorton)

  80. Liked Chobani

  81. I have already tried EVERY Chobani flavor (I made it a goal to find them all, LOL) so I will have to say my new favorite is MANGO!!

  82. I would like to try pineapple

  83. i like chobani on facebook!

  84. i’m dying to try lemon and they don’t sell it anywhere near me!

  85. What is your absolute favorite quick yet healthy meal? I feel like I am lacking time these days and don’t want to turn to unhealthy options for my meals.

    I have been using Chobani for my snacks 🙂

  86. I liked the Chobani fb page! Im dying to try Lemon, i cant find it anywhere yet. I love the black cherry!

  87. I like Chobani on Facebook and I love Chobani in my belly!

  88. what are you most looking forward to this summer?

  89. I like Chobani on Facebook!

  90. I would love to try black cherry!

  91. I “like” chobani on facebook (and in real life, haha)

  92. I liked chobani on facebook

  93. I like chobani on fb

  94. I would LOVE to try the lemon. Haven’t found it in stores yet.

  95. I’d really like to try the back cherry

  96. 1. I like the Chobani FB page (that is how I found you!)

    2. I would love to try the lemon!

  97. I would love to try the Lemon or Mango.. leaning more towards the Lemon.. would be a nice refresher for the warmer months… 🙂

  98. I would love to try the lemon. Anything with lemon flavor is so good!

  99. I haven’t tried the new flavors and will probably mix blueberry with lemon! 😀

    • and WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MUSEUMS IN D.C. ??? I’m native so the NMAI is my favorite. Next time i visit I know it will be rough emotionally but I’m going to the Holocaust exhibit.

  100. I’ve been a fan of Chobani on Facebook forever! ❤

  101. I can’t wait to try the mango; my local area is slow to get the new flavors. :<

  102. I liked the Chobani Facebook page!!

  103. I liked them on Facebook. I was able to try the mango yesterday, and it is good!!! I’ve been wanting to try the lemon. It sounds so good!!!! So far, pineapple is my very favorite.
    Good job on the blog!! I love reading it.

  104. I am a big fan of Chobani (on FB and otherwise). I have not seen any of these new flavors, and I would LOVE to try the lemon. Are these available in stores yet? I use Chobani as part of a healthy lifestyle/weight loss plan, as well. The plain has 18 big ole grams of protein!! I use it in place of mayo and sour cream a lot. Have you tried that? I’ve found success with WW in the past, but am not currently a member. Could you give me a quick overview of the newest plan? Thanks! Great job on the 80 lbs, and good luck on those “last few”! Karyn

  105. I don’t have any questions or anything- I actually found your blog FROM Chobani’s fb page. 🙂 Just wanted to say that your weight loss transformation has been incredible- congrats! Adding you to my blog follow list 🙂

  106. I would like to try the peach chobani. Im already a friend of theirs on FB. My parents started eating chobani recently and now thats all they will eat, they love it also.
    I would like to know where you grew up.- I just started reading your blogs and am enjoying them! Good job and keep up the good work- and freebies are always nice! 🙂
    Missy Wilber


  107. Already a follower of Chobani on FB! (love it!)

  108. I “like” Chobani on FB and I absolutely LOVE eating it. My favorite kind right now is Pineapple but I can’t wait to try all three of these new flavors! I can’t pick just one out of the 3 that I want to try more…I love lemons, I love mangos, and I love cherries!!!! 🙂

  109. I “Like” Chobani on Facebook.

    I LOVE Chobani in real life.

    Went on a crazed rampage around South Florida looking for the lemon flavor a week ago and finally found it at a Publix so I bought em out – ok so they only had 2 left, but I bought em both!

    I seriously cannot wait to try the mango and black cherry. Before the lemon, my favorite was peach. Chobani has made a great difference in my own journey to get healthy. I’ve been able to examine non-meat sources of protein, not to mention I finally like yogurt (HATED it for years). I eat Chobani on a daily basis, and I tell everyone I know about it!! So happy to see another person who loves Chobani doing what they can to spread the word!

  110. Hey Beth!

    Great job on the site. I hope you keep motivating your readers to stay healthy! Can you speak about the probiotics in Chohani and compare it to other yogurts. Is there a different?

  111. Would love to try the mango…no wait, the black cherry…arrrgh–do I have to pick just one?!?!?!

  112. I am a fan of Chobani on facebook and frequent their webpage as well. I would love to try the black cherry! I would also love to try making frozen yogurt using that flavor 🙂 yum!

  113. I liked Chobani on FB. I really want to try all 3 of the new flavors. I have bought all of the other flavors of Chobani. I like pineapple & peach the most.

  114. Hi Beth! Absolutely love reading about your journey and it’s inspired me to lose weight and get healthy.
    I live in Annapolis, MD and am DESPERATE to try the lemon but it’s nowhere to be found in this area! 😦

    Keep up the good work with your new healthy lifestyle and keep writing! ❤

    P.S. I'm a friend of Chobani on Facebook. 😉

  115. I like Choboni on FB. It my fav yogurt ever!!

  116. I liked Chobani on FB

  117. I have “liked” the Chobani Facebook page for what seems like ions now! I would love love love to try Mango but your review of lemon also makes me a tad curious about that one. My husband would like to try cherry..we would love to win! With a combined effort from Chobani and myself, I have been making honor roll at Oregon State! I started having a cup for breakfast and the protein and brain power that little cup packs, I have been able to be brilliant all day instead of just a couple of hours! Also, any giveaway to two college students is like hitting the jackpot! Enjoyed reading your blog, this was my first time and I look forward to reading again in the future!

  118. I would love to try mango or strawberry

  119. I’d like to try the lemon I think or black cherry mmm!! Recipe using Chobani!

  120. I would also like to try the lemon!!

  121. I’m dying to try the lemon- it would go great on top of blueberry pancakes!

  122. I like Chobani on Facebook

  123. I love vanilla chobani, but the flavor I most want to try that I see on their web site and haven’t yet tried is the black cherry.

  124. I’ve heard awesome things about the lemon, so I’d totally go for that.

  125. Just started reading your blog – it’s great! I’d love to see some Chobani recipes, actually. I love trying to work it into recipes/other foods. Thanks.

  126. I like Chobani on Facebook!

  127. I already like Chobani on fb — that’s how I found out about this site. I can’t wait to read more about your journey, Beth. I would really like to try the black cherry, too.

  128. I would like to try vanilla almond my favorite is the honey!!!!!!

  129. I’ve liked Cho on FB for a while now…I want to try the mango BAD, but after reading this I actually want to try the lemon! I don’t normally like lemon flavored stuff, but you made it sound so good!

  130. I like their facebook pg

  131. I want to try the lemon flavor!

  132. I visited Chobani’s website, and would love to try black cherry (or any of them!)

  133. I had already liked Chobani on Facebook, which is how I found out there are new flavors! I can only get peach, strawberry & blueberry here in Grand Rapids, MI, so I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I’m dying to try the black cherry, because I’ve read others’ reviews. Lemon would be awesome, too. Just got my 8-year-old son hooked on Chobani – great protein for kids!!

  134. If you could go on an adventure anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  135. I too LOVE Chobani… I have lost 97 pounds since August 1st 2009, started running 1-13-10. I also take care of my mother with diabetes. She has a chobani EVERY DAY too. I just bought 1 of each of the new flavors… haven’t tried any YET! I LOVE Plain. I am focuing on whole foods and Chobani is the best greek yogurt out there! So glad to have found your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  136. I cannot wait to try the pineapple flavor!

  137. I’d like to try the pomegranate Chobani.

  138. I’m a fan of Chobani on Facebook.

  139. I’d like to see some more recipes.

  140. omg that black cherry looks so good! but i would love to try the lemon, mango and pomegranate ones!! mmmm chobani

  141. I like chobani and facebook, but I LOVE chobani in real life!! I would love to win and try those flavors!

  142. Chobani on FB liked … check 🙂

  143. I like Chobani on facebook already! No need to go do it!

  144. The black cherry looks delish! That’s the flavor I’d most like to try.

  145. I liked Chobani on facebook and checked out the website. I would like to try the black cherry or the lemon.

  146. I liked the Chobani page on facebook just a few minutes after I had my first cup (0% peach), and the flavor that I would most like to try of all of these is the mango flavor. Living in Minnesota in February makes me long for a taste of the tropics, so mango seems like my best bet. However, I also think that the black cherry would make a welcome “Cherry Garcia” substitute, and the lemon would be a nice summery taste. Who am I kidding? I love them all!

  147. I LIKE Chobani on Facebook!

  148. I would LOVE to try Lemon flavor Chobani!


  149. I like chobani on facebook!

  150. I want to try mango and lemon!

  151. Do you think Chobani would consider making their product more affordable?


    • Hey Donna!

      Unfortunately, better ingredients cost a bit more money, and we would never sacrifice the quality of our products. That being said, Chobani was created with the mission to make high quality, all natural yogurt affordable to the masses, so we greatly appreciate your feedback. If you ever need coupons for our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at http://chobani.com/about/contact. Thanks so much for your comment and your support. We love hearing from our fans!


      Emily Schildt
      Communications Manager

  152. i want to know what your favorite go to snaack is in the afternoon…or healthy snack ideas in generally really

  153. I like Chobani on Facebook.
    I’d LOVE to try the lemon flavor!!

  154. I liked on facebook. I am new to the chobani world. I was sick of yogurt that was boring and I have been trying to loose the baby weight from my two kids. It tastes delicious and it refuels me when I’m hungry after an intense workout.

  155. I already “like” Chobani – man, their yogurt rocks! Can’t wait to try the lemon flavor, right now Pineapple is my all-time fave!

    Just checking out your blog; thanks for the great info. packed in here!!

  156. I like Chobani’s Facebook page – my FB name is Amanda Moore

  157. My favorite Chobani flavor right now is Pomegranate but I really want to try the new Lemon flavor!

  158. I would love if you made a shopping post showing where you went shopping with photos of you modeling what you bought!

  159. I like Chobani on Facebook!

  160. I would love to try the mango!

  161. definitely the mango

  162. how did you and wil meet?

  163. I ‘like” chobani on facebook!

  164. I like them on Facebook! And since they do not sell Chobani where I live I only get it on holidays so I have only tried a few kinds…but one I would still love to try is the Low-Fat Strawberry Banana!

  165. I am a fan of chobani on facebook. I am addicted to the pineapple flavor. I can’t wait to try one of the new flavors – especially mango!

  166. I would love to try the mango. It hasn’t appeared near me yet!

  167. I like Chobani on Facebook.

  168. I “like” Chobani yogurt on facebook!!!

  169. Liked Chonani on FB! And yes, lemon is the best new flavor!

  170. I love the strawberry and would like to see some smoothy ideas. Entered on Facebook and here:)

  171. I’d love to try the black cherry flavor.

    I just checked out the Chobani website and am also excited about all the recipes they have. I think roasted red pepper spread is in my future.

  172. I am a facebook fan of Chobani! That’s how I found YOU!

    I am dying to try the Mango! I can’t find it in our local stores…yet! (the new cherry is pretty darn good, but it doesn’t beat out my favorite so far, peach!)

    I want to know if you ride horses at all? I’m a yogi & I offer horseback riding & yoga retreats here in New Mexico! It’s a blast! & a great way to stay in shape! Thanks for my 3 chances to win!

  173. Congratulations on the 1 year milestone! That’s so exciting!

    I definitely want to try the lemon Chobani–I’d love to mix blueberries right in 🙂

  174. And something I’d love to see–daily or weekly meal plans (if you do them), and if so, how you go about setting them up every week 🙂

  175. i “like” chobani of FB (LOVE!!) i would LOVE to try the Lemon one! It’s sounds so yummy!!! At first i was in love with pineapple and now more in love with strawberry-banana, i’m addicted!!!

  176. I went to Facebook and “liked” Chobani’s page. I would LOVE to win the giveaway, and especially want to try the Lemon flavor – yum!

  177. I already buy Chobani and love it- in fact I just ate a vanilla yogurt as my morning snack. I really want to try the lemon though, it sounds good.

  178. I “like” Chobani on Facebook.

  179. I am curious to try the new Lemon flavor.

  180. Hi Beth, So much social activity revolves around food. I’d love for you to address in your blog ideas for how someone who is trying to lose / maintain weight can still go out but not feel pressured to over-indulge. Or, what sorts of alternatives to food-centered activities do you have?

  181. Hi Beth! I would love to try the lemon chobani! I have a question for you about avocados. I have recently become completely addicted to them! I eat them in turkey wraps and in salads but would love to branch out to other dishes. Any suggestions or recipes you have in mind?

  182. I’m already a fan of the Chobani fb page. I eat it everyday. Just bought 25 containers on sale at Target. Hoping they get more in tomorrow, before the sale goes off.

  183. I would like to try the black cherry. AND, I would like to know what your favorite fitness magazine/resources are…(sorry if you have already blogged about this).

  184. I’d like to try the lemon! The only new flavor at my store is cherry but I’ve got my eyes peeled for the other 2!

  185. “Liked” chobani on fb!

  186. I’d like to know what your favorite restaurants are in the DC area!

  187. 1. I like Chobani on FB (that is how I found your blog 🙂
    2. I’d love to try the Mango – yum!
    3. I’m on the fence about re-joining WW for the new program, but I feel like I need to accountability. I’ve love in the past, but usually I lose 10 lbs and then plateau. Do you think the new program would be beneficial?

  188. I love Chobani! I have been a Facebook follower of theirs for a while now. My favorite flavor is pineapple, but I haven’t yet tried mango! Looking forward to it!

  189. Hi! I’ve been on Chobani’s FB page for a while now. Absolutley love it! We have a home in Norwich, NY, and I’ve seen their facility in New Berlin and offices in Norwich. Haha, would love to get a job as a ‘taster’ to make sure everything is okay! 🙂 I love Chobani and will never eat regular runny yogurt again! Just bought the Mango, Black Cherry, and the lemon!

  190. I “liked” chobani on facebook.

  191. I love Chobani yogurt and I like them on facebook!

  192. I would love to try all of them! But I think I would love the lemon!

  193. I “like” chobani on facebook. would like to try lemon and retry mango since I only found it 3 states away :P.

  194. I liked chobani on facebook!

  195. I also really want to try the lemon flavor. I need to start looking for it at the grocery store.

  196. After visiting the chobani page, I’d most like to try the mango flavor. It’s one of my favorite fruits, and I know I’d love it!

  197. Also, it’d be nice to see specific recipes that you can make with some of the chobani flavors?

  198. I have tried and LOVE chobani mango- so freaking delicious. I really want to try the lemon- your review is definitely making me want to go out and buy some right now 🙂

  199. Also, I like chobani on facebook!

  200. I would love to read more about your weight loss journey before you started Beths Journey. I know you talk about in ‘my story’ but I’d love to hear about some of your struggles during that initial phase of changing your life.

  201. I also like chobani on facebook…have tried lemon and cherry – love them! I think pom is my fave but i love them all!

  202. I have “liked” chobani for a long time. I follow a gluten free lifestyle, and eat a LOT of greek yogurt. Chobani is the Best, hands down. Recently, I’ve noticed them disappearing from my fridge a lot faster– my fiance is now sharing my love and borderline addiction! My favorite is the pomegranate and he loves pineapple. I am dying to try lemon and blackberry too! They all look SO good!!!

  203. I’d love videos of your recipes!

    (and the mango flavor looks amazing!)

  204. I like chobani on facebook!!

  205. I like Chobani on Facebook

  206. My favorite flavor so far is pineapple, but I can’t wait to try the lemon!

  207. I just recently discovered Chobani and it is definitely one of my favorite snacks! I have yet to try all the flavors. Currently I’m loving the pineapple but
    I really want to try the lemon one!

  208. Also I liked Chobani on facebook 🙂

  209. I have “liked” Chobani for a long time!! Actually – it’s more like I love it! I don’t really have a favorite as I love all of them but haven’t seen the new ones yet in the store. I would be most excited to try the lemon flavor!! Sounds yummy!!

  210. I liked Chobani on facebook. I have the mango at home, I am nervous to try it. I love everyone I have tried so far so I dont know why i am nervous.

  211. I am DYING to try the Black Cherry flavor but haven’t had any luck finding it.. crossing my fingers to win this!

  212. I’d love to try the new Black Cherry flavor!!!

  213. Hey Beth. Congrats to you! I liked (loved) chobani a long time ago. Was one of the first to be hooked here in Cincinnati. Amazing how it took off! Although I am a tried and true Vanilla lover (with PB and Chocolate granola) I would love to try the mango. There aren’t many things mango and I would imagine it would be light and refreshing.

  214. I like Chobani on Facebook! 🙂

    Also I’d love to try the lemon because I love anything lemon.

  215. i liked chobani…..and i LUV this stuff

  216. I wanna try the lemon and black cherry

  217. I want to try the honey! That looks delish!

  218. Hmmm, I’d like to see more DC-specific food adventures on your blog!

  219. Hi! I am a new weight watchers member and totally loving your blog and how you catalog the point system. Please keep it up!!

    Also, I wonder how many points are in a Georgetown Cupcake! haha..

  220. I’m a Chobani fan on Facebook!

  221. 1. Check! I am a facebook liker of Chobani!

  222. I really really really want to try lemon… i’ve heard it’s fabulous but nobody sells it near me.

  223. 2. I’m dying to try Mango…. it just sounds epic!

  224. Beth; what is your favorite color? 🙂

  225. I’m loving your blog. Your story is truly inspiring (I’ve lost around 80lbs so I can relate to your battle. Your recipes are awesome too, sweet potato ravioli :-).

    I liked Chobani on facebook 🙂
    I would opt to love them if that were an option.

  226. I love all the Chobani flavors that I have tried. Peach, pineapple, and black cherry are my favorite :-). I have not tried the lemon so I would love to try!!!

  227. I have ‘liked’ Chobani on Facebook for a few months now 🙂

  228. I still haven’t seen any of the new flavors at the store yet, but I would like to try the lemon first and then the black cherry. Right now my favorite is pineapple.

  229. I would love to try the mango!

  230. I also like the Chobani Facebook page.

  231. I’m new to your blog, so I need to read some more first before I make suggestions!

  232. Congratulations on getting fit the healthy way! Have you heard of a meal replacement product called Visalus yet? A lot of people in my area are getting into it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea–what do you think?

  233. I have a few questions:
    1) You mentioned your families love for food, do you ever resent them in any way or blame them for your weight gain? I sometimes feel myself get upset with my parents for raising me with such unhealthy eating habits, and I wonder how different things would be if I had never become so overweight. I hate that I feel like this sometimes so I wonder if others can relate
    2) Any plans to run a full marathon?

  234. I cannot WAIT to try the lemon flavor… I KNOW it will be my new favorite… I keep looking in the stores, and now… *crossing fingers that I win*

    🙂 thanks for the opportunity!!

  235. I would like to try the mango flavor. 🙂

  236. I “like” Chobani on Facebook! 🙂

  237. I’m dying to try the new black cherry flavor…I’m CHObsessed (hehe).

  238. I “liked” (and LOVE) Chobani. 🙂

    What is your favorite Chobani flavor?

  239. What are your favorite yogurt add-ins? I love putting granola and blueberries in vanilla greek yogurt. Yum!

  240. The lemon sounds really good! I’m glad there are new flavors!!!

  241. I can’t wait to try the lemon. I haven’t seen that in store yet!

  242. I would love to try to lemon flavor the most, I love anything lemon! I can’t find any of the new flavors in my area, so this would be perfect to win! I have previously “liked” Chobani on facebook b/c it is my favorite yogurt.
    I love your blog and can’t think of anything to add, but love your new sections on snacks, points+ values and etc. It would be nice to continue with posts like this.

  243. I like Cho on FB!!

  244. I really like the info on WW points and how you snack and what not since Brandon just started the program. I would like to know what you read and where you like to shop best now that you’ve lost all that weight. You look great, woman!

  245. Beth, I’d love the pack!

  246. I just liked Chobani on facebook!

  247. I liked Chobani on FB and am dying to try Lemon!!

  248. I “like” Chobani on facebook…I’m CHObsessed, haha.

  249. I really want to try the lemon flavor…I found that I love Mediterrane’s lemon flavor, but neither my local Ingles nor my local Earth Fare carry it 😦 I’m sure I would love Chobani’s lemon!

  250. Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes? Gym clothes, work clothes, hang out clothes–any kind!

  251. I would love to try the mango!

  252. I like Chobani on FB!

  253. Would love to try lemon!

  254. Do you plan to train for a marathon this spring?

  255. Like the Chobani Facebook page @tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  256. I’d like to try blueberry flavor

  257. I’d like to see more organic product reviews

  258. Oddly, the black cherry looks fabulous and sometimes I don’t like cherry flavors! Must be the pregnancy brain….great giveaway!

  259. Already a fb fan

  260. I start my day very early and love chobani……the pineapple is awesome but I would Love to try the lemon…..sounds so refreshing. This is a great giveaway and I hope to win….<3

  261. Coming to DC in a couple of weeks – what’s your favorite restaurant?

  262. I’ve tried all the flavors except the elusive strawberry banana. We never have it here! Would love to try it!

  263. I posted this on the chobani facebook page, but I will post it here as well…

    PLEASE pick me to win the sampler pack! I live on the island of Kauai and there is only ONE place on our tiny island that sells Chobani and that is Costco. Costco only sells the strawberry-blueberry-peach value pack (I suppose it’s value because you get 12 and it’s cheaper by the ounce than the Fage they also sell…). I LOVE MANGO. I AM ALSO EXTREMELY ALLERGIC TO MANGO SAP. What a contradiction. Anywho, what this means to me is that I am almost NEVER able to eat my favorite fruit because I can’t pick it up to purchase it, or cut it up to prepare it. Being able to eat Chobani’s mango yogurt would make me the happiest girl on Kauai. Pick me!

  264. Those all sound so delicious 🙂 What’s you’re all time favorite greek yogurt flavor?

  265. I’d like to try honey

  266. I like chobani on fb!

  267. I’d like to try the non-fat vanilla or pom flavors. I buy Chobani yogurt by the case at Costco so I already enjoy the blueberry, peach and strawberry flavors at a good price. Great product! I just wish it didn’t have so much sugar in it.

    BTW, I just started reading your blog…I’m really enjoying it. Congrats on your one year anniversary!

  268. I have been a Chobani Facebook fan for ages, but now would love to try the Black Cherry. I soooo love anything cherry!

  269. Happy blog birthday!!!

  270. Hi Beth,

    I find that Chobani helps fight my craving for sweets. I am elderly and am trying to extend my years by weight loss. I would love to win a Chobani pack. Anything lemon hits the spot with me but love all fruits. Crossing my fingers in hopes of a win.

  271. i like chobani on facebook!


  272. my favorite flavor of chobani is either pineapple or strawberry, but i would love to try the lemon or mango, we didn’t get any of the new flavors in my area.


  273. i think your blog is perfect how it is. I love how motivational it is and the recipes are so delicious looking!


  274. a year already! wow that is so great Beth. thanks for this giveaway 🙂 enjoy your weekend……i really enjoy your blog the way it is!

  275. I’d love to try the lemon flavor: man that sounds delicious! I’d also love to see you blog a bit about exercise/food guilt: whether or not you feel it, how you deal with it/approach it, etc.

  276. I would love to try Greek yogurt. I live in a place with VERY limited grocery selection and have yet to get in on the craze!

  277. like’ chobani on facebook

  278. I like chobani on facebook!!!

  279. I like chobani on facebook!!!####

  280. I would like to know how you get motivated to stay fit and healthy. I really need to tone up and shake off just a few pounds to get back into some pairs of pants, but I am so lazy. I am better with the healthy eating, it’s the exercise that gets me.
    Chobani helps me though, through the work day – it’s so filling that it holds me for a while and I don’t feel the need to snack. Blueberry is my fave, but I want to try the new black cherry!

  281. I liked Chobani on Facebook and I would really love to try the Mango!

  282. I would like to try the Honey greek yogurt. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet.

  283. I liked chobani on facebook!!

  284. i would love to try the mango!

  285. I just started following your blog and would like to know how you got interested in running? I really would like to start running but just can’t seem to get into a groove.

  286. I’d love to try the Black Cherry!

  287. would love to try the mango 🙂

  288. what’s your favorite meal to make under 30 mins?

  289. I liked Chobani on Facebook.

  290. Do you eat salmon? If so, what is your favorite way to prepare it?

  291. Hi Beth! My question for you is how do you stay motivated?? I just can’t seem to do it! Love your blog 🙂

  292. I would love to try the Mango flavor!!

  293. And..I “like” Chobani on Facebook

  294. I am a fan of Chobani on Facebook!

  295. I’ve tried all of their current flavors, but I am dying to try the lemon!

  296. I would love to see more recipes!

  297. How easy was it for you to master the WW points system?

  298. I liked Chobani on Facebook

  299. I visted the Chobani website and I’d most like to try the lemon. Actually your description sold me. I love lemon!

  300. I would love to try Chobani’s pomegranate flavor! Plus all the new ones of course… 🙂

    I’m also curious if there is a taste/fullness difference between the 0% and 2% yogurts. I’ve only tried the fat free version, but it’s already so creamy and delicious!

  301. As far as what I’d like to know about you- I’m curious how you got your start with running and why you choose that as your main workout.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, so I apologize if you’d already addressed that stuff…


  302. I LOVE the Pineapple flavor!

  303. I like the blog just the way it is! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  304. I like them on FB

  305. I like Chobani on FB!


  306. I’d love to try the Black Cherry flavor!


  307. I am now a Chobani fan on Facebook 🙂

  308. The flavor I most want to try is the new lemon one as I was just looking at lemon yogurt at Publix and was thinking how I was still frustrated that Yoplait got rid of their light lemon yogurt and I was really wanting lemon yogurt but couldn’t find any!

  309. Happy Blog anniversary! I’ve been reading Beth’s Journey for almost a year. I love reading about your WLJ, and you’ve truly been an inspiration. I would like to hear more about your experience as a Weight Watchers receptionist. I have been on the plan for 15 months now (both online and meetings) and since I’m within 5 lbs of my goal, I am thinking about applying. I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

  310. I’ve only recently discovered Chobani (thanks to your blog!) and I’d love to try the lemon flavor!

  311. I “liked” Chobani on Facebook!

  312. I would love to try to Pomegranate flavor!

  313. I already “like” Chobani on FB!

  314. I would really like to try the Mango flavor!

  315. I want to try the mango!

  316. I already like Chobani on FB!

  317. I have a slight obsession with mangos, so that would have to be the one I want to try the most. But, after what you said about the lemon, I really want to try that one too!

  318. I’d love to see more how-to cooking posts. I’m a novice (read: scared) in the kitchen and need a lot of direction for recipes. 🙂 I’d also love to see more posts about getting started on a healthier lifestyle/workout plan. Happy blog anniversary!

  319. I am trying to add yoga back in to my fitness routine, and would love to see more posts about yoga 🙂

  320. I liked (would “love”) Chobani on Facebook!

  321. I am addicted to the 0% plain & would like to try pineapple and black cherry, both of which are the new flavors!

  322. I would like to read more about balancing life and making healthy food choices…

  323. […] Time for a Chobani Giveaway […]

  324. I can’t wait to try the lemon flavor!!

  325. I run on the treadmil frequently…but it is so boring. My question for you is how did you start running outside? Did you have a route or did you just start running? I get nervous thinking about it!

  326. I “liked” Chobani on their facebook page! 🙂

  327. I liked Chobani on facebook! 😀

  328. Liked the Chobani facebook page!

  329. I really want to try that lemon flavor – looks delicious!

  330. Where in Connecticut are you from? I grew up in Madison, right on the shoreline.

  331. i like the chobani fb page!

  332. im ACHING to try the lemon flavor. oh MAN!!!

  333. AND, bring on more recipes and daily eats!

  334. I’m so impressed with the progress that you’ve made in this blog! I’m also grateful that things that taste as good as Chobani exist to help us all get there. 🙂

  335. Hi Beth! I would like it if you would talk more about your ups and downs with Weight Watchers. I am new to the program and sometimes struggle with, “Well, it’s only a few points over…” when it comes to daily points. How do you handle this? Thanks!

  336. I so want to try that lemon flavor!! I haven’t seen that one yet! Yum!

  337. I have been wanting to try the Chobani yogurt, I am a newbie to the greek yogurt – so far I have only had the Athenos Greek Yogurt and I really enjoy the texture as well. I would really like to try the Black Cherry and I would be very interested to see how the lemon tasted – i’ve never tried a lemon flavored yogurt. Thanks for the giveaway!! and Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary =)

  338. I like Chobani on Facebook.

  339. I most want to try the black cherry one!!
    Good job on your nine mile run, the wind was a force to be reckoned with for sure this weekend!

  340. My local grocery store only carries vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, and peach. To date my fave is peach. I just noticed that a grocery store by my work has ALL the flavors… I cannot wait to try the BLACK CHERRY. Mmmmm… 🙂

    Btw, I couldn’t use your link to the Chobani website. It be broken.

  341. I just started reading your blog so maybe you covered this before but… how to do you kill off the post run hunger pangs w/o totally offsetting the calories you burned on the run? Post run I am a hungry monster… it’s a bad thing.

  342. […] a little upset that I haven’t been chosen to give away a case of Chobani like some other bloggers, but I’ll survive. I’m intrigued to see how that works out for […]

  343. I am a huge Chobani fan. I haven’t tried the black cherry or the lemon yet. I would love to win to get the chance to try them!

  344. I like Chobani on Facebook.

  345. Currently my favorite Chobani flavor is Honey but I’m super excited to try Lemon…I LOVE lemon flavored stuff.

  346. Why did you choose vegetarian? What health benefits have you experienced that you attribute to eating a vegetarian diet?

  347. I’d like to try the mango flavor!

  348. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I would love to try the Vanilla flavor!

  349. the lemon flavor looks delicious! i’ve been craving lemon squares lately, so i think that would be a very nice complementing flavor.

  350. one thing i would like to know is how you stave off late-night munchies? that is one of the worst times for me because rather than doing homework, i wander around the kitchen. is it simply self control or do you have any tricks to keep you out of the pantry?

  351. I would love to try the Mango flavor!

  352. I just saw a commercial for Chobani and it reminded I needed to enter the contest! My question for you would be how do you plan your meals out for the week (now as well as when you were beginning your weight loss journey).

  353. I like Chobani on facebook

  354. I LOVE Greek yogurt & I would LOVE to try to mango flavor!!

  355. I wanna know how you stay motivated!! =D

  356. I “liked” Chobani on Facebook, but I “love” it in real life!

  357. I definitely want to try the new Lemon flavor. I always buy the vanilla (have a huge stock now b/c they were $1 at Kroger) and use my own mix-ins. I think the Lemon would be a good way to branch out!

  358. I don’t think you’ve done this (I could be wrong!), but I’d love to see a post on some of the medical benefits you’ve noticed since losing weight.

  359. I want to know one thing about you that YOU want us out here in blogland to know and that you haven’t yet told us!

  360. I soooo want to try mango!!!

  361. Annnd I like Chobani on FB!

  362. Liked Chobani on Facebook!

  363. Mango! 🙂

  364. I am dying to try the lemon. I can’t find it anywhere!

  365. Liked Chobani on FB!

  366. Mango

  367. My question, not at all related to healthy living, is how do you save money while still having fun living in such an expensive place as DC?

  368. I liked them on FB.

  369. I would like to try the lemon ones.

  370. I LOVE Chobani and I liked their facebook page 🙂

  371. I “liked” Chobani on Facebook! 🙂

  372. I’d love to try the Strawberry Banana…or the new kids ones!

  373. Happy bloggerversary! I just came across your page now and I’m excited for a giveaway 🙂 Love Chobani!

  374. I like Chobani on Facebook.

  375. I am really looking forward to trying the black cherry flavor!

  376. I liked Chobani on Facebook – and LOVE them in real life! Happy blog-versary!

  377. I like the Chobani facebook page.

  378. I just purchased mango and can’t wait to try it!!!

  379. Just liked Chobani. On Facebook. And in life. My husband and I just discovered the goodness of this. Obsessed.

  380. Also saw the sight today as well–even prior to this post–(obsessed)—excellent job of marketing the Lemon. I now want that…a lot.

  381. Also. Props to the healthy active lifestlye. Inspiring. Foodies can eat INCREDIBLY and still be healthy. Thanks for spreading the word.

  382. I want to try the lemon. The mango was amazing!

  383. I like Chobani on Facebook too.

  384. I would love to try the mango or lemon flavor.

  385. I’m a new follower, but am curious about your training and your routines– to be fair, you may have posted this and I haven’t stumbled on it yet!

  386. I tried every flavor so far except for the one in the picture in the right. Is that a lemon flavor? Would love to try that one. Otherwise the cherry us my personal choice.

  387. I like the Chobani Facebook page!

  388. I would most like to try the Pomegranate flavor. I recently tried Trader Joes pomegranate greek yogurt and it was delicious!

  389. I love your posts that show what you get from the store and how much you spent! More of that, and maybe include any plans you have for the stuff you bought. One of my problems is that I buy a ton of produce because I want to try it, then dont know what to do with it and it goes to waste. Boo.

  390. I liked it. I am dying to try pineapple! Annnnd….

    I can’t believe your blog is only a year old!! That is insane! If I had to ask a question… hmm… it’d be… how did you help your blog become so wildly successful? You’re so amazing and inspiring! I love what you write. 🙂

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