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A Record

It hardly feels like a Monday when you work not one, but both days of the weekend! That said, I did actually enjoy myself at the conference. It’s kind of fun and rewarding in a way to see everything you’ve worked on for so long finally come together. Today is actually the biggest/longest day of the conference, so I’ll be heading to the hotel this afternoon – I’m not done yet!

Luckily I got out of work around 2 yesterday, so I still had some of the day left. I ended up grocery shopping at Whole Foods on the way home since I drove right by it, and had brought printed coupons with me so I was ready to bargain shop. Just as a refresher – my goal is to spend under $75 weekly, do better at meal planning, and show you guys what I buy/meal ideas once a week for the month on March. You can see the first three weeks here, here, and here.

First up, the meal plan. I’m trying to eat particularly clean this week and have absolutely no booze since my half marathon is Saturday (!!!). I’ll do a post this week about my exact pre-race plans, but here’s what my eating plan is (for now):

Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner Workout
Monday (at home) eggs scramble w veggies, goat cheese and dill Leftover Cilantro Rice w Black Beans + Mango Salsa (bring to conference) – almonds, apple, babybel cheese, apple Shrimp (Wil is cooking) The Shred/Yoga
Tuesday Wheat Berries w Greek Yogurt + Frozen Berries Leftover Shrimp cottage cheese w/mango, apple English Muffin w/pintos, salsa, cheese + salad 4 easy miles
Wednesday steel cut oats w/pb flour + banana Leftover bean, salsa and cheese Greek yogurt w strawberries, apple Polenta w sauce and mozzarella, salad 30 minute tempo run
Thursday Wheat Berries w Greek Yogurt + Frozen Berries Out to Lunch cottage cheese w/strawberries, apple buffalo tofu w blue cheese + celery Bikram
Friday steel cut oats w/pb flour + banana leftover buffalo tofu w blue cheese cottage cheese w/mango, apple Pasta with egg, garlic, parmesan, evoo rest

Tonight Wil is cooking dinner for us since I won’t be home until 8ish (and I requested shrimp), and tomorrow night I have another training for Weight Watchers, so I wanted something quick. Other than that – pretty standard!

Now in terms of shopping, I was really proud of myself this week. Check out the loot from Whole Foods:

  • Organic Bananas
  • Organic Fuji Apples (sale 1.79/lb)
  • Organic Red Grapes (sale 1.99 lb)
  • Organic Cilantro
  • Romaine salad mix
  • 2 lbs carrots

  • Vegan Roasted Veggie Pizza ($1 off coupon)
  • Edamame
  • Organic Low-Fat Cottage Cheese (WF + Product Coupon = 2.39 total)
  • Frozen Broccoli
  • Roasted, Unsalted Almonds
  • Italian Style Sausages (WF + Product Coupon = 1.49 total)
  • Oikos nonfat greek yogurt (WF + Product Coupon = 3.24 total)
  • Organic Lentils
  • Organic Diced Tomatoes (WF + Product Coupon = .69 total)
  • Canned Kidney Beans

That roasted veggie pizza is something I’ve never tried before, but had a $1 off coupon from the Whole Foods site so I couldn’t resist.

Obviously there is no cheese, which is a little sad for pizza in my opinion, but I think it’ll be fun to try. Worst case scenario I can add my own cheese if need be. Plus, the nutritionals and ingredient list are pretty fab:

The whole pizza is only 4 pts+ and the ingredient list quite short for pizza, full of things I can read! It was only $2.99 with the coupon, and I figured it would be good to have a quick option in the freezer for a night when I don’t feel like cooking.

And now for the moment of truth – the receipt.

All of that for $37.92!! Plus you can see on there that I used $8.25 worth of coupons – a record.

After I got home we went back out to Shoppers to pick up a few extras since Wil needed some things too, and who am I to argue with another trip to the grocery store?

  • 4 Limes ($1)
  • Red Bell Pepper ($1.50)
  • Jalapeno Pepper (8 cents)
  • 3 Mangos ($2 for all 3)
  • Green Grapes (on sale for $2/lb)
  • Celery Hearts ($2)

Under $9 for that extra bit of produce, making this week’s total under $47! Booya.

How do you feel about frozen meals? Do you eat them often, sometimes, or never? What are some of your favorites? I used to eat Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones A LOT, but now I usually freeze leftovers or buy the occasional item I can’t resist at the store (like the sale frozen pizza) but for the most part I only eat homemade frozen meals now. My favorite was always Sante Fe Style Beans and Rice, even though I ate meat back then. I’ve never tried any of the Amy’s Indian meals but have heard good things about those ones, too.


29 Responses

  1. I used to eat lean cuisine every day for lunch. Then I slowly backed off of them completely… Now, I keep one or two in my freezer still as a “just in case” lunch option when I haven’t been grocery shopping or feel like something a little different. My only thing is that, because they’re often so small, I feel hungry again after an hour or so.

  2. I eat frozen meals once in awhile as long as the lists of ingredients is fairly decent. Not Lean Cuisine (anymore) but Amy’s or Organic Bistro? Absolutely! Or something by Everyday 365, etc. I like all sorts of foods, even frozen ones. hehe

    I like your menu! Looks good.

  3. I don’t buy many frozen meals anymore, but sometimes if I am really strapped for time I’ll have one. I like the Healthy Choice Steamers — I have maybe one per month? I used to eat a frozen meal every day!

    I quit eating them so much because they are pricey, not much food and not the best nutrition!

    Great job at the store Beth!

    • You know I’ve never tried those either, but they seem like a good option. They are relatively small, but maybe if I add extra veggies or do a salad on the side they would do!

  4. I am so weird when it comes to frozen meals, I won’t eat chicken ones. I had a bad experience with a gristle-y piece of chicken in one years ago and haven’t eaten one since. That being said, I LOVE the Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs and the WW Baked Ziti. I also really like the Healthy Choice steamer (not frozen) that’s “steak” and mushrooms over noodles.

  5. I’m totally OK with frozen meals as long as they’re all natural. There are some great ones out there but usually they’re full of sodium and fat, so they’re not all that great for you. We’ve been eating more organic frozen burritos than any other kind of frozen meal lately, specifically EVOL and PJ’s brand. Both are great!

  6. I love these grocery shopping/ meal planning posts, they give me some great ideas. I love your blog because you’re a vegetarian weight watcher like me so I always get the most beneficial meal ideas from you!

    For the most part I don’t eat frozen meals because I don’t like the taste of frozen food that much. I do have a few smart ones in my freezer from a long time ago that I will probably eat at some point so I don’t waste… my favorite used to be the fettuchini alfredo with broccoli smart ones. I would def try that WF pizza though!

    • Thanks Ashleigh! =) I can’t tell if they are annoying for you guys but I actually like doing them. It helps me stick to my plan and show that you can eat well for not too much money!

  7. i eat frozen meals WAY more than i should. im a sucker for amys burritos topped with cheese and greek yogurt.

  8. I wish California’s groceries were more inline with food prices across the country! Things are so expensive here! Nicely done on your bargain shopping!

    I am not a big fan of frozen meals, they always left my stomach feeling off so I stopped eating them all together.

  9. I’m actually starting to like pizza without cheese. My sister started me on it, and now I find myself pulling off most if not all of the cheese on a pizza. I don’t buy frozen foods too often, but I like to have a few on hand in case I get into a bind.

  10. I borrowed some of your meal ideas, you have some delicious things planned!
    That pizza looks delicious!!!

  11. I’m a little confused by your $75 budget but then you mention that Wil was making shrimp. Is the $75 just for you, do you each buy your groceries separately? It seems like it would be more economical to shop as a family.

    Thanks for the Trader Joe’s tips. I don’t live that close to one anymore since I moved out of the city, but I managed to get there yesterday and got the Gone Bananas and Ezekiel bread. Unfortunately, no peanut flour at all.

  12. I ate them a lot when I was losing weight because they were portion sizes. It worked well for me. I try not to eat them as much now. Maybe a few times a week at work for lunch.

  13. Can I say I rarely eat frozen meals, from the grocery store. I live alone and prefer making big batches of things like soup, lentil loafs, ‘burgers’ and the like and freezing them in individual sized portions. Means I have fast healthy food in minutes and I think it far exceeds grocery store frozen meals in terms of taste and nutrition.

    • i only recently started doing that and it’s so nice to have a frozen meal that I made in my freezer than I can just pull out and defrost as needed. It’s great!

  14. I like to eat Amy’s frozen meals on occassion. The Indian and the Mexican ones are usually GF and really tasty. I also sometimes get the Ethnic Gourmet Palak Paneer. Much better than Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice. Last night I was in a junk food mood so I had the Amy’s GF mac and cheese w/ Applegate GF chicken nuggets!

    For pizza I get the Gluten Free and Fabulous brand. One night I made myself one of those and made my husband a regular frozen pizza. My pizza had a short list of all recognizable ingredients. The list on his took up half the box and required a chemistry degree! Gross!

  15. I used to eat a lot of Lean Cuisine meals too…now I never eat them with the exception of an occasion lean cuisine pepperoni pizza when I’m really craving pizza or need something really quick. There is just way too many artificial ingredients in them.

  16. Awesome shop – with the added bonus of the awesome price 🙂

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  18. […] Week 4 – Whole Foods – $37.92 […]

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