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Menu Plan Monday

This week I am SWAMPED, but I’m going to try to stick to the plan as best I can. My job is going to be crazy busy this week, my boss is leaving at the end of the week (!!!), I have plans after work every single day, and then Thursday I leave work early to go to Philly for the weekend to celebrate Easter. Whew!

Frustrated girl

I think at times like these it’s easy to just want to order in or go out for every meal and say I don’t have time for exercise, but I know that eating well and working out are the only way to stay sane.

My goal for this week workout wise is to try to get 4 workouts in. I want to workout at least two times in the morning Monday – Thursday (one down from this morning!), and then bring workout clothes for at least two workouts in Philly. One of those will be an outdoor run with my sister, and then hopefully The Shred (I’ve turned her onto it!) and/or a walk outside.

Food wise, this week will be pretty boring for me, but that’s OK every once in a while. I wanted to make something last night that would be really good as leftovers, so I threw together a huge batch of delicious quinoa salad that we ate out on the balcony for dinner last night and have lots of leftovers of. I’m planning on eating the leftovers straight up, having some in a wrap and then making some into patties later in the week. I’m putting the recipe up on Thursday along with my first cooking tip video, so get excited. Winking smile I also prepped some wheat berries, which will be great for quick breakfasts and to toss into salads for lunch/dinner, so hopefully this week will be smooth sailing, even if its insane.

Here’s my plan:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Wheat berries, Greek yogurt, frozen fruit Cheesy Kale Stromboli w/salad Peanut butter and an apple, banana, grapes Everything bagel thin w smoked salmon, greek yogurt, dill and a salad
Tuesday English Muffin w/PB + Banana Quinoa Salad Wrap Cottage cheese, frozen fruit, grapes Brie and Apple Quesadilla (YUM!) w/salad
Wednesday Protein Smoothie – Greek yogurt,  milk, banana, frozen fruit Frozen eggplant parmesan or stromboli Cottage Cheese Quinoa Patty – Leftover Quinoa Salad with egg and breadcrumbs, pan fried
Thursday Wheat Berries, Greek Yogurt, Frozen Fruit Quinoa patty sandwich Travel Snacks – Trail Mix (choc chips, raisins, almonds), apple, banana Dinner Out w/my sisters in Philly!

First stop for grocery shopping – Grand Mart, which is an international grocery store in Alexandria, VA that the boyfriend goes to a lot to get rare products for work. I’d never been there before Saturday and it was really awesome, but a little overwhelming. There was super cheap produce along with several aisles of unique international products, a few of which I couldn’t resist even though I didn’t really need them.

  • Baby Spinach
  • English Cucumber
  • Bananas
  • Italian Parsley
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Pepper
  • Red Onion
  • Red Grapes
  • Fuji Apples

  • Soba Noodles
  • Golden Raisins
  • Indian Millet
  • Pasta
  • Pitted Dates

I’m excited about the huge package of soba noodles because I love those and they were only $4 for a ton of them, and also the Indian millet. I’ve never had or cooked millet before and new ingredients are always fun to experiment with!

Total Damage:  $26.15

The second stop was to my normal grocery store, The Teet, to grab just a few things. re on major sale so I couldn’t help myself.

  • Frozen Cauliflower
  • Pistachio Gelato (up close below)
  • More (greener) bananas
  • More grapes ($1/lb!!!)
  • Pineapple (On sale for $2 each)
  • 2 mangos (on sale for .75 each)
  • Smoked Salmon

I’m planning on putting this on toast or a bagel thin with greek yogurt and dill for dinner tonight, which should take about 2 minutes to assemble. I like buying these small containers because its good for 1 portion and way cheaper than buying a big container.

I also recently found these little pistachio gelato cups, and they are GOOD.

Really creamy and delicious, and they have a shorter ingredient list than a lot of these types of things.

3 pts+ on Weight Watchers but they feel and taste really indulgent.

Only $15 was spent at The Teet, bringing me wayyy under budget for the week at $41.15! That’s a good thing!!

What’s your favorite dish to make that works well as leftovers? I tweeted about this and a lot of people responded with lasagna. I was thinking about making a bunch of my lasagna bundles, but now that the weather is finally coming around I wanted to do something lighter, so the quinoa salad was born!

27 Responses

  1. I love your Menu Plan Mondays! I agree– when I know a week’s going to be crazy, planning everything from my meals to my workouts keeps me sane. The day could turn upside down but at least I know a run and a meal are waiting for me at the end of it 🙂

    A couple of my faves that I make when I know the leftovers will come in handy throughout the week are a fab Spinach and Mushroom Enchilada recipe that I’ve made recently, as well as an old favorite, the WW Turkey Chimichangas. Seriously so good and I never get tired of them for leftovers, which is rare with me. I’ve also used weekends to make everything I’d put in fajitas or quesadillas (sauteeing mushrooms and onions, cooking beans, portioning out my cheese/FF sour cream, etc), and having everything ready to grab and go and use as I need it!

  2. You stayed way under budget this week! That is awesome. We were over.. but only by 13$. My favorite meal to have as leftovers is a turkey chili.. in the winter at least. Probably won’t be digging it as much now that the warmer weather is here! (Although when I eat is as a leftover, it is usually cold!) Have a great week!

  3. I just made paella yesterday and it was a bit labor intensive but you’d get enough leftovers for 3-4 days, and that’s HALF the recipe. It has a lot of meat in it though, and even if you cut it out, there’s still seafood. But it was damn good!

  4. I like to make a big stew or chili and keep that in the fridge (and some portions in the freezer too) — that seems to work well for us.

    That pistachio gelato sounds so good. I love pistachios!

  5. I love making stir-fry! Last night I sauteed chicken breast with a little salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. The last few minutes I added 2 tbsp of lite soy sauce. In a separate pot I stir-fried (1 tbsp oil) carrots, onion, bell peppers, and broccoli and then prepared a batch of brown rice. I’ve found that the rice can dry up pretty quickly, but when you reheat it with the chicken and veggies, it regains life pretty quickly! Overall, I love stir-fry!

    Have a blast in Philly! Oh, and I know I’m new to your blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I rejoined WW and I owe a lot of it to your posts.

    • Ohh stirfry is a great idea for leftovers!! So glad you found me and you rejoined WW! I really do believe in the program, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from reading my posts. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way!!

  6. Chili is one of my favorites for leftovers. That or enchiladas!

  7. You’re so right that working out is important to staying sane – and during crazy weeks, the early AM workouts are critical.

  8. When I know I’m going to have a really busy week with little time to food prep I love to make a batch of veggie chili. I’ll usually eat it for lunch for 5 days straight! You could eat it plain, with tortilla chips, or in a burrito wrap to mix it up a little!

  9. Beth, you are a rockstar at the market!! Oh good lord do you shop well!

    Love the meal plan. I’m inspired 🙂

  10. Favorites for leftovers are chili, soup or even cooking up steaks from Costco, we can get 4 meals out of one package of steak.

  11. I love to grill up some veggies on Sundays and keep them in tupperware as snacks for the week. Makes me less likely to reach for chips or candy. I’ve got a whole tub of olive oil and vinegar-drenched cauliflower that I made last night!

  12. I know you do the FAQ’s posts sometimes and I always mean to ask you this question. Do you always stick to your meal plan 100%? Do you stray? Do you leave room for stray? I know sometimes that we get invited last minute to things and we go off the meal plan. What do you do? 🙂

    • 100% of the time, I DON’T stick to the plan exactly. =) I like to have some ideas and ingredients on hand for meals, but if something comes up or if I get home and don’t feel like eating what I had planned, I easily change it up.

  13. I just like cooking some chicken and having that around for when I want to eat salads through out the week.

  14. wow – they sure look like some tasty eats! I love the sound of the brie + apple quesadilla!

  15. I just compared “regular” grocery stores with the fancier kind…lets just say that I blow a small fortune in the health food store. Somethings are definitely worth it though

  16. I keep seeing Soba noodles popping up everywhere. Apparently this is something I need to try soon!

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