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I like Free Sh*t: Do You?

I know everyone does, but I have this slight problem where if anything is free, I feel a strong compulsion to take it even if it’s not something I need or will ever use. It’s quite similar to my compulsion to eat food when I see, even if I’m not hungry. We won’t go there today though.

Before I get into the swag, know that even after an exhausting weekend at FitBloggin’, I still went grocery shopping as soon as I got home on Sunday to restock my fridge.

For $38 at The Teet, I got:

  • 1 red pepper
  • 5 oranges
  • 2 limes
  • 1 red onion
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Spinach
  • Pineapple
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Watermelon
  • Tilapia
  • 5 Fage 2% Yogurts
  • Light Sour Cream
  • Frozen Whole Grain Waffles (!)

I was excited to stock up on lots of produce, and here’s what I came up with for a meal plan:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday English Muffin w/pb + banana Leftover Fish Taco Salad w/Pineapple Salsa Fage 2% Cherry Out for Sushi (not planned!)
Tuesday PB + Banana Waffle Sandwich Salad w/pineapple salsa, pintos, fage 2% Cottage Cheese + Blueberries Scrambled Eggs w/herbs + cheese, toast
Wednesday Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Granola Brown Rice Salad w/pintos, veggies, vinegar, orange Cottage Cheese + Pineapple Lentil Loaf, Mashed Cauliflower, Kale
Thursday Green Smoothie w/pb, orange Leftover lentil loaf and kale Fage 2% Strawberry Pineapple + Tofu Stirfry w/soba noodles
Friday Waffle Sandwich w/PB, honey, banana Leftover pineapple stirfry Cottage Cheese + berries Tempeh Tacos?

The Swag

Anyways, FitBloggin’ was paradise for someone like me who likes free stuff. The difference there was that EVERYTHING that was being given out was something I wanted and could use. If you’re anything like me and are curious about everything that we got… let me break it down for you.

First up, fitness related things. It was fitbloggin, after all:

Xbox Active

I showed you a close up of the walking easy tones yesterday, here are the running shoes:

Not everyone got 2 pairs of sneakers, but because I have exceptionally large feet, I was lucky enough to receive a second pair (size 9.5). I’ve never owned black sneakers before, and now I own two pairs! love.

And now, for the food related items…

Food Giveaway

Plus, TONS of coupons for free food, including Eggland’s Best, attune cereals/bars, a case of popchips, and lots of other samples.

It was seriously insane. I had to figure out how to carry all of this home:

So why are there two black bags (to the right)?

Well, one is for you!

I grabbed extra things to giveaway to one reader, and it has a New Balance reusable bag loaded with lots of food coupons, two boxes of cereal, an ibeani hat, a water bottle, a zumba workout DVD, a zumba magazine, larabars, and some other random things that came in the giveaway bags. I’ll probably be throwing some extras in there beyond just what was free from FitBloggin’, so get excited.

There are three ways to enter the giveaway, which ends at midnight EST on Thursday, May 26th. I’ll announce the winner in Friday’s post. Here are the ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post letting me know what piece of the swag you would be most excited about.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway using #fitbloggin and @bethsjourneytt.
  3. Leave a comment telling me one question or subject you’d like me talk about on here.

Good luck!!!


301 Responses

  1. I would be excited about any swag! Like you, I can’t resist freebies! But I would have to say that an ibeani hat would make me the happiest girl in the world!!! Thanks for sharing, Beth!

  2. I would definitely be most pumped about the shoes. I’m in desperate need!

  3. I would be most excited about the Zumba DVD- I’m trying to get in shape for my wedding this summer, and also trying to save money (ie, no gym membership right now!), so workout DVDs for free are win win for me!

  4. One thing I would love to hear you discuss is how do you motivate yourself on a daily basis? It’s one thing to motivate yourself to make big changes, and see the big picture, but how do you translate this into actually getting out of bed, or skipping other things to work out?

  5. I like free stuff but usually only take something if it’s something I want, need, or would regularly use. Otherwise it creates clutter and collects dust. My husband on the other hand, LOVES free stuff. He will pick up absolutely EVERYTHING, just because it’s free. He also has a skill for using everything he has, though, so it’s all good.

  6. I would definitely be most excited about the New Balance shoes! I’ve been drooling over them since yesterday, but they are just too expensive for my wallet. You are very lucky to have gotten two pairs!

    Also: BIG FEET UNITE! I have size 10s. 😀

  7. I am seriously jealous of everything you got at fitbloggin’!! How fun! I would have loved Jillian Michael’s book and the ibeani hat.

    What was the biggest thing you took away from the weekend? Both for your personal life and for your blog.


  8. Awesome you got two pairs of shoes! I’d be most excited about everything because like you, I love free stuff! 🙂

  9. Hi Beth! Thanks for sharing your Loot with someone! I’d be most excited about the shoes I think, but would love Jillian Michael’s book… I’m struggling mentally at this point in my weight loss journey… lost 92 pound so far and working on the last 20 (well 21 now). Needing a fresh start mentally to push through this plateau. Love your blog!!!

  10. I would be really excited about the sneakers. I would love to read reviews from you on “health” books such as Jillian Michael’s new book Unlimited you just got.

  11. Hi Again.. I also wanted to request your opinion on pushing through plateaus, disappointment & stress. weight loss is easier when everything is going well… I’d love to hear your ideas of what you do to get refocused and remotivated. Thanks!

  12. I love free stuff too! I would love the zumba DVD. I used to go to a class regularly at my old gym and I really miss it.
    Thanks for the giveaway girl!

  13. Well I love coupons and free food — but honestly I’d be most excited for Jillian Michaels’ book! I know she’s a bit extreme but I just love her.

  14. I would love that Zumba DVD! I have just started taking Zumba classes, but there are nights I just can’t make it to the gym with my schedule. That DVD would be PERFECT for those nights.

  15. Running capris for sure!
    also would love to hear your comments on Unlimited.

  16. I would love the Zumba DVD … and also anything Jillian Michaels … I dont have my gym membership anymore and miss Zumba … we are trying to save money so I am waiting a couple months before getting another membership!

  17. This is so nice of you!! Don’t count my comment in your giveaway…I obviously already have enough swag of my own. I just never thought to give any of mine away. Mwahahaha 😉

  18. Hi Beth,

    Enjoy your blog! I would be most excited about the Zumba DVD. I have attended a couple of classes with a pass but have a hard time sqeeezing it in right now due to family commitments. Thanks for giving us a chance to win some of your swag.

  19. I would love for you to talk about how to stay motivated when the scale is not moving as much as you would want …

  20. I would also love the Zumba dvd. I heard Zumba was fantastic and would like to give it a go.

    To talk about: finding the desire to exercise. I for one am not a fan of exercise and envy those who do.

  21. I’d be most excited for that Zumba DVD. I’ve been curious about trying out Zumba, but haven’t had the chance to try it yet! What an awesome giveaway 🙂

  22. Woah jealous- I’m a 9.5 too but only got 1 pair 😉

    Great to meet you this weekend!!! {Don’t count my comment in your giveaway either!}

  23. How awesome! I’d like the free food coupons. My household is on a food budget so every little bit helps!

  24. I would loveee the Jillian Michaels book…she’s so tough!

  25. That’s so thoughtful of you!! I would be most excited about.. THE FOOD.. and perhaps the water bottle (because Ive been meaning to get one for school).

  26. I would be most excited about the toning shoes. I’ve been wanting them forever!!

  27. Hi Beth! I love free stuff too. I’d be happy with anything, especially the capris or shoes.

  28. I would like you to blog about just how to motivate yourself to finally lose the weight! That seems to be the hardest part.

  29. I remember being so jealous of the free shoes last year, too! Lucky!!

    I’d be into the free cereal (duh!) and zumba workout dvd. My gym access is getting yanked away soon!

  30. Oh- and I would love to hear how you decide what to eat at restaurants. I HATE when I try to choose something healthy, then look up the nutritional facts later and have it be 10000000 calories.. but I also hate ordering salads (because I can easily make them at home for half the cost.)

  31. I’d be most pumped about both New Balance Sneakers. I’m in the market for some cute and functional running sneakers.

  32. I would be most excited about the zumba dvd- I did zumba once with a free pass to a local gym a friend of mine gave me. It was so much fun! The gym is crazy expensive though, and mine doesn’t offer it so I haven’t gotten to do it since 😦 I would love to though!

    And a post I would like to read about is how you moved away from eating meats. Lately it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing, at least partially, and your recipies always look so good!!!

  33. I’d love for you to talk about how you maintain motivation and a positive attitude when you are struggling. I’ve lost over 70 pounds since my highest weight, but there is still more that I want to accomplish on my journey. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep up when things are slow going.

  34. I want to get into running. I walk now about 3 miles every other day and I know running would be a good way to get this weight off. Can you talk about how you got into it, was it hard? How you perservered through the beginning?

    Thanks and you are an inspiration!

  35. I’d like to hear more about marathon training. You’ve definitely registered for a full, right? I just registered for Hartford in October so i’d love to hear about your training! Good luck!

  36. I’m curious to know how the Fiber One cereal is – keep me posted!

    Yay for 2 pairs of new shoes 🙂

  37. The one thing I would be most excited about is the Zumba DVD.. We are moving soon which means I wil probably have to cancel my gym membership and get creative on my own for a few months before finding a gym again!

  38. I would love to hear how you built up your running.. I’m just starting out with the C25K program and hearing about how others started running is inspiring

  39. I’d be most excited about the Zumba DVD.

  40. I’d love to see a little more post regarding sweet food choices. Maybe dessert recipes?

  41. So cool!!! I’d like to hear more about how you keep yourself motivated and on track. Lately, I’ve been going off track so often and have been struggling with my emotional eating *not good at atll*.

    I would LOVE the coach’s oats because I’ve been dying to try them, but can’t find them anywhere but online. I’d also love to read Unlimited because I could use a little extra motivation right now.


  42. Ohhh I’d be most excited about the food scale. Does that make me a nerd? I’m trying to shed about 5-7 extra pounds before marathon training starts and I think this would help!

  43. I think I would be most excited about is the zumba DVD. My main form of exercise right now is running and it won’t stop raining here! I need something else fun to do so I won’t just sit around and use the rain as an excuse to do nothing.

  44. also, i’d love to hear you talk more about how working for WW is going!

  45. I’d love to receive the shoes or popchips (my favorite snack!) What a great set of swag 🙂

  46. I am most excited about the Zumba DVD! I like to have back-up workout DVDs for the days that I can’t go running.

  47. I’d also like to hear more about dealing with running injuries. It seems like I’ve encountered everything during my C25K training (heel issues, various knee issues, etc) and wonder if you had the same kind of issues when you were starting out. If so, how did you deal with them. If not, how did you avoid injury?

  48. I would absolutely LOVE the Zumba CD. I have been wanting one but haven’t been able to afford it yet. LOVE!

  49. I’d love to get your giveaway bag!! I would love to try the Zumba DVD! The scale looks awesome too. Actually everything looks awesome!

  50. I’d love the running capris. I only ever buy cheapy workout clothes from Target so a nice pair would be awesome!

  51. Hi I am so excited about this give away, I would love to have the Zumba DVD, I have been wanting to try it forever. You hvae gave me some hope to do it at home at my own pace!!! To do somehting different to get me out of this plateau I am in. Glad you had it good time at fitbloggin, looks awesome! Thanks for thinking of us, your readers!!!

  52. I’ve been loving your posts on the financial topics but health wise, I’d love to know how you handle weekend eating. This is my downfall. I do great during the week but come the weekend, all rules go out the window! I am only 5lbs from my goal weight and know I need to reign in those weekends!

  53. I would be most excited about the New Balance shoes! Like I said yesterday, I have them in white and would love a black pair as well! I seriously wear them all the time! In fact they are under my desk right now for a walk after work! xo

  54. Tweet Tweeted!

    Annnnndddd I’d love to hear your thoughts about living in your smaller body. At my lowest weight, I knew and accepted that I was physically smaller, but sometimes still felt like I was my larger self. I would try to squeeze through crowds that I didn’t have to “suck it in” to move through anymore. I still assumed I was the biggest, most unhealthy woman in a room. Did you or do you go through any of that?

  55. What a great giveaway! How thoughtful. 🙂 I would be most excited about the workout DVD’s since I need a boost in my routine. Thanks!

  56. The ibeani hat hands down is the most interesting! I’ve never heard of these before – very cool – and to have the fitbloggin’ logo – makes them even cooler!

    • Just tweeted!

      I also would love to hear you talk about if you’ve ever been in a run funk & how you got out of it. I’m losing my steam with running. I think I’m focusing too much on the big picture & not enjoying where I’m at right now. I’m in a huge rut.

  57. It all sounds great, but I’m most excited about the Zumba DVD and the food!

  58. This is great! My favorite thing would be the zumba DVD!

  59. Probably the zumba DVD, I’ve been dying to check out Zumba but haven’t worked up the courage to take a class.

  60. i would be psyched about the zumba dvd!

  61. Wow what great stuff! Nice of you to offer to share the wealth! I would be most excited (if I were you) about the two new pair of shoes. Especially those funky toning shoes. I hope they end up being comfy for you!

  62. I’m definitely most excited about the iBeanie because I’ve just started running outside and would love an extra something to motivate me during the 9months of Chicago winter!
    Looking forward to more FitBlogging posts!

    • And I’m with Gwen, who wrote above about the disconnect between size and self-image. When I started my WLJ, I barely fit into size 12 at NY&C and now can fit in (and almost look good in) size 6 there, but I still feel like I’m the same size!

  63. I would love to have the Zumba DVD! I have been looking for classes where I live and all they offer are low impact ones. I’d also like to try it in the privacy of my own home first. When we try to do kickboxing songs in Boot Camp, I usually take a run because I spend 90% of the song trying to catch up with everyone else!

  64. Ok, so I would b e excited by like everything in this giveaway. Love lara bars, love coupons, and have been dying to try Zumba!

  65. I would be most excited about the food coupons, because I use coupons as a way to eat things I wouldn’t normally buy. and my secret dream is to be crazy like the extreme couponing people.

  66. Here is my second comment – I would love it if you could address how you balance your full-time job with blogging. Do you blog on your lunchbread? At night? Piecemeal? Do you have a schedule of when you want certain posts to go up? stuff like that. Thank you!

  67. ummm….sooo jealous of your swag!!!! I have been so curious about Zumba, so I’d love to try one of their vids.

    I also look forward to hear more about how you dominate maintenance!

  68. I would LOVE the shoes! Especially those new balance shoes!

  69. Comment #1: You got lots of great swag! It is all great stuff, but I’d be most excited about the running capris since mine are starting to look pretty shabby.

  70. Comment #2: I’d be interested in hearing about your transition from C25K to longer distances. I am right now at W6D1 in the program and starting to look forward to building up my running. How did you do this transition from being a not-quite-a-beginner to running 1/2 marathons? Thanks for the contest!

  71. I would be super excited about the Zumba DVD. I have been wanting to try it, but didn’t want to add another exercise video to the pile until I knew what it was all about!!

  72. Your blog is already one of my favorites (beaten only by Cake Wrecks) but now you are giving stuff away? Dang girl!

    I would be most most MOST excited by the Zumba stuff. I LOVE Zumba! It is a blast and it is what has helped me lose weight more than any other exercise. I never skip a class and can even do it at home with my daughter. (She can’t keep up with her momma!)

    I almost want to start tweeting just to tweet about this!

  73. Holy swag… Nice! The ibeani and Zumba dvd would be very cool, what a fun giveaway. As for a subject for you to discuss, what about writing about any friend or family obstacles along your journey to health. Was it support all the way? Or did some friendships and relationships change because of the changes you made?

  74. Sounds like everyone at FitBloggin’ had an awesome time!!! I would be most excited about the Zumba stuff. I’ve always wanted to try it but am afraid to take the class at my gym in case I was the most uncoordinated person there!!! A dvd means I could try it in the privacy of my home(and only I could laugh at myself!!). 😉

  75. Free shoes….free DVDs…..free Active!!! That’s amazing. I think I would get most excited about the shoes but I also really want to read that Jillian Michaels book. Lots of awesome freebies! I bet you had a great time at Fit Bloggin’!

  76. The workout DVDs would be awesome. Spring in DC is already getting way too hot outside.

  77. Eek!! I would love to win the Zumba dvd. Zumba taught me that exercise could be fun!

  78. I’d love that Zumba dvd … I haven’t tried Zumba yet but I’ve heard it’s super fun!

  79. I would love the Zumba DVD and of course the food coupons!

  80. Love freebies! I’d be most excited about the shoes. I love new balance.

  81. Beth! You’re so sweet to think about other people when you’re around swag! I think I’d be too excited to think of anything other than the freebies 🙂
    I think I’d like to try the Zumba DVD. I want to try it but I’m so uncoordinated that I’m scared to take a class.

  82. I’m totally a fan of free stuff! I would love the zumba DVD. I’m in the midst of moving and therefore between gym memberships so it’s been a while since I’ve gone to a zumba class.

  83. I’d probably be most excited about the shoes – I have massive feet (size 11) so finding women’s running shoes is a challenge, a lot of brands don’t make them bigger than a 10, so I get stuck with men’s shoes, which don’t come in as many colors.

  84. Also, I’d love to see a post on putting weight loss in perspective. I started with over 100 pounds to lose (now I’m down to having 90 to lose). When I think about how long it’s going to take, I get really, really discouraged because it seems like such a big number (even at a pound a week, it will take 2 years). I know it took over a year for you to get to goal, I’m curious how you kept yourself going.

    • It took me two years, two months, and 9 days… but who’s counting!? =) One of the things I love about WW is they keep you focused on really small, concrete goals. The first is 5 lbs, then you get a celebration for every additional 5, so 10, 15, 20, etc. The first big goal is 5% of your starting weight, and then 10% is the first big, big celebration. I think rewarding yourself with little things along the way is a great way to celebrate the milestones. I know that 90 pounds can seem daunting (i lost 88 pounds from the beginning), but I think it’s important to enjoy the process too. It’s so easy to just want to be at goal already, but each step of your journey is an important one. The slower it comes off, the more permanent the loss. I think this is a great post idea! =)

  85. I would be excited about the Zumba DVD!

  86. I love freebies too! I would be most excited about the Zumba DVD – something I’ve always wanted to try, but been to nervous to do in public!
    I would love to see a post on how you deal with family/friends and weight loss. Not sure if this is an issue for you, but I just got back from a family vacation and after spending time with my family (who are not as health-conscious as I am) I am really interested in exploring how families contribute/support others weight loss or hinder it, and some smart strategies for dealing with any of these issues.

  87. I’d be most excited about the iBeani hat!

  88. Sounds like an awesome trip!!

    I would be most excited about the ibeani hat! We have pretty cool/cold weather here 6mths of the year and it would be a great way to stay warm but still get out there!!

  89. I am excited about the shoes and the bag!
    I would luuuuuv to win!

  90. I would be interested in a topic about how to overcome someone in your life who is intentionally or unintentionally sabatoging your efforts, and how to keep yourself motivated during these times.

  91. I would LOVE to get the Zumba DVD, I love to dance and it’s a great workout! Thanks Beth, I love reading your blog every day.

  92. It all seems really awesome! You must have had such a fun time there. I would be pretty excited for the Zumba dvd. I’ve always wanted to try it but I’ve never wanted to spend money to try it, so this would be awesome. I have the same problem where if something is free then I need to take it. I usually find some way to use it even if it wasn’t something I needed.

  93. I Tweeted too 🙂

  94. I tweeted (actually I retweeted Gwen’s tweet!) 🙂

  95. A topic I would like to see you cover is meat alternatives for people who are used to eating meat all the time. I love your recipes but am hesitant to try some of the ones using tofu or tempeh since I’ve never really had them before. I’m also cooking for my husband and I worry he won’t be as receptive so if you could talk about maybe getting your boyfriend or other friends to try your meat free options? Thanks!

    • That’s a great idea for a post. For the short term, try the Mexican Casserole. You won’t miss the meat at all and there’s nothing “weird” in it!

  96. And for a topic of something to talk about on the blog – I really like when you take your weight loss philosophy and show how it applies to other parts of your life. I loved your financial posts!

  97. I would love the Wii Fit Active 2! I love Zumba and have the Zumba for Wii and love it. I think the Active 2 would be a great addition to my collection.

  98. just the word swag gets me…I love all things free and love that you thought of us while you were fitblogging…but I have to say the free shoes are a huge bonus

  99. Great swag!

    I’d be super excited for the Zumba DVD or the ibeanie, both sound fun!

  100. I’ve been away from your blogfor 2 weeks and just spent the last hour catching up!! AHHH!!! I think I would be the most excited about the dvd’s! I’m poor and had to cancel my gym membership and need something toget my butt moving again! Plus it would be super cute for my 2 year old to Zumba with me! 🙂 I think you should write something about how in the world you balance all you do! I try to blog but life just gets in the way and I know I am not near as busy as you!! Congrats on your goal weight by the way!! Such an inspiration!!!

  101. I kind of feel bad for the people who flew there – how on earth did they pack all of that? I guess that’s not a bad problem to have. I’d totally be pumped about the sneakers – those are EXPENSIVE!

  102. I tweeted………..

  103. Wow that is alot of free stuff!!! For me it would be the ibeani with the head phones! SO COOL!

  104. I would be most excited about the SHOES! And the Larabars 🙂

  105. And I would love to see frequent updates on how you are handling WW maintenance mode!

  106. I would love a bag! I read your blog every day and find it so inspiring. I’d love to see a post on how you’d go about getting someone started on an exercise routine.

  107. I would be most excited about the ibeani hat…the design sounds awesome!

  108. I would looooove a zumba workout dvd!

  109. I would be interesting in the convertible headphones. I must have really small ears cause most headphones hurt my ears alot so I am always in search of new better fitting ones.

  110. Would love, love, LOVE the Zumba DVD!!!

  111. I would like you to talk about ways to start out becoming a runner. I have NEVER ran in my life and have been drawn to it lately. But I am sOOOOO very out of shape that I do not even know how to begin.

  112. Ooh I have very large feet too! I usually buy men’s shoes. I would have to say I’m pretty stoked by the workout DVDs. I think I’ve rented all of the netflix options so far… 🙂

  113. I would be super excited about the capris because I need a pair super bad. Or maybe the zumba dvd because I love zumba a lot and can’t make it to classes. Oh who am I kidding I’d be super excited about all of it. Free stuff is awesome but free stuff that you can actually use…priceless!!!

  114. Something I’d like to see you talk about is recipies using meat alternatives. I’m trying to move to a more whole food and vegetarian diet and I need ideas.

  115. for me it’s definitely the zumba DVD. ive been to two classes looking for a fun way to get in aerobics, but i just cant master the moves. i need to slow it down and deconstruct it, int the non-embarassing privacy of my own home. count me in please!

  116. Definitely the shoes. I need a new pair of workout shoes desperately!

  117. I would like the NB reusable bag!!! I love going to farmers markets and toting my goods around showing that i’m being eco friendly.

  118. I would like to know more about new healthy food finds that you come across. I just came across chia seeds and I’m totally in love! I’d like to hear what you’re finding/trying.

  119. I would love the Zumba DVD! Zumba is one of my favorites but I have a hard time getting to class.

  120. Tweeted. 🙂 @LeanneLately

  121. I would love to read more of your financial posts. It is something so many struggle with and reading your story inspired me to do what I had been putting off for so long and taking control.

  122. Tweeted!

  123. I think the hat or headphones would be useful!

  124. I think thezumba dvd. I’d never go to a class because of my horrible rhythm.. but would love to try it!

  125. I actually really need a water bottle, so I would be super excited to win that 🙂

  126. Omigosh you got SO MUCH great stuff! That’s awesome!!

    I don’t know what you’ve decided to giveaway but I would be super excited about getting one of the workout dvd’s, the popchips (which I’ve heard so much about) or some new larabars.

    Also? How SWEET is it that you got 2 pairs of shoes. That’s super awesome!

  127. I also would love to here how you deal with weekend eating! I always use so much more points on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I wish I could managed to maintain a more balanced eating pattern!

  128. All of the swag sounds great! But I’d be most excited about the zumba stuff! I’ve always wanted to try it and a dvd would be perfect! 🙂

  129. Coupons!! And of course shoes- that’s awesome!

  130. I tweeted ur giveaway @laurynemilyt ~

  131. I’m currently on WW and am struggling with my last 10 lbs. I keep getting myself stressed out if I’m supposed to be doing low or high intensity workouts and also getting past this plateau! Please if you have any tips on what workouts work best for you when you were losing and how you worked past the last 10 lbs 🙂 Thanks!

  132. I would be most excited about the easytones – but in the bag you described I would have to say the Zumba DVD…I tried a Zumba class at my gym and loved it, but then they changed instructors and it is no longer a favorite, I think an at home DVD will rejuvinate my liking of it.

  133. I tweeted your blog and giveaway

  134. You have to let us know how the headphones are. I am desperately in need of new headphones after my nike sport ones broke!!

  135. I am really intimidated by creating a weekly meal plan and shopping around that and sticking to it… any tips on making and sticking to meal (and I guess it would work for workouts too!) plans, would be super helpful!

    BTW – just made your lentil loaf last night – delish!!

  136. ur gna make me chooose?!?! nope cant.. but i do love me larabars!

  137. its not rly a question but id love to see some vlogs!!!

  138. I would love for you to go more into depth about how you are managing the maintenance phase of your WLJ. I have gotten down to goal but keep re-gaining 10-15 pounds… I obviously suck at maintaining!

  139. I would love that Zumba DVD! OHHH yeah!

  140. The ibeani hat really intrigues me.

  141. Tweeted

  142. Love that you grabbed swag for us! So fun! I’d be most excited about the Zumba dvd. I’ve been wanting to try Zumba, but I’m SUPER uncoordinated so it might be nice to have a (free!) trial run in the privacy of my own home! 😉

  143. And assuming entering all 3 ways gets you 3 chances to win — a subject I’d love to hear you talk about is (and maybe you have and I’ve missed it?) how you transitioned from eating super-unhealthily to being not just calorie-conscious, but really putting whole, healthy foods in your body! I’m sure it didn’t happen overnight, so I’d be interested to hear how you got from A to B.

    Thanks again for sharing your swag 🙂

  144. Love that you got such great swag! Nice!!!

    And a zumba workout DVD? Yes, please! I can never seem to make it to the class at my gym.

  145. I would of have been most excited about the shoes or the game for kinect I love my kinect!!

  146. I would have loved to go fitbloggin’! I would be the most excited about all the healthy food!

  147. I would love to hear more about what kind of workouts you do for toning if any

  148. What a coinkidink! I love free stuff too 😛 That Zumba dvd sounds good to me!

  149. I’m a most excited about the workout dvd.

  150. The lara bars! I am addicted and they are so expensive, a couple free ones would be nice haha.

  151. Hi Beth,

    Let me just say I love your blog… I look forward to reading it everyday! 🙂 I’m fairly new to your blog (been reading for probably 3 months) and I think I have tried every recipe you have posted since I’ve been reading and have loved them all especially the Quinoa Salad (tomorrow I’m trying your Zuchinni Burgers). I moved to Idaho about 2 years ago from VA (I used to live in Woodbridge and worked in Alexandria), so I’d be most exicted about the beani (adjusting to the weather here has not been easy!). I also would be excited about the Zumba DVD. I’ve always wanted to try but not in a public setting so the DVD would be great to do in the comforts of my home! 🙂

    Congrats on making your goal weight! 🙂

  152. Hi Beth!
    I would be most excited about the shoes!! 2 free pairs?! That’s a good deal

  153. I think I would be most excited by the shoes!

  154. I would love to hear your tips for beginner runners. I’m really trying to get into running, but keep feeling like I hit roadblocks.

  155. Totally the Zumba Workout DVD! It would be nice to do it at home and save myself the embarrassment of being the most awkward individual in the world at the gym!

  156. I’d be excited about the water bottle, actually. I am REALLY struggling right now to get all my water in every day for some reason, and having an extra water bottle on hand would help. If it is a NB one, the better for it, as it will remind me of a close friend who works for NB back home and I miss her a lot!

  157. I would love any swag from your Fitbloggin adventure, but I would especially love the Zumba DVD. I’ve done 2 Zumba classes, and loved them both so much! If I could afford a gym membership, I would totally do it just for Zumba. I really wanted to go to Fitbloggin this year, but just couldn’t do it. I WILL be there next year though! Can’t wait!

  158. Larabars!! I know it’s little but I don’t buy them often for myself since they are a little on the pricey side.

  159. I would be super excited for the active 2 for kinect. It looks like a great workout and since I just bought the kinect this would be perfect 🙂

    • sorry, I just realized I misread what was in the bag…haha I would like anything in that bag but probably would be most excited for ibeani hat.

  160. The COUPONS! I know that sounds crazy, but I love me some coupons 😉

  161. Hi Beth! So glad you had a blast at fitbloggin. I live in Minnesota and would LOVE that hat in the winter.

    I think what you touched on in this post would be so helpful. Tell us about how you win the argument with yourself and stop eating when you’re full. I was just at a great restaurant this weekend and the food was family style small plates. The other two in my group were full so we stopped ordering more. I could have eaten more and more just b/c it was so good. I was not the least bit hungry anymore. How can I make sure I do better when I’m on my own?

    Thanks for the great blog!

  162. Free Stuff!!! Who doesn’t love free stuff?!?! I would have been most excited about the New Balance Easy Tone’s those babies are pretty sweet and the colors are awesome! Enjoy that swag!

  163. I would seriously be excited to receive anything in the bag of fun!! I have the same probably as you do with loving free stuff. But, if I had to pick one thing, it would probably be the Zumba DVD. And the water bottle. And the bag itself. And the cereal too!!

  164. Omigosh I would be excited about any swag! But probably the food items or the Zumba dvd would be at the top of my list!!

  165. I would love to see more recipes and ingredient spotlights- I always feel inspired to re-create after!

  166. Tweeted (@emilyatggg)

  167. I would be the most excited about the easytone shoes! Followed by the zumba dvd, followed by the Jillian Michaels book 🙂

  168. The food scale. I think it would help out on portion control. You just reminded me to get one this weekend.

  169. I would like to know how you coped with the clothes situation while loosing weight… I am trying to loose weight i need to lose around 50 lbs, and i’m at a point where my old clothes are loose (never a bad thing, except when i have to dress up for interviews and stuff like that that i’m going through right now), but also i don’t want to invest in clothes that are going to be (hopefully) temporary… Anyway i know this is not a big deal, but it’s kind of important when you’re (i’m) on a budget… Thanks!

  170. How do you stay motivated to workout and eat healthy,when people around you don’t?

  171. Could you give suggestions as to the healthy food standbys that you eat to really fill you up? Also, all of your free loot sounds great! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  172. I love free stuff!!! Those shoes look awesome, but I’ll be honest I would be most excited about the headphones because I can’t seem to find a pair that don’t bother me when I am running… and I don’t want to keep spending $ to try to find one I like!

  173. Hey Beth!

    I would especially love to have those running capris! So cute!

  174. […] the original here: I like Free Sh*t: Do You? « Beth's Journey Filed under: Uncategorized | Tagged as: and-hopefully, being-given, browse-around, few-pounds, […]

  175. I would definitely be most pumped about the shoes. I’m in desperate need!

  176. I’d be the most excited about the zumba DVD…with temperatures in the 90s now, I’ve got to move my cardio indoors!

  177. I love free sh*t, especially free gluten free cereal that clocks in around $5 a box!

  178. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and have been inspired (I’ve even tried wheat berries for the 1st time). I would be the most excited about the free running shoes, that was an awesome score!

  179. I never post comments – but you had me a Zumba! I love Zumba because I feel like I’m actually “dancing” and don’t even notice I’m burning calories. Working full time and having a 4 year old boy means it pratically takes an act of God to get my schedule to line up with a class! With a dvd, I could do it at 10pm after everyone is in bed!

    While posting… I love your meal planning! It would be great if you also consolidated them on their own tab or on another for easy review. Also – I’d love to hear about what kind of choices you make when eating out and your point estimates of them.

  180. OOO I love free stuff so here is my entry to win some awesomeness.

    I would love to have the boxes of cereal and the food coupons because this bride to be is going broke from all this wedding planning and trying to train for a triathlon. Pick me Pick me hehe JK love your blog Beth!

  181. Larabars! I want to try them but so far I’m to cheap to buy them.

  182. My question is: do you and Wil plan to marry?

  183. I love love love free stuff too. I think I would give an arm and a leg for most of the free goodies from fit bloggin! One of my favorites has to be the hat with built in headphones. How cool is that? !?! I have never seen anything like it!

  184. Holy smokes, that is SOME swag!!!! Glad you had a great time Beth!!!

  185. Hi would be very excited about the hat, Jillian Michaels book and the Zumba DVD. Love your blog! I love your blog – I’m in a treacherous place right now and really need to get back on track – I love reading about how you are doing on a daily basis. Hope you had a great time during your weekend!

  186. I’m always excited about freebies, and would love to try out the Zumba dvd. I’ve been wanting to try it out, but am terribly uncoordinated, so at home is probably the best place for me!

    I’d love to hear about how (if at all) your eating habits and goals have changed now that you’ve reached your WW goal weight. Do you think you’ll keep up with the it all? Do you think you’ll try to see how you do on your own without tracking?

  187. Beth, everyone loves free stuff, right. I just foung Zumba this year and it is awesome. So, a zumba video would be awesome.
    I just love your blog. I love how real you are. I would like to read more about your pre run and post run eating habits as I struggle to eat enough before my runs and then usually over eat after. Keep writing and I will keep reading

  188. I would love the Zumba DVD. I’ve been wanting to try it but haven’t been able to get to a class!

  189. One question I have for you, and I apologize if you’ve already covered it but I’m a relatively new reader, is how you handled plateaus.

  190. Oh and I sent the tweet….do I need to leave a comment about that too?

  191. I’ve always wanted my very own Zumba DVD….:-P

  192. I love free stuff too! id be most excited about the sneakers and zumba dvd!

  193. I would be most excited about the New Balance running shoes.

  194. FitBloggin? Never heard of it before this week…sounds like a great time!

    Running shoes would be the most exciting! I’m training for my first marathon this year and new shoes would get me excited to get out there and log all those miles!

  195. I’d be most excited about Jillian Michael’s new book and those Toning New Balance sneaks! nice, please review both 🙂 thanks for the giveaway

  196. Hi Beth! I love your blog for the simple, healthy recipes that I actually feel like I could make! One question that may not apply to your experience (but maybe you know of a blog/ place this is addressed): in my 20s, I used to be able to work out 6 days a week, run, do yoga, was in amazing shape, and could spend a lot of time focused on eating well and caring for myself. Now in my 30s, I still work full time, have a one-year-old, and a household to run, and I have ZERO time for myself. ZERO! And I am exhausted all the time. I NEVER work out anymore, and I don’t have the time or energy to eat as well either.

    Did anyone at the fitblogging conference address ways to keep up your lifestyle when your life changes?

  197. Ohh! It’s truly a tossup for me between the zumba DVD and the larabars 🙂

  198. And I would like to hear more about healthy go to snack ideas. I have the meal thing down, but snacks stump me!

  199. Just tweeted!

  200. I’m most excited about the food coupons 😀

  201. the free shoes for sure! or pop chips because i’ve never tried them!

  202. my question: what’s one food that you just don’t like, mo matter how many times you try it?

  203. Shoes! The love the shoes.

  204. I would love the New Balance Sneakers!

  205. I would love to hear more about how you have stayed motivated through the long weight loss, and how you pushed through to the end. I’m just a few months in to my own journey, and planning my first travel (10+ days) so I’ve really appreciated your posts about how to plan ahead for a trip (eating well, exercising, not obsessing).

  206. Everything looks so cool but I think Im most excited for the shoes!

  207. I know you stopped ww for a while, and I would love to hear more about what got you otivated to get the rest of the weight off to reach goal

  208. tweeted 🙂

  209. I am most excited about the zumba dvd!!!

  210. I tweeted!

  211. The food coupons and ibeani hat sound awesome!

  212. It isn’t a topic per say, but I would love if you posted more video blogs for cooking tips!!

  213. Like you…”If it’s free…it’s for me!” is my motto. I would be thrilled to win and be more motivation to workout and eat healthier!

  214. OMG!! I wear size 9.5 shoes also!! You are an inspiration, and love your recipes!! I love coupons so I think that would be awesome to win!!

  215. Would love more recipes!!

  216. I definitely would love the Larabars and the zumba DVD!

  217. I’m excited about the Larabars!

  218. I would love love love free cereal! I eat cereal like it’s my job.

  219. Hi Beth! The hat looks awesome! Built in headphones?! Genuis.

  220. The zumba DVD! I’ve heard so much about it but never done it (zumba, that is).

  221. I’d love to hear more about your experiences working at Weight Watchers.

  222. I’d be super interested in the resistance bands! They seem like something different & Ive never used any before!!

  223. I am on the same journey as you, I started out @ 230 lbs, trying to work out, eat healthier and live a more stress free life. Now 1 yr later I weigh 188, I have had some ups and downs this past year but getting on track now and am more motivated then ever. Love your Blog, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much. I would however, like to see more recipes, I love trying new things. Gonna try the roasted turnips this weekend. 🙂

  224. Beth!!! I’m just about to sign up for my first race, and it made me think of you. I’m actually a little nervous but excited too, so before I could actually go through with the on line sign up I needed to read one of your posts, haha just what I needed, I love your blog. Anyways sounds like you had a great time at the fitbloggin event and got some amazing stuff. I would be most excited about the ibeani hat for sure. It is one of my quests to find a pair of earphones that will stay in my ears while I run. I have yet to find any and have tried most, so I wear hats or headbands over my ears so they stay in. Lol, let me know if you have any recommendations on that one. Thanx Beth, will let ya know how the race goes!!!

  225. Both pairs of New Balance shoes sound great. New Balance shoes are very comfortable on my flat feet.

  226. I would be most excited about the case of pop chips!!

  227. I would really like you to talk more about how you got into running. How you started, what you most struggled with, how you got the courage to run outside, etc.

  228. I would love the New Balance Easy Tones! I have been wanting to try shoes like this for a LONG time but just don’t have it in the budget right now!

  229. I’ve never tried Zumba before–I’d love the DVD! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your giveaways with us!

  230. I’d love to see you write about what you eat when going out in DC and trying to stay in balance! Keep up the great posts 🙂

  231. I would be most excited about the Zumba DVD. I take the class at my gym and it is so much fun!

  232. The water bottle…I lost mine somewhere and I’ve been procrastinating the purchase of a new one for a couple of weeks…

  233. I would love the zumba DVD because I’ve wanted to see what it’s like (in the privacy of my own home first, in case I’m a complete spaz). 🙂

    Thanks for offering up these great prizes!!!

  234. who doesn’t l.o.v.e. free stuff!?!?!?! I’d be most excited about the DVD’s since I’m always looking for new workout routines.

  235. The Zumba dvd! !!! Yay. Retweeting right now!

  236. I’d love to try the Zumba DVD. I’m awful with workout classes, so it would be fun to try it by myself at home!

  237. Beth!! I am totally jealous of your New Balance shoes swag but in your giveaway I would probably be most excited about that Zumba DVD! I recently got into it and love it! I would love to see you have an entire blog post on your inspirations and motivations. Seeing/hearing them from other people helps me through my insecurities and struggles! Hope I win!

  238. I also will blog about your giveaway today!

  239. I would love the iBeanie hat to wear when I go for a jog! Also, I love Lara Bars because they’re gluten free (I can’t have gluten!). Love your blog! You inspired me to rejoin WW to continue my journey. I’d taken a SparkPeople hiatus and lost some weight, but I’m back to WW bc it keeps me motivated!

  240. woohoo! i would love the zumba dvd because lets be honest, i hate going to zumba classes because i hate dancing in front of other people lol

  241. i tweeted about the giveaway!

  242. i love your idea of using the table for planning out your meals! i would probably want to hear what your favorite workouts are. do you have certain days you just focus on one body part?

  243. I love freebies too! But I have been waiting to try Zumba and really would love the DVD … then I can try it in my living room and not the gym (my coordination levels are low!!)

  244. OY – where to start? I would love to get the new Fiber One cereal that isn’t even out on the market yet, the Zumba DVD and magazine – I’ve recently discovered Zumba and have noticed big changes in my posture and my core muscles – did you know I actually have ab muscles? LOL I love freebies!

  245. Hey Beth – I have a question for you. When you fall off the wagon, and we’ve all done that at one time or another, do you recover quickly from a binge, or does it linger for a while before you can brush yourself off and start over again? Any suggestions for nipping it in the bud sooner than later?

  246. I’d love to win a zumba DVD!!

  247. I tweeted this giveaway! I am @butterjessfly

  248. those work out videos, the jillian michaels book and the active 🙂 that is some pretty AMAZING swag.

    Note to self, next year attend fitbloggin’ 🙂

  249. Wow! I love coupons and i would love the Zumba DVD – I have all types of workout DVDS, but not a Zumba one!

  250. I would love to hear more about how you stay motivated. I’ve lost 110 pounds and I’m so impressed with your journey – it reminds me so much of mine (the ups/downs, being overweight for much of your life). I really want this to be for a lifetime and I love hearing how you’ve made it into a complete lifestyle change.

  251. Just send me some Larabars and I’d be a happy girl. My new obsession!

  252. I’m a brand new reader, so I’m not 100 % sure what all you’ve written about in the past, but I could really use some advice on planning out meals ahead of time. I spend a lot of time driving around for my job and it’s waaaaay too easy for me to fall into the fast-food trap.

    Also, the stuff you got is so awesome! Those shoes are so cool and the zumba dvd is probably really fun!

  253. I would definitely be excited about the Zumba dvd. I love zumba but don’t live close to anywhere where there are classes. it would be great to get to do it on my own!

  254. I tweeted @mindrunningwild

  255. I notice that you plan out meals. I’d like to know how this works for you and a bit about why you do it and what the process is like.

  256. I am excited by most any freebie. But I would have to say the shoes (I am a size 10!!) or the headphones.

  257. I’d be excited about the zumba dvd. I tried a class once and it was an epic fail. I’d like to try it in the comfort of my own home! Also the Larabars because due to my gluten issues I use them to survive social eating situations!

  258. any of it…. but the zumba DVD sounds like something i could put to very good use!

  259. I’d be pumped about any of it! But I’d love the Zumba DVD. I haven’t had a chance to go to any classes lately and it’d be perfect for cross training.

  260. Awesome giveaway! I’m most excited about the Zumba DVD and magazine. I’ve heard about zumba, but I’ve never tried it. I would love to learn more.

  261. if I ever got a new pair of $100 sneakers for free in a swag bag, I think I would fall over and pass out! I know you are not giving those away, but really? that is AWESOME!

  262. I would love to hear how you stay motivated…I started WW in Dec, lost about 24lbs and just lost all motivation. I had a knee injury which prevented me from running for about 2 months. now that I am running again, I am finding it hard to get back to good eating, tracking and cooking. I even skip my meetings…I haven’t gained any weight which is awesome and I am happy about , but I really need to lose another 30-40lbs.

  263. I would LOVE the Zumba DVD.

  264. I would be most excited for the Zumba DVD–have wanted to try it for a while!

  265. I’ve been wanting to try Zumba so the workout dvd would be fun!

  266. Zumba, definitely the Zumba DVD!

  267. That ibeani hat looks awesome, my earbuds always fall out when I get sweaty (only slightly gross) so having them in the hat is awesomesauce!!!

  268. Being a college student, I get wayyyy excited about free (and healthy!) food!

  269. I would be most excited about the new food to try and the Zumba DVD! Thanks for offering this to your blog readers Beth! 🙂

  270. I love your blog, and the grocery shopping/meal planning/recipe entries are my favorite, but I am also looking forward to reading more about your budgeting posts and hearing more about how you stuck to a budget and paid down your debt! What was the hardest part? What did you have to give up? Thanks for sharing!

  271. Honestly, I’d be excited about everything, but probably most about the coupons. I’m in high school right now, and one of the biggest challenges I face when it comes to healthy eating is COST. Lemme tell you, my family is NOT used to buying organic or higher-end products, and I end up buying a lot of my own food because my parents get sticker shock.

  272. I, like Sarah, would definitely be interested in a post about budgeting, for the same reasons I just mentioned above!

  273. Zumba sounds great! I am anxious to hear about the Active for XBOX.

  274. Wow… it all sounds amazing… I would have to say the DVD or the JM book… or anything because free is nice! lol But really I would just be happy for you to keep posting so often! I love following your blog! Quite happy you have been blogging more often!! You are so honest and relatable! Thanks Beth!

  275. I would be really excited about the sneakers and the headphones!!!

  276. I’l like to hear more about your weight loss (I’m a new -overweighted- reader)

  277. I would love to see a post with tips for beginning runners, particularly advice about stretching and other ways to avoid injury.
    Love your blog!

  278. I would love to get those Zumba DVDs!

  279. I would be lucky to receive any of the swag listed. I would be thrilled to win the Zumba DVD or ibeani. Since I don’t have access to Zumba classes where I live (sad, I know) I am dying to try this new sensation everyone is talking about!

  280. Any of the videos! It’s already beginning to get hot here in the midwest, and I hate going outside to exercise. So, the videos/DVD’s come out of hiding to keep me entertained during the summer months. Glad you had such a great time at the conference!

  281. I would love to hear if you had had any struggles with family/friends once you began to make healthy changes. Sometimes it just seems so overhwelming, even when making small changes!

  282. I would love to get the free product coupons. I love free stuff ttoo!

  283. I would LOVE the Jackie Abs video. I too got into running in the last year and a half and have now run 3 half marathons!!! While my fitness level has increased, but muscle tone seems to have reached some plateau. I feel like getting a more toned core would allow me to breathe better and allow for maybe a faster run. Or maybe I would just like to get rid of the fat on my tummy…

  284. Umm, I am a coupon fiend! So of course I would love those, and I’d also like to try that Zumba DVD. I took a class once and was a little self conscious, so a DVD would be nice to get me into the zumba groove 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  285. Free stuff no matter what it is is always awesome!!! I would love the Zumba dvd. I am one uncoordinated person and would rather do it in my home vs a class.

  286. I would be most excited about the Zumba DVD–haven’t had the courage to try it at the gym yet!

  287. I would be me most excited about the zumba dvd. I have never tried Zumba! But it is all the rage 🙂

    Also? I freakin LOVE lara bars. and beanies and am always in need of more water bottles. wow. what an amazing bag of goodies!

  288. I think what I would like to see most is more of your weekly menus and groceries. I really struggle to put together healthy menus and don’t even get me started on grocery shopping cheaply and effectively. It would be great to see your ideas and maybe your sheer genius shopping will run off on me 🙂

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