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Shenandoah Getaway: Part One

How is it already time to be back at work!? This weekend FLEW by. Wil and I had an awesome getaway this weekend for the 4th of July/my birthday (27 tomorrow – eek!). It was the perfect combination of relaxing in nature, live music, being active, and just getting some good quality time with each other!

Saturday morning I woke up around 8am to get in a 6 mile run before we took off. It was by far my longest run since my half marathon in March, so it was a little tough mentally, but I got through it. The weather was perfect, but it seemed to go by very slowly.

But, no matter how hard it is during the run itself, I always feel like a million bucks when its over.

After a quick shower and throwing together some last minute things, we hit the road around 10am to make the 2 hour trip. We ended up getting a cabin at Shadow Mountain Escapes, which was a really cute property with several different cabins on it.

Though I would recommend the property, I wouldn’t recommend the cabin that we stayed in – the Lady Bug. The cabin itself was very cute, but it was VERY SMALL and didn’t have a kitchen, yet was the same price as the other cabins. There was a small couch upstairs, but there was nowhere to put our clothes other than on the couch, so we could either sit downstairs at the table or lay down in bed. That was fine, but it would have been nice to have somewhere to just relax other than in bed so we could have spent some more time at the cabin.

There was also a fridge, so we went out and stocked up with some items for breakfast/lunches/snacks, but after a day out we came back and realized the fridge didn’t work and all our food had spoiled – boo! Now don’t get me wrong, the cabin was really nice, I just don’t know that it’s worth the price when the other cabins are larger and have more amenities and are the same price.

I did love the special touches that the hosts put though – like when we walked into this:

A basket of homemade treats with birthday balloons and a mini spiced birthday cake (which was too good, btw)!

The food that made it:

After unloading the car, we set off to explore the property.

Besides those 20 minutes walking around – that was really the only time we spent on the property for the whole weekend besides sleeping!

We took off to explore Shenandoah Valley right after we were done looking around, turning into Skyline Drive, which is the road that weaves throughout the mountain.

There are tons of overlooks to stop at all along the road so you can soak in the view – and it really is breathtaking.

Gorgeous, no?

We also stopped to do a semi-hike on a nature trail that was marked off Skyline Drive.

It was a paved trail, so I’m not sure if it qualifies as a legit hike, but it was beautiful nonetheless. It was about 2 miles the whole way, so nothing major.

Gosh just looking back at these pictures makes me want to go back! It was so relaxing and so beautiful… such a different view than you get with city living.

To be continued…

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains for a weekend getaway?

Before this weekend, I would have said beach hands down, but I had such a good time and really loved being surrounded by so much nature with the mountains!


19 Responses

  1. Normally I am a beach girl, but the moutains sound wonderful right about now! I’d love to get away from the heat and head to Colorado or somewhere similar.

  2. It’s a tough choice! I live in central NC and have the beach 2 hours away in which we have family that we can visit and the mountains are 3 hours away.. We love both! I think it depends on the time of year for us. During the summer I find myself gravitating to the beach but in the Spring and Fall nothing surpasses the beauty that the mountains provide!

  3. I don’t know which I prefer — probably the mountains because I like to walk/hike more than I like to swim, but sometimes it is so nice and relaxing to lay out on the beach!

  4. What a charming place to spend the weekend, Beth! I usually prefer the beach.. but I think it would be nice to change it up every once in a while!! 🙂

  5. Granted, I live in a city that people flock to for beach vacations, but mountain vacations win HANDS DOWN if you ask me! My husband and I vacation every year in the mountains of GA right by the start of the Appalachian Trail – it’s the most relaxing and strenuous trip we take each year filled with lots of hiking and breathtaking sights. There’s seriously nothing like hiking up a mountain & then sitting there catching your breath while you look down upon a small country town & the trail you just hiked up. Simply amazing.

  6. That’s gorgeous!

    I’m more of a beach bum when it comes to vacations (usually), but would have loved the trails and stuff that you got to use!

  7. Glad you had a good weekend. Nice looking hike!

    My moods change. I love the beach but I love hiking in the mountains. Luckily in Oregon I can do both!

  8. Wow, Beth, I’m jealous! Shenandoah is so beautiful and peaceful! I’m glad that you got to enjoy your birthday weekend, although I’m sorry about the cabin inconveniences–that blows!

  9. Bummer about the fridge! Looks like you had a nice time though!

    I’m a mountain person during the fall/winter and a beach person year round. Love to do the whole sweatshirt at the beach in the fall!

  10. I love the beach and miss it, living in Colorado there isn’t exactly an ocean nearby 🙂
    However, mountains are amazing and rugged and just breathtaking – so I think they win!
    Hiking my first 14ers this weekend in the Colorado Front Range (14ers are peaks that reach over 14,000 ft in elevation – AH I’m scared!)

  11. That sounds like such a fun trip! The next time you go, try hiking Old Rag Mountain. The views on top are amazing!

  12. looks lovely

    and super awesome job on the run!

  13. The ultimate winner in my book are the mountains in NM/UT/CO. Man I miss living there.

    Is there some, uh, major news in part 2?

  14. What a lovely weekend. Both the mountains and beach are great getaways, but I think the beach wins for me. It is so peaceful watching and listening to the waves.

  15. So glad you enjoyed Shenandoah and Skyline Drive. I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and think i have hiked every trail on skyline drive. I go home any weekend I can although its only a few times a year. There are so many great hikes I hope you take time to go back and explore. Old Rag is definitely one of the best, along with White Oak Canyon.

  16. […] Shenandoah Getaway: Part One […]

  17. I’m a mountains girl! I enjoy the beach for a few hours then I get bored but I love hiking and taking pictures and camping. Plus the mountains are typically lots cooler!

    Sorry your food spoiled 😦 I hope you told the staff that the fridge was broken!

  18. […] Shenandoah Getaway: Part One […]

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