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Birthday Craziness, Continued

What a fun and crazy weekend I had! It felt like I was back in college, and had a really great time hanging out with friends and going out on the town.

Saturday started off with an all day pool party at Capitol Skyline Hotel.

It was seriously the craziest thing I’ve ever seen – I felt like I was in Vegas or LA or somewhere crazier than Washington, DC. Check this out:

The furniture was cute and there were bars all around the pool making delicious drinks. The pool itself was literally full of people sitting around it on the edge and in the middle on flotation devices. The water was questionably warm and cloudy, but it was SO hot out that I did manage to go in once or twice for a few minutes at a time. We had a great time, but man – so not my scene.

That is Parker, Lianne, Rachel, Jess, and Me sitting in our chairs when we first got there.

And Leah was in town from NYC!

After spending most of the day toasting in the sun, we went out with a group of six girls for a birthday dinner at Perrys.

I had been to Perrys once for dinner before, but it was ages ago so it felt like a new-to-me restaurant. The food was amazing – we split fried green tomatoes and calamari for appetizers, and then everyone got a salad or soup (I had a seaweed salad). For the main course, we shared a ton of sushi, including a spicy tuna and spicy scallop roll, eel avocado, and a Perry’s roll. It was perfect! The menu had so many things that I loved the sound of, so I was happy to get to try so many things by sharing.

Me, Leah, Elena, Lianne, Jess, and Amber

After dinner, we ended up wandering up to the rooftop bar of the restaurant and had a bunch of our other friends meet us there. I didn’t end up taking any photos, but trust me we had a great time. We ended up being out until around 3am (!!!!) which I hadn’t done in AGES. Yikes.

Yesterday ended up being a recovery day on all fronts – recovery not just from my seven miler, but from all the drinking that’s been going on lately. I literally lounged out by my (much calmer) pool all day, did a little cleaning and grocery shopping, but mostly just laid very low.

While I did have SO MUCH FUN over this past week of birthday craziness, I’m pretty glad I don’t live like that every weekend anymore. Between last week’s birthday happy hour, a random night out Friday, and then Saturday’s birthday celebration, I drank heavily 3 days out of 4 nights! I am definitely not beating myself up over it since it was all in the name of celebrating 2-7, but I do plan to take a little time off drinking and take it very easy this week to give myself a break.

At restaurants, do you like to share food with other people or do you prefer to order your own thing?

If I’m with someone with similar tastes to mine, I LOVE to share so that I can try a bunch of different things from the menu. Sometimes I’ll also order a few appetizers for my meal instead for the same reason. I just like to eat too many things! =)


17 Responses

  1. I’ll share with Jason or my sisters, but other than that I like to keep my food to myself. If anything I’m concerned that the other person will not want to share, so I just stick with my own plate.

    Looks like you had a fabulous time celebrating being 27!!

  2. Wow that pool certainly is hoppin’!

    I like to order my own thing.. although i do not mind sharing it!

    Glaf you had a great weekend 🙂

  3. First…I love your bathing suit, so cute!

    I love being able to split things with the people I’m with, because I get the worst food envy if I see something that someone else has ordered as their meal and I have something different! Plus I love being able to sample a bunch of different things, which is why tapas places always work so well for me.

  4. I really only like to share with maybe one other person- not a table full. Because if I really like what I order, I want at least half!

    • I normally don’t like to share with a whole table except appetizers, but with the sushi it was actually perfect because there were 6 of us and 6 pieces per roll, so this way I got to eat a ton of different kinds and I love all sushi.

  5. I always start with a seaweed salad at sushi and order off the appetizer menu! You look great..MUAH!

  6. Sushi is definitely a must share for me. I usually want to try a little of everything! Glad you’ve had so much fun in your “birthday season!”

  7. What a fun weekend! Poolside!

  8. I love your swimsuit! It’s bright and retro and stuff.

    Fact: the owners of Perry’s have a daughter who swims for me.

  9. I like to share when I’m with my husband (especially when we get sushi), but I’m not big on it if I’m out with a bunch of friends. I kinda feel like it gets to complicated trying to figure out what everyone is going to order and making sure you don’t all order the same thing.

    BTW, we come to DC every August (for a conference my husband goes to) and I will definitely try Perry’s this time around. It looks really great.

  10. What a fun weekend you had! We spent the weekend celebrating my daughter’s birthday – lots of food and family. It’s worth the extra indulgences, but it feels good to get back to “normal.”

  11. What a great “extendo birthday” you had!!! I love sharing and sampling all kinds of different foods at restaurants. And wow…that is QUITE the pool party!!! Love your suit. Have a great week!!!

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