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Kids in the Kitchen: Week Two

It is SO fun cooking with Wil’s daughter Charlotte and her sister Nora. They are so into it and its contagious. It’s impossible NOT to have fun!

This week’s menu:

  • Homemade Pasta
  • Homemade Marinara
  • Panko Crusted Chicken
  • Garlic Bread

First, Wil showed Charkey how to cut up the green pepper and then the onion.

BJTT 109BJTT 116

Then Charlotte peeled all the garlic.

BJTT 117

Then chopped it up.

BJTT 126

She added the veggies to the pot along with some canned crushed tomatoes.

BJTT 121

Then stirred it up.

BJTT 122

And let it cook!

After that, it was time to take on the pasta.

She put 2 cups of flour plus 3 eggs onto the counter…

BJTT 132

And then got to work!

BJTT 135

BJTT 136

Putting some muscle into it!

BJTT 137

And then it was time to roll it out on the pasta machine with help from her dad.

BJTT 146

Then she used a pizza cutter to slice the wide noodle up.

BJTT 149

Meanwhile, Wil made the chicken by breading it in flour, egg, and seasoned panko and then browning it in a pan.

BJTT 156

While Nora sliced up the bread.

BJTT 111

She clearly hates having her picture taken… 😉

Then she brushed on some melted butter, garlic gold, and parmesan cheese.

BJTT 128

And popped it in the oven until the cheese got melty and the bread toasty. By then the pasta was all cut up…

BJTT 161

The sauce was ready to be blended…

BJTT 143

I added some sausage crumbles to my sauce so I’d have some protein since I wasn’t eating the chicken.

BJTT 169

And Nora assembled our salads and set the table…

BJTT 158

SO fun and tasty!

Have you ever made pasta from scratch? I almost always used dried pasta but sometimes it’s fun to break out the pasta machine because fresh pasta tastes so good!


10 Responses

  1. Love seeing you cook as a family!

  2. This looks delicious! I’ve never made pasta from scratch. I don’t have a pasta machine, so I haven’t tried it. I’m not sure I’ve ever had fresh pasta.

  3. This is so great that you guys are getting the girls involved with cooking and teaching them about food. This kind of incorporation puts a trend in motion and excites kids to get into the kitchen and learn how to make things, instead of reaching for that pack of Gushers or Oreos. 🙂

  4. I think it’s fantastic that the girls are helping you out in the kitchen! I think you appreciate quality food when you help prepare your meal plus it’s great bonding time! I’ve never made pasta from scratch but I’ve been wanting to make sweet potato gnocchi but it kinda scares me!

  5. So awesome that you are introducing the kids to cooking from scratch. I’ve done homemade pasta before, but I’m not eating much wheat-based pasta these days. So instead, I’ve been making zucchini pasta from scratch. Delish.

  6. I have never made pasta from scratch, but would love to try. I love how the kids are learning how to make their meals from scratch. Great idea getting them involved, and they seem to have so much fun!

  7. Too cute! I wish I had been more excited about helping out in the kitchen when I was younger… Sadly, I often stayed out unless cookie dough was involved. :p

  8. LOVE fresh pasta! So fun to make, especially with little helpers!

  9. That looks like so much fun! Good job keeping the kids busy…

    I made pasta from scratch with my grandma when I was little. She had a pasta machine that you cranked.

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